Thursday, May 15, 2008

The "I'd Like a Refund" Edition*

Congratulations to Liz on her Graduation! Today!

Five Months Along Awards to Turtlebella, Diane, and Amy!

Hooray to Esperanza’s Baboo, who is adding developmental milestones!

Much love to Elizabeth, who heard the worst kind of news about a friend’s child and husband.
Hugs to Klee, who has worked so hard and made great progress, and cluestick to her director; Sue, whose specialist appointment was moved up, but is still weeks away; History Enthusiast, who is struggling and depressed; Purple Kangaroo, whose therapist advised there is nothing more to be done; and NUD, who did not get the job.

Old Skool Awards to Madeleine, who has a sore on the tip of her tongue, and Elizabeth, whose shoes have all conspired to give her blisters.

Duct Tape Award to Miranda, for creative car repair after an unfortunate incident that is probably the cat’s fault. Also, the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for: "Mailboxes and sideview mirrors were not meant to be BFF’s . . .."

Teeny tiny Violin Awards to Diane’s husband, and PK’s 5 year old, both injured so grievously that they can’t do anything except what they want to do.

Adventures in Teen Parenting Award to Margalit, for dealing with text porn. Yuckerino.

There are so many whines of substance this week. Hugs, brownies, and our best to all the Pixies suffering this week from: missing school already; achy belly; varicose veins; lack of sleep; velcro cats; children who need to be dragged places; caffeine deprivation; travel adventures; canker sores, allergies, and/or bloody noses; children with issues and their 504's; depression; puppy trouble twice a day; lack of progress on the dissertation; flimsy props; headaches; depressed spouses; fatigue; chronic health problems; overdoing it; spouses who la la la la can’t see the clutter; co-workers of such a magnitude of idiocy that work now monitors e-mail and internet use; waiting to hear about the promotion; baboos who will be a different gender than hoped; working in the "ivory basement"; working in the middle of freaking nowhere; and, of course, the perennial favorites of dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty bathroom, and piles of junk that multiply like bunnies.

Thanks for playing! See you next week, when the host will be our own Newest Graduate, Liz!

* Title inspired by PK.


purple_kangaroo said...

Hugs and congrats to everyone.

Kathy A, you made me laugh out loud with "spouses who la la la la can’t see the clutter".

We talked about it last night and DH is staunchly convinced that he is right and I am wrong about whether the kitchen was ready for the cleaner or not, and fully agrees with my assessment on my blog (the milder version) saying, "DH's idea of getting ready for the cleaners is not quite the same as mine, exactly. [insert wry grin here]".

He said, "Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I would have written . . . "PK's idea of getting ready for the cleaners is not quite the same as mine, exactly. [insert wry grin here]"

Oh, well. I do love the man. And apparently the cleaners managed two weeks ago when I was out of town (and just skipped parts of the kitchen, since some of the things that were there today were also there before I left for my trip).

kathy a. said...

many personal thanks to the whiners who liked my son's anti-hallmark card! and those who had tips about making the cat drive next time. liz, maybe that driver refresher thing will help!

Miranda said...

I can die happy. I have a Mullet award!!!