Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wild and Wooly Wednesday Whines.

Ok, pixies, you know the drill... all whines welcome, none too big or too small. Points given for poetry or particularly creative turns of phrase. Hugs given liberally, cluesticks applied when necessary. Anti-whines allowed, but not required if you're just having a terrible horrible very bad day and everything's gone wrong.

At this end, things are going pretty well for me personally. I've got a new baby nephew whose head I will get to sniff on Friday, and we're out of the kitchen renovation chaos and it seems to be worth it. But I'm worried about world hunger, domestic poverty, the Democrats' amazing capacity to self-destruct, and our President who thinks the solution to the energy crisis is to drill in ANWR.

So, what's up with you? Pour yourself a virtual cup of tea, or a blender full of margaritas, and dish it up.


kathy a. said...

old skool: didn't scoop last night. 300 lbs. of stuff from the litter box tonight. i swear, they aren't even very big cats.

kathy a. said...

* litter boxes -- one could not possibly have held the productivity of my cats.

Miranda said...

Projects: Finished!

Thesis: Submitted!

Response: Accepted with very minor revisions. Emphasis on very.

:::happy dances:::

Please do sun dances so I don't have to walk across the football field in the rain to collect my diploma on Saturday.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats, Miranda, that's terrific. Fingers crossed for good weather.

kathy a. said...

hooray, miranda!

Elizabeth said...

My whine is that I have no time to get my garden into the ground or to unpack the kitchen supplies into the new kitchen or clean up the mess that is my desk. And I'm losing half the weekend to the trip to NYC, and will need to give my husband some time off from the kids when I get back, so don't know when any of this will happen.

Diane said...

I know I don't have to explain myself here - but let me premise this with of course all I want is for the baby to be healthy. But.... It's going to be another girl. And while yes, I realize that it will be fun for little miss sassy pants to have a sister, I was kind of hoping for a boy this time.
And because I'm crazy pregnant, a small (okay, maybe not so small) part of me is still pretending that it could be a boy. I mean, it happens people. And it could happen to me.
And I have a really awesome boy name picked out. Obviously, that is not the only reason I want a boy....because that would be lame, right? I also, have a really awesome boy bedding set picked out. But there are other much more meaningful reasons I would like a boy..... I just don't feel like sharing them right now.

And on the toddler front: I have had to put my daughter to sleep with her bathing suit under her pajamas for the past three nights. Her new favorite trick is to take her pants off, take her diaper off, and then put the pants back on. And before you say it - no, she has zero interest in being potty trained. Good thing she only has one piece bathing suits!

Sara said...

Yay! It's only Wednesday! I keep missing Whine-time!

My whine this week is relatively old-school. None of my bras fit right. Okay, one does. ONE. My creeping weight gain despite my best efforts has finally moved above my waist and now a bunch of my favorite bras are having major Spillover Issues, resulting in that creased and crumpled cleavage look that is just SO fetching.

I do not want to go bra shopping. I do not want to have to buy all new bras.

I would rather have my teeth scaled than try to find bras that fit at any of my local stores, and the ones everyone recommends are an hour's drive away, which doesn't happen very often when one has one car for a family, such that my bra shopping trip will require taking the entire family along to critique the process.

Sue said...

Yay Miranda!!!!

Good early whines pixies!

My whine for this week:

Dear Sunday,
You were once my favourite day of the week. I know that you will be my favourite day of the week again - hopefully sometime soon.

But right now, Sunday, you suck. It's not your fault really. It's not you, it's me.

You remind me that I'm not able to do what I do best. I do not like you right now. At. All. So back off okay, and try to feel like any other day of the week.

Sincerely not yours,

Anti-whine: My youngest son is finished his classes. After grad in May, we will have no more children to put through university. exciting. No tuition to pay this year!! Every penny we spent was worth it.

Diane said...

sara - Why go out in public when you don't have to!
and I too feel your pain. my biggest bras from the last time I was pregnant are all fitting pretty snug right now. And I have 5 more months to go. In the blazing hot summer. Why do maternity bras have to be all cotton? For some strange reason they make me sweat more and get all disgusting if I'm outside for more than 30 minutes. Maybe the regular bra-material kind have more stretch and they don't keep my girls all bound up as much? Can someone do some research on the best maternity bras that create the least amount of sweat, the most amount of support, and the cheapest price? If I was rich and had a personal assistant I would so stick them on that assignment.

kathy a. said...

oh, bra whines get my vote!

hugs to diane and to sue.

Madeleine said...

Oh, bra whines. Ever popular.

Sara, can you drop the family at a museum or movie theater while you shop in peace? Bra shopping sucks badly enough under normal circumstances, you don't need a greek chorus.

A nod to Elizabeth and the good for all occasions "no time, no time" whine.

Yay Miranda! Carry an extra pair of shoes if the weather won't cooperate.

{{{diane}}} I'm glad you know this is a safe place to vent your disappointment. And big props for the bathing suit idea! I've heard of using duct tape in that situation, but the bathing suit is a great innovation. And more environmentally friendly.

Madeleine said...

Another classic whine, the weather haiku:

Last week: gorgeous days
This week: not so much. Two words:
Winter pajamas

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Diane. Glad not to be alone in crazy pregnancy feelings. How definite was the ultrasound? There is always room for stray thoughts at the margins.

And the bra woes of Sara...I feel you too. Although with different problems, I think. I am normally small chested, but I am pregnant, gained some pre-pregnancy weight and want some lift for a wedding in June. And Macy's was having a fitting for the Cure...I bought three that look great. And I am not sure I like them. I spent too much, but I kept hearing how fab Wacoal was. And they did give me lift. But why did I buy more than 1, because they are not so comfortable. I gave up underwires years ago and I don't doubt I need them now...but I have sore red marks near my armpits. And that was with a certified fitter.

Think I can give them away to a good home after the wedding? Any pixies in 38C or D?

My whine this week:
I think I have talked about my son's bad sleeping habits--oh my last three weeks of whines? I think I am making it worse. His allergies have been acting up and so I have been much more consistent about giving him Claritin or Zyrtec. And he is now falling asleep in the middle of the day. I take one of those two almost daily and do not get drowsy. But it is risk, especially for kids. And he is very thin, so he is might need a smaller dose. My eureka was thinking about the day I gave him a children's benedryl and he fell asleep within 45 minutes (might be handy for the plane /evil smirk/)

So I think I am causing and whining about his sleep being all screwed up. My hopeful solution is to switch his allergy med to night-time. And try reducing the dose. Wish me luck.

An anti-whine: I do this his allergy meds are working. He isn't even snoring as he used to (from congestion) as he sleeps on the couch at noon.

turtlebella said...

Bra whines get my vote every.single.time. I used to live in a place where I had to drive an hour+ each way to get to the department store that has good bras in my size. It was annoying. But the bras I bought to "make do" were even worse. Sigh. Feeling all the pixies' bra woes.

Can I bra whine in advance? I worry about nursing bras. And what with that they are not underwire. I'm 36DDD (non-pregnant/nursing) and the thought of no underwire support deeply frightens me! However, I have heard that Bravado bras are underwire free but still very supportive, so perhaps there is hope. But part of me is still annoyed that I should have to buy MORE bras, and likely in a size that I won't wear again, maybe.

esperanza said...

Bra whines get my vote. The only thing worse is swimsuit whines. But I think bras are tops (hee hee) on my list now, since they're sort of year-round whines.

Whine of Misplaced Anxiety: Sweet baboo has joint appointment with geneticist and developmental pediatrician tomorrow. So what am I stressing about? Getting us all three there by 8 AM. It's an hour away, so we'll have to leave by 7. That's AM too.

The oxygen weaning has had mixed results. Her weight gain was acceptable but not spectacular (according to the pediatrician). So...those are neither whines nor antis.

Jenevieve said...

Turtlebella, I found underwire nursing bras (for my equally voluminous breastular areas) after a little hunting. Everyone says no way plugged ducts blah blah, but for me, they were a necessity. Flipping sheep or tagging calves while the girls sawy in the breeze leaking milk was simply not an option. So keep looking!

My whine is also pretty classic: 3.5 more weeks of school. 0% energy. No money. 15 extra pounds. Pasty skin. Blech.

Anyone for rum and cokes? I have Malibu and Coke Zero here for the taking!

Diane said...

Esperanza gets my vote for early morning + baby = not happening whine.
And also, thanks a lot Esperanza for totally making me realize that I have to get a maternity bathing suit this summer. Great. As if I didn't have enough trouble finding a swimsuit.
Does anyone want to just come take my daughter swimming this summer?

esperanza said...

Oops. Sorry, diane. I have a whine that no one will appreciate, in that the boobs are big from pumping, and the rest of me is ten pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, from producing all that milk, I guess. So finding a top and a bottom bathing suit that will remotely fit...probably not happening. T-shirt and shorts are on my list.

And, for what it's worth, I have non-underwire nursing bras and STILL have plugged ducts on a regular basis. They hurt.

Madeleine said...

Esperanza, Lands' End sells bathing suit parts as separates so you can get different sizes top and bottom. And they have shorts styles.

kathy a. said...

ack, don't even get me started on bathing suits. i got one, after some years of abstention on grounds of whalishness. my husband (!?) objected because of excess cleavage, which i guess is true since it had a one-size top part, but i kinda liked it because of the midsection part. back to the drawing board.

esperanza said...

Oh, I forgot one of each:
Whine: Total crying, sobbing, pity party yesterday--scared Sweet Baboo and required rescue from Husband. (Small AW: I felt much better afterward)

Antiwhine: NO job-related or moving-related whines this week!

margalit said...

Bra whines win with me, hands down! And I have them too, only the opposite problem as Sara. I've lost so much weight none of my bras fit at all. Not a one of them. So I've been doing the 1968 no-bra look for a long long time. But I need bras by next weekend when we go away. And my whine: I can never find a bra that fits my very odd body. Very broad back + shrinking boobs. I need a 48 C. They don't even MAKE 48 Cs. Hence my saggy baggy boobs go au natural most of the time.

OK, on to more substantial whines. The school system is tired of me playing with their heads. After I refused to sign the IEP that blamed everything on me by name, and then 'forgot' to mention the kid's learning disability (ooops!) they turned me into the state! Oh yes they did. So off we march towards mediation. STUPID.

Blogher published an incredibly antisemetic post written by a PAID contributing editor that suggested Jews be forcibly removed from Israel. I went ballistic. Took my blogher ads down, posted several diabribes, and basically went nuts. They DID NOT apologize. I hate that organization.

We spent a full hour of family therapy screaming at each other about doing the dishes. You would think this would be a small problem, but it is the MAIN disagreement in our household. Daughter refuses to compromise ever.

Weather continues to drive my allergies nuts. Now have ear infection in both ears, plus sinus infection. Z-pack not working. Which means doctor appointment.

Mammogram on Friday to squish said saggy baggy boobs. Something to look forward to.

Still no food in house because I'm so overdrawn at bank. Waiting desperately for my tax rebate thingy, which should arrive in next 2 days. We're so hungry. It's bad, people. BAD.

amy said...

I'm sorry you're disappointed, but I'm glad we've got a place to complain about these delicate things here. Your comment could be mine in a few weeks, if I find out the critter I've got on board is a boy.

Hey - maybe we could arrange a trade?

Of course not. That would be wrong.

Here's my whine for the week:
Thanks to pregnancy hormones, I have the longest, most beautiful, most luxurious, shiniest hair known to woman. In my nose.


liz said...

You know I'm all about the bra whines.

Re: Nursing bras.
I found that the Medela bra was quite supportive even w/out underwires (ooh! They now have underwire bras!)and (the best part!) it has the little hooky-things that allow you to pump hands-free.

But now that I'm looking at their site, I'm not seeing the hands-free attachments. Umm...Where are the hands-free attachments?

Amy gets my vote for Elevated Risk of Mullet.

Anti-whine: Last week of classes.
Whine: Last week of classes. Finals soon. Paper due. Gah! Gah!
House a mess, relatives coming for graduation. Gah!!!

amy said...

I have no intention of buying a maternity swimsuit, but I thought of a possible solution for any other ladies in the market for one. Here is a link to a plus-size catalog that has been recommended to me several times.

They sell in separates, accommodate bigger boobs, and have flowy tops that could work over pregnant bellies. Not everyone here is as, um, robust as I am, so please don't take the recommendation for a plus-size catalog personally. It's just what I know.

Anonymous said...

Liz!!!!! The G-word!!!! The pixies have tears in our eyes just reading that.

We're going to need a virtual graduation party for you and Miranda in a few weeks, won't we? No housecleaning required, thankfully.

Meanwhile, my Mom managed to stir up some 12-year-old family drama. An uncle tried to apologize to her for some slight she doesn't remember. (And just between you and me, among his many slights, this one didn't stand out apparently. I don't know what it was yet.) So she took the opportunity to tell him that she and *I* were both still mad that he didn't come to my wedding. Oy!

I got a heartfelt, wounded email and managed a gracious fence-mending reply. I refrained from saying that of course I know it isn't that he didn't want to come, that I could tell it was his witch of a wife who sent the "regrets" reply card back so fast it nearly got whiplash.

Anyone remember sending out their wedding invitations after lots of planning and list making and envelope stuffing and LOVE stamp buying and waiting eagerly for those little bitty envelopes to show up in your mailbox? This uncle and aunt's curt "no" was the first one to arrive. So yeah, I was hurt, but geez. Enough already. We know his wife is a witch. I don't know why my mom brought it up.

And now my husband wants me to tell my mom off for speaking in my name. I don't like confrontation, and my mom is no fun to argue with. And she's arriving on Friday for a week.

AnonyMad-L-N for this one . . .

liz said...

AnonyMad: Ah, I love the smell of family angst before a family visit.

More on maternity bras: Lots of folks have recommended Milkface on various blogs.

kathy a. said...

yay, liz! go team go!

another vote for amy's excellent whine!

and anonyMad-L-N surely deserves an award for the family drama.

Miranda said...

Liz:Hooray! I am so happy for you.

AnonyMad-l-n: How about next week for the grad party? I'm already hosting and I am sure that I will be ready for lots of fun. And I will have much to kvetch over after surviving an evening with family. (Don't ask)

Hugs to all the pixies with parenting issues.

Re: bras. I'm not a fan of Wacoal bras. They don't fit quite right.

Re: Nursing bras. Hated all of those too. Stopped wearing bras in the house because it was just easier. Could be why my boobs are so floppy now....

Re: maternity swimsuits. Loved mine. Wore it until last year (and my baby is almost seven).

Now a very whiny whine that pairs nicely with a good Stilton or Roquefort.

Is it so terribly wrong that I want people to make a big fuss over my graduation? To want to feel like a fireplacing princess once in a fireplacing while? *I* know I accomplished great things while in school. I just just wish the people in my life would acknowledge it besides an "Oh, cool. I guess this means you will have more time for [insert time-sucking activity here]."

liz said...

Miranda, you are not a princess, you are a GODDESS. And don't you forget it.

debangel said...

Bra woes get my vote, too!! All the exercise I've been getting lately has brought my cup size down a 1/2 a loose now I either have to stuff (the IRONY, it kills me) my existing bras, or use my entire economic stimulus check to buy new ones. Have I mentioned that my (beloved!) Enell sports bra costs just a little less than my running shoes?

Whine: Knee is hurting. Marathon is in less than 6 months. Afraid to see doc who may tell me to skip it. I know I can walk it, do I shut my mouth, take an Aleve and see what happens?

Antiwhine: Leaving for Boulder on Friday morning! Much squishing of nieces to ensue. And alone on plane! With crosswords and preciouss iPod!

(whine...I am actually going to miss my daughter terribly, even though she is 2.75 yrs old and the tantrums are driving me up the wall)

Mmm, run amd Coke zero..I've got a big Costco-sized box of 100 calorie-pack snacks...will that do?

Gosh I've missed the pixies!!

Sue said...

Yay! A grad party for the goddesses Miranda and Liz!! Count me in.

Amy - definitely Elevated Risk of Mullet.

Sympat.hies for any and all family woes. margalit - I had room-mate issues over dish washing when I was in university. Not pleasant. It seems like such a simple thing. But no. *sigh*

Bra-whines abound this week!

My slight bra whine (it's not all that bad, really) - My lovely fancy wonderfully supportive hold the girls in place bras are getting too big.

They are the shaped (though not padded) sort, so as I get smaller in the boobular area, the girls are floating around looking for a place to live.

Normally they are folded up in there like origami, now they are way too free. Don't want to buy new ones because as soon as I'm feeling better, the weight will be back, along with the big girls.

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to use my hostly privileges to make a final whine -- leaving for NYC to see family this afternoon, 4+ hours on the bus each way, and I left my iPod on the charger at home!!! Ack.