Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Awards That Nearly Were Not

Pixies, I have to say I forgot just how much work being a stay-at-home mom is. There is always "just one more thing" to do before I can read all the whines and do a proper award post. Then it was time to pick up the kids from their respective schools and start the whole evening routine.

I am beginning to think writing a hundred pages in under a month was easier.

And now for some richly deserved awards...

In a stunning consensus that the DNC could really learn from, the Pixies have decided to enact a protest holiday: Mothers Against Mother's Day. I like the political beginnings of the day but I hate the treacly sentimentality and commercialism attached to the current incarnation of Mother's Day. Sign me up for the protest.

Wishing Liz lots of luck as she heads into exams and a giant You Go Girl award for graduating! Isn't it nice to show the young'uns how to do school properly?

Giving Kathy A the Didn't You Learn Not To Take Things That Don't Belong To You Award And That Includes My Credit Cards Award because clearly someone, somewhere in her universe missed that lesson in elementary school.

Tied for the Didn't Some Common Sense Come With That Fancy Degree Award is Name Under Development and Devil MacDawg. Cluesticks for you both to use.

Name Under Development also receives a standing ovation by yours truly and an Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her hilarious whine about menopause:
I was also grumpy because Auntie Flo decided to show up this morning after several months away. I’d been hoping that menopause had become meno-stop, but obviously Flo has just been messing with me. (She really didn’t have to go to all that trouble.) Bert is out of town, so our cat is discombobulated and pesters me constantly, and I have cold sore on the inside of my lower lip that will be filling out a voter registration card of its own any day now.

There were many substantive whines this week.

I'd like to give Esparanza and the Sweet Baboo big hugs for all they have endured. I hope you have some answers.

Sue I hope the group therapy continues to help.

Purple Kangaroo I hope you can get some sleep and some competent help with the children to help you sleep better.

Magpie I hope you can find some space for yourself in this very trying time.

That Mommy I am glad you have not been the target of fraud but spendy months are hard on the bank balance.

Quinn I am glad your touchy student is no longer bothering classmates but it sucks that you are kind of responsible for it.

To everyone, thanks for stopping by and lending your shoulders and sharing your margaritas. We will be back next week with the inimitable and stylish Kathy A at the helm of the brigadoon.

Have a great week everyone!


liz said...

Excellent ceremony!

One exam down. Two to go!

Miranda said...


kathy a. said...

go, liz!

lovely awards, miranda!