Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ice cream for everyone! Particularly Diane (it’s not her, it’s the baby who is eating it all) and Madeline. Extra ice cream for Esperanza – we hear it is good for lactating women and she needs the calories. Sugar free ice cream to Amy, along with sympathy vibes over a less than thrilling pregnancy. Yes, “there had better be a freakin' prize at the end.”

The Style Award (along with Amy’s aptly named ‘what fresh hell’) award goes to Margalit for her Mastercard worthy whines: ”Pictures of my daughter on Facebook smoking a bong. Priceless!”

We all can relate to, “Gas over $4.00/gal. Fantastic!” I am trying to look at this as an opportunity – after all, I like trains. I mean, 48 hours on Amtrak to travel 700 miles is an adventure, right?

The Elevated Risk of Mullet award goes to Kathy for the "Annual State Budget Rodeo and Standoff, wherein no checks get cut until 2/3 of the state legislature does the polka en masse and the governor learns to play the accordion," which we all think is the best way to describe the state budgeting process ev-ah.

Miranda’s anti-whine of “no one died this weekend” is indeed worthy. But, honey, we think that being your anti-whine, is whine-worthy in and of itself.

Klee, we are glad your performances (new choreography and all) are going well. Maybe Indiana Jones with the husband can be your victory lap when it is all over?

Liz, yay that the puking was a one time, motion sickness sort of thing, and the rash faded. Keep ducking those kid germ disasters!

Madeline, good save on the birthday! I am glad the art school was an acceptable substitute for Build-An-Alliterative-Stuffed-Animal.

The self-selected Old Skool prize to Purple­­_Kangaroo, for her situation with the housecleaners. Yes, yes, universe, she is grateful they make her life easier. But, could you please see if they could make her life easier without burning holes in her carpet and leaving her floors sticky with toxic chemicals?

Cluesticks to DevilMacDawg’s boss who forgets that DMD has, ya’ know, a LIFE, Sara’s micromanaging boss, and Sue’s stoopid “care” team.

Sarah at ratatat also gets an Old Skool prize for her deferred closet whine. We think you deserve a nice new closet, and wish you luck sorting out the dimensions of other people’s closets in the meantime.

DMD, good luck on the single parenting. We all know that “almost potty trained” is the worst, but have faith you are up to the challenge.

All the good vibes and (caffeinated) tea in China to Jenevieve, who is conquering finals and moving this week, so she can move on to the rocking summer.

Thanks for playing, Pixies. See you next week!


Miranda said...

Excellent awards, Redzils. Thanks for hosting this week for me!

kathy a. said...

thank you, thank you!

and a beautiful ceremony, redzils!

liz said...

Lovely ceremony, Redzils!!

purple_kangaroo said...

Most excellent hosting and awarding job, Redzils! Thank you.

esperanza said...

Thank you, especially for the extra ice cream. I'm diligently trying to eat more today, so that will come in handy.

Jenevieve said...

Thanks for the vibes and the lovely hosting!

amy said...

lovely awards, first-timer!

p_k, if you happen back here, i just read your whines from last night and this morning. it is entirely possible that they use the same rag for multiple things. in her book _nickel and dimed_, barbara ehrenreich talks about the cleaning policies at the maid service she worked for, and if she's honest, it's not the company you want in your house. (it doesn't sound like it's the same one as yours, but policies might be similar.)

purple_kangaroo said...

Amy, I'm quite certain that they use the same rag for multiple things. How do I know, you ask? Because at the moment there are quite a few of what appear to be my DH's whiskers in the bathtub, left in swiping mark patterns by a rag.

DH doesn't use the bathtub, and neither of us shaves in the bathtub. But he shaves in the next room, at the bathroom counter, onto a towel, and then dumps the whiskers into the toilet and/or the trash can next to the toilet. Whisker-shavings may end up on the counter, but are especially likely to end up on the toilet or the floor around the toilet.

liz said...


kathy a. said...

what liz said. sounds like this cleaning thing is more trouble than it's worth.

margalit said...

Excellent awards ceremony, Redzils. You were a wonderful host.

Thank you all for my first Style Award. I'd like to thank my daughter the doper, my son the foul mouthed screamer, the MBTA for crashing the subway in my city, and the IRS for making promises to send me a damn stimulus refund that has never arrived.

kathy a. said...

friends, a lot of us remember moreena and her daughter annika. please keep them in your hearts.