Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rodeo Roundup of Whining

A couple of weeks ago, the Baboos and I spent the afternoon at a local youth rodeo. Sweet, in particular, was entranced. Since then, they have been playing "rodeo" in various incarnations:

  • "Little People" horses (and other animal friends) barrel racing around stacking cups. Applause after each contestant.
  • Mini racing around the living room at top speed, in a circle, yelling "I wunning awound bawwels!!" (that is supposed to be "barrels" but looks disturbingly like "bowels." Sorry.)
  • Stuffed horses going "weally fast" 
  • Necklaces being used to rope imaginary calves

We apparently have rodeo fever. This isn't necessarily a whine, just the state of things around here. What whines are running in your rodeos, pixies?


kathy a. said...

oh, a personal rodeo! love it.

W: my husband's making fun of me for watching internet reruns, in an effort to calm the heck down about the Giant Project deadline.

AW: i am cranking this thing. and some pieces will be goooood.

W: too much left. and some pieces will be -- there. motto of the week: done is better than good.

AW: it will pretty much all be over this week. the good, the there, and the ugly.

Liz Miller said...

Inominate Kathy for mullet for "the good, the there, and the ugly"

Liz Miller said...

That should read, "I nominate"

Liz Miller said...

AW: a friend brought in a triple-layer dessert thing. Bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie, second layer is Oreo, top layer is fudge brownie.

W: I ate two bites and am about to die of sugar overload.

Anyone want the rest of this slice of decadence?

kathy a. said...

mmm, decadence...

i'm so far over my quota for whininess. many apologies. but when there is a Giant Work Crisis, so too must there also be Another Shoe Dropping with SILfH.

in this episode, SILfH learns that it will take $12,000 to avoid a foreclosure sale of her house. she has $4,000.

and what she wants help with is: getting back the $2,000 she put down on an apartment. she's not moving, because she took her cat there, and the cat doesn't like the apartment.

kathy a. said...

obviously, i'm leaning toward an appropriate bribe for the cat.

esperanza said...

I think Liz's chocolate decadence might work on the cat...

And whine on, kathy a. No quotas.

Liz Miller said...

(((Kathy A.)))

I vote adopt the cat, have your DH bring SILfH to your local mental services agency, and get her into subsidized housing (if possible). She needs more help than you can give her.

Sarah (who will probably stop typing at ratatat) said...

Oh Kathy - wow. Just what you need right now. Can you ignore? And the perfect is the enemy of the good - so done is much better than not done. Carry on!

Wow Liz - that sounds delightful, but yes, only for 2 bites.

Esperanza - the rodeo play sounds so cute. My littlest one has been playing bad daddy with her dolls (he's always doing something to earn him a timeout.) I think she's processing. Sometimes there is a bad mommy too. But never ever a bad Grandma. ha!

W/AW: Going to a camping music festival weekend thing with a friend. It isn't supposed to be too hot. I hope it isn't too loud, I don't get cold, and I don't spend too much.

W: my ex keeps complaining I would never do something like that with him. And I have no answer. It is not exactly my ideal good time, but a great band. And a great friend who will arrange all of the camping stuff and generally take care of me.

kathy a. said...

sarah -- have fun!

and so what if you wouldn't do it with the ex? probably he wasn't going to arrange everything, either. besides, none of his beeswax. :)

yeah, liz. it's pretty impossible. she will not cooperate with mental health treatment, and we can't legally force her. she just wants the help she wants. shoes will continue to drop. we have been through too many rounds to think the big picture is a problem we can solve; we know for sure that we can't.

still, she outdid herself, taking the cat on an apartment tour. makes me giggle, in a dark humor way.

Liz Miller said...

I'm sorry. I am very seldom for tough love, but it sounds like tough love is maybe the most loving course for her.

esperanza said...

oh, kathy a, this situation gets worse every time we hear about it, and I'm sure we don't hear everything.

Small AW update from last week: Our friend, the Soon-to-be father of the bride, who had a melanoma removed, met w/oncologist today. Doctor is very optimistic re: lymph nodes. Will remove and biopsy next week just in case.

Question from a social doofus: invited to a bridal shower. It's a Pampered Chef shower. I know Pampered Chef, and I know bridal shower. But I don't know how they fit together. Do I purchase the gift at the shower itself? Is that not a teensy bit awkward? Please advise, pixies.

kathy a. said...

it's more like self-preservation. her problems are a black hole of doom.

we're not ignoring this; we won't let her end up homeless. but we're not rushing in with $8000, either.

kathy a. said...

umm, i got nothing on the theme bridal shower that might also be a sales event...

yay for good prognosis, esperanza!

AW of the day: lots of chinese takeout.

Sue said...

Hi pixies! Just parachuting in for a quick visit - it's a busy week around here - GOOD busy, but busy nonetheless....

kathy, I'm so sorry for this ongoing saga with your SILfH.

Enjoy the camping Sarah!

Yay for all good news for pixies and (of course) for any and all chocolate solutions.

Gotta run.... :)

esperanza said...

ah, Pixies. My grandmother is not doing well. If I disappear from the whining and the awards, I've gone to help my mom for a couple of days. Not sure when I'll be able to check in, as grandmother's house does not have internet (the horror!) and esperanza does not own a smart phone (oh dear!)

kathy a. said...

((( esperanza )))

esperanza said...

thanks, kathy. Looks like I'll be taking next week's shift, if there is one. My brother is going tomorrow.

Sue said...


kathy a. said...

thinking many loving thoughts, esperanza, for you and your family.

AW: finished all the writing on Giant Project! still cleanup work etc. the next few days, but this is a HUGE relief.

passing the chinese take-out, cake, champagne! flowers for everyone! ponies and rainbows! hula!

Sue said...

Yaaaaay kathy!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!


Congratulations - you did it!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh Esperanza - good luck! And best wishes!

Yay! Kathy! Finished!!!

Most excited about leaving civilization for music camping weekend. But the horror of living without internet!! ha!

kathy a. said...

you can do it, sarah! that sounds pretty fun.

hi, sue!

still a lot of this and that on Giant Project, but it's all manageable! i'm taking food for the team on monday, right before the Big Sendoff of the Giant Project!