Friday, August 24, 2012

Awards! The Musical!

My my my, my Pixies.  Such a week.  Let's dance!

In honor of all the worthy dirty work, and with a nod to certain idjits seeking to diminish by reprehensible means the dignity and rights of women, let's start with the Nine to Five AwardsEsperanza, whose dance card on dirty work is fullSue, Liz, YT, and all who are concerned about certain recent events.  OK, this is a tacky musical selection, so sue me.  I decline to be reduced to a sputtering wad of angst.  Are we doormats, or are we Pixies?

Our own Esperanza wins the Splish Splash Award, as she contemplates bathing Sweet with two casts, after surgery next week.  We are all crossing fingers, and sending love.  Many hugs, much chocolate, and lots of plastic bags accompany this prize.  PS -- it is OK to aim for "not toxic" instead of "pristine."

The We are Family Award goes to Esperanza, worried about her grandmother and daughter;  Sue, enjoying visits with her sisters;  Yankee Transferred, who did not even take time to brag about the fabulous grandbaby! (yay!); Neighbor Lady, who we estimate has some back to school things going on; and Everybody.

For all in need, the Peace Train Award.  Just think it's good to keep the happy thoughts in mind.  Peace to us all.  

Cluesticks to the clueless.  You know who they are.

Passing the refreshing beverages, the duct tape, sinful cookies, pizza, some nice summer fruit, a slice of humor, and a good night's sleep.  xoxoxo


liz said...

Yes to "not toxic". Good enough is good enough.

Sue said...

Great awards kathy!!!

esperanza said...

We generally aim for "not toxic" as a general rule around here. Case in point: I allowed Mini to pick up her unwrapped, already licked, lollipop off the sidewalk and finish it today.

Thanks for the ideas, though.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- 5 second rule! (adjust the timing as needed.)