Friday, August 10, 2012

Awards! At least you don't have a Lego up your nose edition

Esperanza gets the Wisdom of the Ages Award for "If he's looking at your shoes instead of your face, he's not the one." Quoted for truth, friends. Quoted for truth.

Sarah gets the Back on the Horse Award for going on a date! And liking the movie! The company wasn't a winner, but enjoying parts of going out again after trauma is a really Good Thing.

Kathy A. gets the My Beloved Cleaned Out the Garage in Time for My Son to Fill it With Not One But Two Inoperable Cars Award. I don't know if there's a can big enough for that.

Kathy A. also wins the Style Award for her formatting woes. It ain't poetry, but anytime you have to deal with Word's formatting hell, is a time you need a style award.

Sue gets kudos for letting us know of a good series!

Neighbor Lady brought the dark chocolate with sea salt this week, so she gets the drool-covered keyboard.

Hugs to everybody who is having a hard time with the national news this week. Watch the Olympics, it sure makes me feel better.


kathy a. said...

thank you, thank you! lovely ceremony, liz!

esperanza said...

It's not often that I give dating advice. And even less often that I get a prize for it! Thanks, Liz!

Sue said...

Yay Liz! Thanks!