Friday, August 17, 2012

Rodeo Awards--Belt Buckles & Saddles for Everyone!

Congratulations to kathy a for completing (well, almost) the Giant Project of Doom!

Several awards in the Advice category this week:
Sarah at Ratatat reminds us all: And the perfect is the enemy of the good - so done is much better than not done. 
And kathy a reminds Sarah's ex: none of his beeswax

Food brought to you by kathy a's Chinese takeout, and Liz's Chocolate Decadence

Many hugs to kathy a and assorted relatives who have to deal with the SiLfH (and her oh-so-influential feline companion).

Waving hello to Sue!

Thanks for the hugs about my grandmother. She is fine, except when she isn't. And she's 93, so the "isn't" times are getting worse. 

Be sure to check in for post-Giant Project whining next week, hosted by kathy a!

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