Friday, August 3, 2012


The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to JenR, for "I am in a 5000 square foot open office space and there is one fly in here buzzing around my head."  Hope you have a great vacation!

Sue wins the You Look Fabulous, Dahling Award, for the joy of looking and feeling great. 

The Fine Dining Award goes to Esperanza, who reports on the joy of an anniversary getaway:  "Just enjoyed a meal in which I did not have to (a) wipe anyone else's mouth or (b) pick up anything off the floor or (c) cook it or (d) clean up after it."

Liz wins the Friend Indeed Award, for her many good tips, this week and always.

The Recipe for De-Stress Award goes to Sarah, who recommends:  massage. yoga. chocolate. alcohol. Vary as needed ;-)

Cluesticks to those nagging little voices saying mean things -- the ones in our heads, and the ones belonging to select relatives.

Thanks for playing! 

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