Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vine Ripened Gourmet Awards

Just a tad late...  The fog has lifted, and today is a gorgeous day.  Passing some antipasto, bread, cheese, and whine for a little picnic.  And birthday cake, in honor of Sue!

Liz wins the Calling Dr. Google Award, for impressive long-distance diagnostic super-skillz!

Esperanza wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her report on ridiculous earache-related meltdowns:  "Favorite example: 'I want cows on *my* side of the car' as we drove down the road." Those darned cows, failing once again to graze on the correct side of the road.  Kudos to high-grade antibiotics.

The Tiniest Whine Award goes to Sue, who is adoring her sabbatical and can only complain that she could use more sparkling water.  Yay for a great time off!  We are also drooling just a little bit about the Candy Buffet, which probably should be a regular feature here at the House of Whines.

We are proud to award the Umbrella of Happiness to Sarah, who reports rain!  Take that, you silly drought!

The Whine of Personal Discomfort Award goes, of course, to Neighbor Lady, with much sympathy for the Epic Zit inconveniently located in an unmentionable portion of the anatomy.  There is general agreement that zits of any kind are Totally Unfair, but some are more unfair than others.

Bringing some competition in the unmentionables department, Liz wins the Itch of Doom Award for several bug bites, including one with the temerity to appear under the underwire.   Esperanza to the rescue with her own diagnostic skillz, earning the Ocean of Calamine Lotion Award for mentioning the possibility of ~~ ugh ~~ chiggers.  Not that we are sure the calamine will work, but the word "chiggers" is enough to create sympathetic itching all over the blogosphere.

Many hugs to JenR, who reported a horrible, very bad, no good day, plus "and apparently I can't type either."  The Cluestick Posse is prepared to deliver an appropriate message to the person responsible.  Kudos to the car guy, who can at least take care of the AC, brakes, and tires.  xoxo

Sarah wins the Back in the Game Award, for testing the waters of online dating:  "W/AW: if you put that you're looking for fun and friendship and nothing too serious on online dating get a lot of attention. Mostly amusing. And really, boys more than 10 years younger than me? really? At least I am amused."  

Peace and love to us all -- especially our Redzils -- in the wake of this latest horrible violence. 


JenR said...

Sorry for disappearing after that gloomy post. Clue sticks have been applied and many apologies received over here. I am feeling better too. Thanks for all the support everyone - it helps to have shoulders to lean on, even if they are virtual ones.

I didn't go back to read the rest of the whines yet... But in the matter of the dreaded chiggers, I have had luck with nail polish over the bites. Sounds crazy, but it did seem to help.

kathy a. said...

yay, JenR, for the cluesticks and apologies.

and ~~~ shudder ~~~ now we know what to do about chiggers.