Monday, July 9, 2012

Repetitious Whining

Mini is in a phase (please, dear Lord, let it be only a phase) where everything she says must be repeated approximately 87 times. And anything I say must be repeated, even if she was not intended to hear what I said (ahem. You can probably think of some examples yourselves. They might involve four letters). I guess it's only fair that she repeats everything (apparently) in order to get me to listen, because I also have to repeat everything approximately 87 times to get her to listen (you may not stand on the windowsill, for example).

We are also, collectively, at the point in the summer when it seems that each day is a repetition of the day before. Fix breakfast, clean up breakfast dishes, get Baboos dressed, brush teeth, go potty. Play/activity. Fix lunch, clean up lunch, go potty, nap. Play/nag/whine. Fix supper, clean up supper, baths, bedtime. Repeat. I would like to register a whine about this, but at the same time, I'm really not asking for anything exciting in the negative direction. I would take a surprise vacation, for instance, but not a surprise trip to the ER. You get my drift, Universe?

Pixies, do you have repetitious whines, or one-timers? Whine away, in either case.


kathy a. said...

aack! mini found mommy's annoyance button! this is a learning opportunity, as you can explain that yes, you heard her already, and no, repeating something 87 times is not adorable. at.all.

my main whine is on repeat for the duration: Giant Unbloggable Project. this week's nomination for cluesticking is: People Who Won't Return Phone Calls.

in the spirit of hopefulness, i keep answering the phone. usually it is a robocall, but tonight it was a live insurance agent.

in antiwhines: some things are getting done.

netflix is like magic.

someone painted two pictures of cats and mailed them to me. that's a pretty cool A/W.

esperanza said...

She has been notified. Repeatedly.

kathy a. said...

hahaha! ((( esperanza ))) just a decade or so from now, mini will be complaining that you always repeat yourself.

Miranda said...

Younger Son has many quirks. One of them is repeating "Mom" like a machine gun volley to get my attention. He does not always catch non-verbal cues like a "one moment" hand gesture so it usually ends in tears. Now I have work peeps who essentially do the same thing - except they don't call me Mom and they are way less adorable.

Please send a chocolate posse. A colleague and I did something daring while a Boss was on vacation and she was Not Impressed when she came back. She liked the decision but was annoyed it didn't come with her input and pre-approval. It was something pretty minor regarding a duty swap between our employees. She is upset that she was not invited to be on the Committee to Rearrange the Deck Chairs on the Titanic (I was) and struggles to find her niche these days. We knew the decision was risky but we did it any way so I guess her reaction is not surprising but Colleague has fewer defenses against her so I feel bad for him. Sort of. I did let him make the call whether or not to do it last week. And other than a few lectures, nothing bad will come of it and the boost in productivity on my team would be significant.

Maybe I will tell her it was her idea? It has worked in the past.

I like dark chocolate.

Also, I miss regularly writing. Since my life is mainly my work or my children, I dare not write about any of it for public consumption. But I really miss personal expository writing (ie blogging). I miss hanging with writers. I miss having time to soak up small bits of culture.

Miranda said...

kathy a - The Netflix is very magical. I finally got to watch Arrested Development and so many movies that only I would adore.

Sue said...

Ah, Ye Olde Repetition - a fine whine if I ever heard one!

esperanza - kathy has a good point. Before long they will tell you that you are repeating yourself. Sigh. At that point, a bit of video evidence of today's 87 repetitions may be helpful.

kathy, sorry about the ongoing frustrations related to G.U.P. and the subsequent Unreturned Phone calls.

miranda - chocolate enroute asap! I've been down that Rearrangement of the Deck Chairs on the Titanic road too many times to count. Bah!

AW: Lovely visit out West with Eldest Son. He is doing really well and it was sooooo nice to meet his friends. They take very good care of him and consider him family.

It says a lot about him that he surrounds himself with such great people. It's almost as if he were raised by people who knew what they were doing. (*coffee now covering computer monitor - the poor lad was our Beta Test Baby)

AW: My phone, old ip*d, and camera all died within the last four months. The reason it is an AW is that I replaced them all with one lovely device! I drank the koolaid and now have an iph*ne. Our regional phone service had a promotion, so I got the phone for a VERY reasonable price - Yay!!!

W: Why are my thumbs so. darn. BIG?????? I hit four buttons every time I try to find one.

AW: Autocorrect.

kathy a. said...

hi, miranda! sending chocolate. you should definitely credit the boss and her leadership for the change, if possible.

sue, sounds like a lovely visit! you cannot possibly have big thumbs.

Sarah at Ratatat said...

Esperanza - I hate the repetition. And the endless narration. It doesn't make me too bad of a person if I just complain here, right?

Miranda - chocolate to the rescue.

Sue - that just sounds so nice. And blame the phone, not your thumbs!

KathyA - why can't people return calls??? Or emails. Other People!

W: still trying to refi the mortgage and stupid GM@C is so slow!!!

W/AW: I am distracting myself with a profile. It is too soon, and yet, I miss having someone like me as a woman and a person.

liz said...

This is a big day for Wednesday Whining! Today marks 5 years at this location (7/11/07). In this spot we have had 537 posts and 12056 comments.

Sending out love and kisses to everybody.

kathy a. said...

sarah -- how brave and good to take a step away from the sad place. it's not too soon to tend to the part of your life that isn't a mom, daughter, or employee.

cluesticks to the mortgage people.

miranda, about the people who constantly pester at work -- a friend called it "being pecked to death by ducks." or something like that. ;)

W: my beloved got a call yesterday about the latest crises of his sister with early dementia and undiagnosed mental illness. (neverending story; this is not going to get better.) right on cue, he blew up at me last night.

this thing with his sister is one of those horrible, unsolvable situations. we have been around and around with it over a number of years, and agree about the things we cannot do. but there has been a lot of pressure over time for him to "do something" (like he has a magic wand) -- and there is the pull of family, and his assigned role as the protective older brother (always guaranteed to bring up 3 truckloads of stuff from the past). this "update" phone call accomplished some serious button-pushing, even if it is true he wasn't asked to do anything (which i doubt).

i'm disengaging until he processes this and cools the hell down. really bad timing, though. Giant Unbloggable Project is already eating my emotional reserves. so, i plan to finish 3 work things, and restock the emotional pantry with comfort food, LOLcats and other internet diversions, and peaceful thoughts.

kathy a. said...

OMG, five years!!! yay!

i'm very grateful for this community. y'all are among my peaceful, happy thoughts.

esperanza said...

5 years? Yep, I guess that's about right. We moved over here right before Sweet came along. Other people date things by their children's ages, right?

AW: Rain!

Sorry for overflowing spouse stress. :( NO FUN for anyone.

liz said...

(((Kathy A.)))


And here, for your increased happiness quotient:

Sarah at Ratatat said...

5 years! Wow!

And KathyA - how unfair. Sorry that the sick sister-in-law is unsolvable and still a burden on your husband and your family. Hang on. And those distractions sound good.

Thank you Pixies, for being understanding about looking a little at online dating. Such a nice reminder of how supportive WW is.

Anonymous said...

Yay for 5 years in this space! It is an honor and a privilege to be part of such an awesome community!
:) Neighbor Lady