Monday, July 16, 2012

Dispatch from the front. The cold front.

It's a gloomy, cold, summer morning -- perfect weather for the Feline Competitive Napping competition.  Persephone chose her usual throne, the fax machine.  Spot is showing good form on the end of the couch, with extra points for positioning himself next to a pillow with cats.  In a bold move, Polly has arranged herself gracefully in the very center of the couch, winning special recognition for artistry.

I'm still on the Giant Project marathon, and in some danger of my butt becoming permanently attached to my office chair.  AW: In what amounts to a miracle, I have scored some student intern help with a series of important but tedious tasks.  Yay!  (It may not even be so tedious for them.)

Please bring your whines and antiwhines!


Sue said...

Yay for artistic Competitive Napping! Great work kittehs!

Thumbs up for the student intern too! Good and interesting work for the student, with a bonus of relief for you. It's a win-win.

AW: Still loving the sabbatical. Every. Day. Loving it.

W: I'm almost out of sparkling water.

Sorry, that's all I've got. This week I'm here to support and provide chocolate as needed.

No worries though....this visit to the stress-free universe of delight won't last forever, then I'll be whining as per usual. No doubt. :)

Anonymous said...

Way too much TMI--I've got one of those painful zits, and this one is making it painful to sit if you get my drift. Embarrassing, yes.....

Also, I found a book that looks interesting in our new book section of our library, only to discover it is the 3rd in a series that I haven't read the first two of.....

Everyone in the house is whiny.....


--Neighbor Lady

ps Sue, glad you are enjoying the sabbatical!!! Yay!!!

Sue said...

NL - I know what you mean about the last book in the trilogy/series!

Sorry about the Epic Zit.

Sarah at ratatat said...

NL - I keep thinking we shouldn't be allowed to have zits anymore. And I hope the other 2 books are good too.

Sue - yay for sabbatical. And not having sparkling water is a whine!

AW: Online dating when you just want to be reminded that talking to strangers is not going to kill me - fun. No serious ideas, but I am not in a position for a serious guy.

W: it is hot here. This drought is tiring. If this is climate change (I don't disagree, I just think we don't see all the ways it will play out.), I don't know how to adapt.

esperanza said...

W: Worst day in a long time with Sweet. It's had it's bright spots, but they have been brief and far between. Mostly tears and grump.

AW: Sesame Street is doing its magic right now. Hopefully it will last beyond Elmo's World and into mine.

kathy a. said...

rule: we are all beyond zits. seriously. not.fair.

rule: quit with the heat and drought, already. sending some of our continuing cool weather to where it is needed.

liz said...

Esperanza, have you checked her ears?

JenR said...

work is ... beyond stressful.
baby is ... teething, not sleeping.

took a day off to get some stuff done at home without helpers and found something on our computer that is making me alternate between anger and extreme sadness. Mostly the anger.

to top that off, the car reapir guy and said our airconditioner needs help, out front breaks are nearly gone, and we need new tires. I believe him.

It is an expensive and heartbreaking day.

JenR said...

and apparently I can't type either.

Anonymous said...


--Neighbor Lady

liz said...


I am so sorry. If you need a shoulder, email me liz (at) miller house hold (dot) com.

esperanza said...

oh, JenR. I'm sorry, and sad, too.

Liz--yes, we went to the doctor last Thursday--ear infection. We're almost a week into these antibiotics, with only small improvements noticeable. She's run a low-grade fever--99 to 99.5 for most of the last two weeks. I'm sure she doesn't feel 100%, but my sick-baby compassion only lasts so long. I am not a nurse for a reason. Sigh. If things aren't better by Friday, I'm taking her back for another peek in the ears.

liz said...

Why is it always the ears?

Take her back to the ped tomorrow. Why wait?

esperanza said...

Eh, tomorrow is Therapies R Us day. She's been doing fine with other people, just majorly grumpy with me. I'll see how things are tomorrow.

esperanza said...

That wan an impressive Internet diagnosis, though, Liz. You have a Google MD?

kathy a. said...

(((( jen r ))))) i am so sorry. sending hugs, chocolate, cluesticks, and the brake and air conditioning fairy.

it just is always the ears (unless it's something else -- but i'm not hearing, say, bronchial symptoms in this whine). sounds like you need some higher-test antibiotics. the low-grade fever means it is something besides the grumps.

AW: got a meeting with someone who has dodged me for a long time. W: rearranged schedule; spent hours preparing; she didn't show. 1.5 hours of waiting is a lot of patience, isn't it?

Sarah at Ratatat said...

Oh Jen, I'm sorry. Drove past your street today - sending virtual hugs. Wish they were real.

Esperanza - baby ears. I know what you mean about not being a nurse for a reason. Hang in there.

KathyA - wow, 1.5 hours is a long long time.

AW: It's raining!!

W/AW: if you put that you're looking for fun and friendship and nothing too serious on online dating get a lot of attention. Mostly amusing. And really, boys more than 10 years younger than me? really? At least I am amused.

esperanza said...

1.5 hours is a LOT of patience when waiting for a grownup person who should be on time.

Today was somewhat better. Meltdowns can be counted on one hand, though they were all ridiculous. (Favorite example: "I want cows on *my* side of the car" as we drove down the road).

Sweet's ears are (the experts tell us) unusually small and a little bit rotated. I'm wondering if that's making her more susceptible to infections. Hmm.

Sarah--hooray for rain! We've had a pretty good summer so far, but I know how you can long for just a little shower. Glad you're getting some.

liz said...

No Dr. Google required for an all-day "mostly tears and grump" for a kid who isn't old enough to be in puberty.

It's always the ears.

esperanza said...

Thanks for the perspective. I guess I'll take ears over puberty at this point. Appointment this afternoon to see what's what.

Sue said...

(((JenR))))) so very sorry...

Esperanza, sorry about the ear troubles. Oh, the ears, always with the ears!

AW: it's been a really wonderful, simple, perfect birthday.

esperanza said...

Happy Birthday, Sue!

Back to pediatrician today. Sweet's ears are much worse, one eardrum perforated. Stronger antibiotics, plus antibiotic drops for the perforated one. Mini also has double ear infections. Straight to the good drugs for her. Back in 10 days to check and make sure they're well.

Sincerely and deeply hoping this improves our collective attitudes within the next few days.

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, sue!

poor sweet. the good drugs do a lot for the ear infection thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sue!!!!!!

And ditto Kathy a.: Poor sweet! and mini! Hope all ears are feeling better soon!

:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

awards later.

meanwhile, i'm thinking of redzils, who was at VA tech. and thinking of everybody affected by this new latest massacre. which, really, is all of us. xoxo

liz said...

I am thinking of Redzils, too.

W: Bug bites. One right under my underwire, two on my back, one on my neck. They're painful and itchy and pink and raw.

esperanza said...

The underwire bite leads me to suspect chiggers. They are just rude and do not respect personal space. I have no hints for treatment, unfortunately.

W: Extravert child pestering introvert child, unmercifully. Not helping: I remember my brother doing the exact same thing to me. Maddening.

redzils said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Pixies. These shootings always throw me. We are all affected when things like this happen.

Sue said...

Thinking of you redzils and also all affected by today's tragedy. So very sad.

In brighter reception tonight was lovely. Speeches were brief and meaningful. Great meal and lovely table companions.

Best part of the evening?

Two words.

Candy. Buffet.

Oh ya.