Saturday, July 7, 2012

Post-Firework Awards

We Pixies have always known liz was powerful, but only now do we appreciate just how powerful: “AW: I have power, my workplace has power, and the gas stations near me have power.” I hope the rest of our Pixies are similarly lucky.

The Old Skool Award goes to emily this week, for her formerly round, now rectangular yogurt container. Change is hard!

Pixie sympathy to esperanza and the Baboos, struggling with sloth tendencies and croup (poor baby! Poor mommy!).  At least her yogurt container is still round…

Sarah at Ratatat wins the Ringmaster Award for putting on one of the largest local parades on the 4th. Happy (USian) Independence Day and Loose Ends Wrangling!

JenR’s little guy wins the Universal Pixie “Awww” for making her a cake and telling her it was roast beef all day, to preserve the surprise.

kathy a gets the Defeat of the Albatross Award, for getting a project off her list, despite workplace challenges (of the feline and husbandy kind).

I’m sending you all a dose of my chilly weather (I wore a neck gaiter and gloves on today’s hike), since I have no good advice to add to the hot weather coping tips in the comments on the last post. May this temperature drop arrive soon and with plenty of rain!

Thanks for joining this week’s whining. See you next week!

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kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, redzils! thank you!