Thursday, July 12, 2012

5th Anniversary Awards Party!

So I thought it would be cute to look up what the traditional 5 year anniversary gift is and make a post titled: "[Gift] for All!" The fifth anniversary gift is wood. Then "Wood for All", I think you can figure it out. So nevermind.

Refreshments at this party: dark chocolate, with an extra helping for Miranda.

Decor at this party: cluestick-lined walls, with cluesticks predesignated for people who don't return phone calls, mortgage companies, and Committees to Rearrange Deck Chairs.

For the ceremony itself:
An Old Skool Award for Sue, who has large thumbs. Or a small phone. Or something. It's a thumb-phone mismatch, in any case.

A Families, What are You Going to Do? Award to kathy a, her beloved, and everyone affected by difficult sister-in-law. What an impossible, painful situation.

Work Whining Awards to Miranda and kathy a, for Great Unbloggable Projects and "What a Great Idea You Had, Boss!"

Thanks to liz for the anniversary reminder, hugs to everyone who needs one, and extra dark chocolate for all.


kathy a. said...

can't go wrong with wood to knock on!

raising a toast to our host, esperanza, and to all my good friends here.

JenR said...

I totally missed out this week because of unbloggable work stuff.

I did want to say happy anniversary and thank you all for being here!

Miranda said...

Thank you. I have always preferred dark chocolate but I like it all the more knowing the offspring won't touch it.

Sue said...

thanks esperanza! Happy anniversary to all the pixies!!

Liz Miller said...

Esperanza, you crack me right the heck up.

esperanza said...

Right back atcha, Liz.