Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moving Whines and Anti-whines

Hi Pixies!

I hope you are enjoying summertime delights. Up here in the frozen north, I was delighted it cracked 60 degrees F yesterday - just about time to run through the sprinkler!

I've moved to a new place (AW), but it wasn't quite finished... (W). It's been an adventure - our very own liz gave me the brilliant idea to "think of it as indoor camping." So far, it seems like a very nice campsite!

How are things in your world?


kathy a. said...

redzils, you are definitely the resident optimist, because moving is on my list of really hard things to do. glad it's kinda working out despite the lack of finish at the new place!

AW: yesterday was a work day in which something important got done, and i got to meet someone who has been helping a lot with the Giant Project.

W/AW: my beloved left yesterday on a big long distant trip, and both flights were delayed, and his final destination is out of radar for your major flight tracking. but he arrived safe, slept well, and is off to breakfast and 2 weeks of something on his bucket list! junior dog is in mourning, even though we are trying to spoil her. we just do not measure up.

liz said...

W: I utterly and completely and entirely forgot I was hosting last week and didn't do any awards.

I am ashamed. Please forgive me. Sending brownies.

kathy a. said...

all is forgiven, liz! xoxo

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Liz, that's OK.

Redzils - hang in there. moving is just so hard. Hope you're finding the good points. Hope there are good points.

Kathy - Hope your husband's trip goes well and that you and the pets get by without him for a while.

W: I am now so used to be annoyed that it is only when I catch myself clenching my teeth that I realize I am annoyed. Ex-Husband, house, kid crap, family caregiving. All standard stuff.

AW: dentist is getting me a mouth guard.

kathy a. said...

oy, sarah. even if the stuff is "standard," the extra-stressies are not really. also, all-at-once. xoxo

redzils said...

Sarah - that sounds hard! I am glad your dentist has your back (or your teeth!).

Liz, no worries.

I cried at one of those Home Stores tonight, when they didn't have the light or blind hardware I needed and wouldn't let me use a coupon (W). Moving is hard...

In AW, I googled the manual for my new oven and figured out how to troubleshoot it such that I could actually make brownies. In 30 minutes, I get chocolate!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Redzils - why can't the plan just come together?? But chocolate and satisfaction make up for it.

W: it is voting day. And it will take an upset for the voting to go the way I hope. AW: we'll be done with heavy politics for a few months...

kathy a. said...

there, there, redzils. hope you can get your hands on what you need soon. but meanwhile -- brownies!

sarah, crossing fingers for the right outcome.

my baby is 25 today. i was trying to finish up one last case before maternity leave, and the judge kept calling all the private lawyers so as not to waste their time. meanwhile, i was timing contractions. finally my friend -- who was also heavily pregnant at the time -- waddled on up to the bench and said, "your honor, if you do not call kathy's case, you are going to witness the miracle of life right here in your courtroom." that got some action.

i had been scheduled for a c-section because of my baby's position (frank breech); it happened that evening instead. my beloved got a little woozy, but voila! a perfect baby who immediately expressed his extreme unhappiness at being kicked out of his cozy place.

and the rest is history. how can something that seems so vivid have happened so long ago?

liz said...

Kathy A., that is awesome.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Kathy - what a great story. And memory is amazing for keeping some things vivid.

W: such a bad mom whiny whine: agreed to take my oldest to yoga with me tonight. And she is ruining my vibe of escape. She has asked me 1000 questions, which I know means she's nervous. But if yoga does not bring calm to my life, I won't go. I think this is a one-time event. (just whining about it is giving me some perspective. One time. one time. one time.)

really petty whine: gum chewing. I don't want to hear it.

esperanza said...

Sarah for Old Skool on the gum chewing. Actually, I'll join in on any kind of chewing. Don't want to hear you smacking your food.

I was away from Teh Internet (shocking, I know) for a few days at my parents' house. AW: it was nice to have my mommy take care of me (and even more so, the Baboos) when I got a tummy bug. W: when I was done with the tummy bug, I was done with mommy taking care of me.

W: this is the third tummy bug in a month. Pretty sure my immune system is AWOL after the UTI/pneumonia deal.

W: Mini does.not.sleep at their house.

Glad to be home for a day and a half before we leave for the beach.

kathy a. said...

esperanza, glad your mommy was there to take care of you and the baboos. oh, mini! a sleepless baboo makes for one tired mama, even if mama feels well. hope the trip to the beach is fun and contains no medical adventures whatsoever, and that mini sleeps!

sarah -- this is so bad of me, but i can't help giggling a little at the calm zen of yoga being interrupted by 1000 questions of the curious and anxious variety. culture clash!

i'm a big fan of having some time and space of one's own. being an on-duty parent requires so much attention to the needs of others -- which of course we want to give. but it's not selfish or uncaring to take care of ourselves so we can keep going. apply your own oxygen mask first.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - hope that you're feeling better and that Mini sleeps at home. And ugh for tummy bugs.

KathyA - just whining about it made it OK. And I have a funny, slightly unusual yoga teacher. She tells jokes. She goes off topic. But she sticks to our level. And she gives good corrections. She and Miranda did fine. I only had to shush her once.

AW (I hope) a weekend alone. Mostly alone - at least 1 night. But not lonely. I hope.

esperanza said...

AW: Mini slept 12 hours without a peep. Hooray, for reals.

AW: after *months* of waiting list limbo, we have an embarrassment of riches on places to take Sweet for OT.

W: The scheduling, she is a logistical nightmare. It's one of those logic problems. Not helped by how stinking far away we live.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - yay! Sleeping kids are fantastic.

W: drama drama drama. Why must I charge head on? Actually, I like that I charge head on. Maybe I just need to stop hanging out with people who need charging... (so unbloggable, but there's a telephone game and hearsay and gossip and hurtfulness.)

kathy a. said...

yay for the sleep fairy!

oy, sarah. cluesticks to the hurtful gossips.

deep breaths. daughter has talked to two recruiters, and today is taking a test to join the military. she's been looking for work since december, and there is nothing. she wants go into intelligence.

her dad has been encouraging this. he is conveniently located overseas right now. that might be a good thing -- he worries over his duckling and would be giving all kinds of advice, which might make her feel nervous or pressured.

today, i'm mostly worried about the long drive over unfamiiar and crowded freeways. she's not all that experienced a driver.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Kathy - wow. Best of luck. Hope she finds the best thing right now.

Sue said...

Chiming in late this week as I've been out of town for three days getting needles stuck in my head (nerve block).

Hugs and brownies for all the pixie whines this week! I read them all, but I'm trying to quickly check emails and WW, then it's back to Pioneer Days at our house. I went out of town with nothing but my cell phone and several books. It was sooooo delightful.

I love me some interwebs, and of course The Pixie Ball, but to be unplugged for part of a week was awesome!

SuperTurbo AW: Injections Monday morning. Some dull pain at injection sites on Monday evening - but NO HEADACHE pain.





Still no pain today (Thursday). I've been grinning ever since I woke up. I look quite goofy. Don't care!

W: Small time whine. I'm in Kat Purgatory. Her Highness gave me the "Tail Flick of Haughty Derision" when I arrived home last night. She is sitting with hubby now and is giving me that smug look that says, "See, I *like* him!"

She'll get over it.

kathy a. said...

sue, that's such great news!