Friday, June 22, 2012

Still With the Technical Difficulties Awards Show

No, not my technical difficulties this time. Hugs and sympathy to kathy a. on the occasion of her computer woes. Additional hugs to her fix-it men who were unable to fulfill their self-imposed duties. And a Style Award also, for somehow making the whine-able into anti-whines.

At Least There's Progress Awards to hard-working kathy a and the Big Thing, and Sarah at ratatat for the completion of "stage 1,046."

The She Needs Her Own Network Award to liz, for her fantastic and thorough news coverage. Rules for this new network will include ample vacation time, of course.

Elevated Risk of Mullet goes to Amy. Though she did not write this gem, she did point us in its direction. It's worth repeating the giggle

Kudos to Sue's hubby, who helps protect Sue's sabbatical time (aka, I'm not doing even your funeral time).

Hugs to Sarah at ratatat, for floating unbloggable crap and being a grown-up. Blech, but good in the long run.

Onward, pixies, to next week, when....someone....will be sure to step up and host.


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, esperanza!

Sue said...

thanks esperanza!!!

liz said...

Terrific awards!

Sarah, if you need a non-blog, non-involved with any of the players, place to vent, feel free to email me. liz_@_millerhousehold_._com. Remove the underscores.