Monday, June 18, 2012

Technical Difficulties Whining

Gasp! Our internet went out yesterday, and I was away from the interwebs for 24 hours! Eek! How to post a whine?

AW: Hubby fixed it
W: I couldn't
Further W: It took a while, a frustrating while

There's more whines at the esperanza household, involving: ever-nuttier brother-in-law, too much scheduling, not enough scheduling, too many phone calls and more. But I'll spare you the details.

What's happening out there, pixies?


liz said...

Back from vacation. 7 days where I attempted to avoid the internet entirely and mostly succeeded, to the chagrin of some of my Facebook friends.

Apparently, I'm the news source of choice for some people. Who knew?

kathy a. said...

aaaaack! internet down! glad it is back, esperanza!

liz, hope you had a great vacation!

esperanza said...

Welcome back, Liz! Hooray for vacation!

W: when will I learn that hurrying + tired + sewing project is a BAD combination?

Sue said...

Glad you're both back online, esperanza and Liz!

esperanza, your sewing + tired reference made me think of the Great Sewing Disaster of my high school years.

I made a lovely sundress with big scoop pockets (it was the 70s). Sadly, said pockets ended up on the front and the back of the dress. The saddest part was that the pockets were perfect. Misunderstood and unfortunately located - but otherwise perfect.

Now you know why I only sew on buttons. :)

W: A VERY determined parishioner who thinks she is special enough to warrant my conducting a funeral service on my sabbatical. She knows well that I'm off limits right now, but she called the house tonight anyway.

AW: Brilliant hubby stood firm and said I would not return her call, nor would I be able to do the funeral. He was clear that there are several highly capable people (retired clergy, most of them) who would be happy to step in.

Hubby did the telephone version of Gandalf's "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" Very politely of course, but that's pretty much what he said.

It was pretty cool. He's pretty awesome.

kathy a. said...

omg, such a busy busy day. but i got a bunch done, and great news on something on the unending unbloggable list!

my sweetie came home last night from his 2 week trip away. he'd been up for something over 30 hours, but was so happy. he's always wanted to visit the place where his grandparents were born. lot of poverty there, and he got to mix and haul cement to help build this family a house.

robocall W: three (3) calls in two different voices from the "attention utility customers!" people. today.

kathy a. said...

sue's hubby deserves an award, for sure.

Sue said...

Glad your hubby is home kathy! Also glad to hear that his trip was so fulfilling and good.

Yes, my hubby is definitely in the running for awards!

liz said...

Hooray for helpful and homeful husbands!

W: Went to the walk-in place to get my haircut this lunchtime. They were short-handed. Smiled nicely, said I'd be back some other day. Walked out. This is what I get for waiting three weeks too long to get my haircut.

AW: Had lunch with a work friend instead. WAY better than a haircut.

kathy a. said...

haircut? i just keep hoping that my hair will pass for something besides the neglected mass it is. the gray helps a lot; people expect less, and it gives me more body.

the Big Thing is turning some kind of corner, where it feels like there is actually a team working in concert. instead of 483 tennis balls bouncing in all directions. i am no good at tennis.

esperanza said...

Hooray for Sue's hubby. Does he lead workshops? He's good at that. Hooray for kathy a's husband coming home. And hooray for Big Things.

W: tired. Took the Baboos horse riding all morning. Them riding, me walking in deep sand of horse arena, usually carrying one Baboo or the other. Tired legs.

AW: wow, did they have fun, especially Sweet. Bonus: it's good for her, and she was better at it than Mini (that happens less and less often).

W: Hubby will be gone all next week.
AW: at least I'll get to set the thermostat where I want it.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - wow, the horses sound tiring, but I am not a horse person. And laughing at the thermostat, way tot see the bright side - your husband being away...that's hard. And life without internet is almost too scary to contemplate.

Liz - ha! for being the source of news. That's awesome! And glad you're back!

Sue - yay for your husband standing up to the parishioner and being firm. Love the Gandalf!

Kathy - the project turning a And your husband is home. So happy the trip was worthwhile.

W: I am hosting book club at my house tomorrow night and I am not very prepared. I read the book. But didn't like it. I need snacks...

AW: I am trying to make some good unbloggable choices. Why can't the good, right things feel better? I end up philosophical and wondering if I am forcing things. And then what is right or good? I think I feel like Kathy's analogy for tennis & all those extra balls!

AW: did I tell you I had a root canal? I had part II today and I feel much better. A crown and a mouthguard are in my near future.

amy said...

I'd just like to share this with every pixie who has ever approached a sewing project under less than perfect circumstances, like being in a hurry.

liz said...

Amy for style. I am in stitches.

kathy a. said...

seconding amy for style!

sarah, so glad the hurty part of the dental adventure is over.

AW: son came to visit last night.
W: he is still capable of wrecking a computer. sigh.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness Amy! Hilarious!!

Yay for Big Thing progress kathy!

esperanza, I hear you on the thermostat. I think very few couples are temperature-matched. Yay for the horse riding day! Boo for your sore legs, but it is so nice that Sweet and Mini enjoyed the horses!

Sarah - it is so true - the good and right things to do are always more difficult. Ultimately though, they leave you better able to sleep at night.

Good luck with the book club. I'm not in a book club, but it seems to me that someone who did not enjoy the book so much would be really valuable for a good discussion.

AW: Angry Birds in Space. Too. Much. Fun. I keep thinking of the Muppets and Piiiiigs Iiiiiin Spaaaaaaace!!

kathy a. said...

thermostat skirmishes are so very old skool. just saying.

esperanza said...

Oh, Lord, Amy. That's hilarious. I think I see why I keep having difficulties...

liz said...

Uh-oh. Sinus infection. Where's my netipot?

kathy a. said...

saline spray helps, liz. long showers, too.

AW: my son likes to fix what he broke.
W: this computer thing, he has worked on it all afternoon. using my new laptop, discs, a flash drive, pretty much everything edible in the house, etc. he does not want to call the cool cousin, who actually knows about the linux system, so he probably knows how to install it.
AW: i think we have had enough fun for one day already.
AW: Big Thing weekend trip is scheduled, booked, planned, mapquested, and everything needed is ready.
AW: my beloved is bringing take-out for dinner. that kind of day.

esperanza said...

Oh no, Liz. Bah on sinus infections.

kathy a, your AW's sound suspiciously like carefully phrased W's. Except for the take-out dinner one--that's a good AW.

W: Hubby is having a horribly stressful week on several fronts. Next week promises to be worse. Sigh. Deep breaths, deep breaths. I think I need to take up yoga.

Sarah at ratatat said...

KathyA - ooh the linux thing...good luck. cool when you do get it, but it feels a bit like having a temperamental pet, IMO.

Esperanza - sorry for the carryover stress.

Liz - uh oh. I will admit to being a drug-fan, but a little sudafed too? Hope the netipot helps.

W: felt overwhelmingly sad all afternoon. I think the unresolved grief of the divorce and some unbloggable crap is floating to the surface. That could be a good thing?

AW: book club was all the things I could hope for. Even feeling less sad.

esperanza said...

"unbloggable crap is floating to the surface" is a very vivid image, Sarah. Hope you're feeling better tonight.

kathy a. said...

sarah -- glad the book club went well!

yes, it is good to work through the rottenness, even if it makes you feel sad. who wouldn't feel sad about grief and crap? that's normal and human. i never wanted to be a "just forget about it" person with the really bad stuff, because then what would i learn from it? not suggesting you take up wallowing in misery as a sport, but facing demons gives a person a certain amount of strength, resilience, even wisdom on necessary occasions. you're doing great.

liz said...

Today in Missing Pixie News,

Els has a fabulous post on Torand Scrivener's brother died. If you are friends with either of them on FB or IRL, you may want to check in with them.

Sue said...

Sad news Liz. Thanks for letting us know.

kathy a. said...

liz, it really is true that you are a reliable source of news. i'm so sorry about scrivener's brother, whose life was very hard and way too short.

computer saga, continued: black screen of death overcome. original operating system lost; backup disks found, but product code was not. extensive drama.

nobody does drama like an overtired can-do man who gets frustrated by stupid fireplacing computer pook. in this instance, there is a son/father apple-doesn't-fall-far-from-the-tree thing going on, wherein each meant to be the hero of the day. both failed. not pretty, my friends.

i think it is cheaper to just forget this all happened, and buy new software.

liz said...

It is cheaper, indeed. Did you lose much data, or had you backed it up?

kathy a. said...

no data to speak of. this is an "extra" computer. i'm thinking it is worthwhile to have an extra.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Yay for no data loss. And maybe it is just my age, but I feel like I sound like my dad. He used to be able to fix cars and now they're too computer-y. And now computers have gotten too computer-y for the casual semi-pros to fix.

AW: big work project stage 1,046 complete. ha!