Friday, June 15, 2012

Early Summer Edition

Passing the hypoallergenic sunscreen, the mild yet effective pain meds, gardening mojo, a selection of delicious snacks, and beverages with little festive umbrellas.

Sue wins the Urban Farmer Award for her budding patio herb garden!  We look forward to garnishing future virtual Pixie platters with the bounty.

The Good Day, Sunshine Award goes to Esperanza and the Baboos, who had a great time at the beach, and all escaped without the traditional sunburn.  Woot woot woot!

The No Future As A Drug Addict Award  goes to Sarah, who got the really good stuff before the root canal, and was still kinda woozy-like the next day.  Sarah also wins the Dental Spittoon of Glory Trophy, for enduring an unhappy dental visit, a root canal, and the news that Round 2 of the root canal is scheduled for next week. Dental whines are always winners in my book.

Esperanza wins that summertime favorite, the When Does School Start Again? Award, for trying to get some kind of routine going that includes downtime.  Meanwhile, she wins the Mermaid Award for swim lessons with the Baboos, which is totally awesome, makes Sweet giggle a lot, and should wear everybody out enough for quieter times later.

The Product of the Week is Adult Gummie Vitamins, which we never heard of but are strongly endorsed by trusted Pixies, and maybe that would get me to take vitamins. 

Hugs, sappy movies, and chocolate to those with sorrows.  Cludsticks to those causing unbloggable whines, and to the snakes.  Let's all go forth and do good, Pixies.  See ya next time.

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