Friday, June 29, 2012

Double Digits

Passing the cake!  Today I've achieved an age that I once thought impossible.  Am considering getting that AARP card (those people have been hounding me for years already, but I'm old enough now for some of those senior discounts).  How did that happen?

The Old Skool Award goes to Liz, whose handy packrat tendencies allowed her to rebut someone's accusation, but alas, her stapler disappeared in the paper mountain.

JenR earned the Style Award, for this poetic submission:  "Posting from a phone ... So short and error prone..."  Sending many hugs and good wishes for the baby's surgery.

Best Anti-Whine Award goes to Sue, for a clean bill of health and the miraculous near-disappearance of the headache monster!

The All-Powerful Queen of the Thermostat Award goes to Esperanza, whose hubby has been out of town.   

Liz wins the Dance Party Award, for this amazing video.  Thanks!

Esperanza wins the What Makes Her Tick Award, for discovering that when Sweet gets overloaded, quiet time in her room is not a punishment.  Still an effective remedy, and all the better because it's more of a carrot than a stick.  And Bonus!  Sweet did great with her OT eval!

Cluesticks to those people who are not buying JenR's condo, the jerk driver who almost caused an accident but for Esperanza's intervention, the dude who accused Liz of misquoting, and all the other annoying people and circumstances that afflict us.

Hooray and ponies!!!! for renewed friendships, same-age kids,  time off work, summer activities, lists and the people who love them, a good night's sleep, and old friends.  (HA!  Now I can be your "old" friend!)

P.S. -- Using advanced techniques (begging my daughter to tell her father), I got exactly what I wanted for my birthday.  You'd better sit down, because it is awfully romantic.  That's right -- a vacuum that weighs less than 300 lbs. and doesn't sound like a dying jet engine! 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy a.!!!!!!
:) Neighbor Lady

liz said...

YAY for getting exactly what you want. That is romantic, indeed.

Sarah at ratatat said...

How did I not whine for a while week? Happy Birthday! And a good vacuum cleaner is amazing.