Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Whining - Sunscreen Edition

I think I'm allergic to the spray-on sunscreen we used all weekend. Itchy, red, patchy rash all over my arms, upper chest, and back. Not so much on my legs, though there is a bit there.

I think I need to take a bath in Calamine Lotion.

How are you all doing?


kathy a. said...

oh, liz -- i'm itching in sympathy.

AW: went to a lovely fundraising party nearby, for a cause dear to my heart; met some new friends. escaped the desk for a couple hours.

W: 400 things to do. want a vacation. not happening. am getting crabby.

W: beloved is taking a 2 week trip out of the country, leaving this weekend. AW: it's a do-good project.

AW: saw fireworks from across the bay on sunday night, celebrating the 75th anniversary of everybody's favorite bridge.

esperanza said...

Liz, Sweet has the same problem. For her, it's not limited to the spray-on kind. Even the baby kind. We are still in search of a non-allergic one.

kathy a. said...

good luck on the sunscreen hunt.

wah. got a hole in my favorite t-shirt.

esperanza said...

W: have been working on getting Sweet the prescribed OT since fireplacing January. Ready to give up at her current therapy place (big part of problem) and go somewhere else, which will be further away. But feeling like I have no choice. Argh.

Sue said...

esperanza, how frustrating! I hope you make some OT progress soon.

kathy a. - we saw the fireworks on tv for the anniversary celebration. They looked so lovely!

Also, I vote for you for Old Skool. Holes in favourite shirts are definitely whineable.

Liz - sorry about the itch. If it's any consolation, we haven't had any real sunscreen-worthy days yet. But, it's still May, so we can't rush these things.

W: The Behemoth Couch. Or Sofa, depending on where you live.

When we moved in to the condo (almost) four years ago, we agreed to keep the Horrifying Boat-Sized Couch Full of Ugliness until we could afford new and appropriately sized furniture.

Well, we both agreed last week that we didn't care if we had to sit on milk crates, the Beast simply had to go. Another month and I may have lifted it over my head and tossed it off the balcony from the sheer adrenaline rush of Saying Goodbye to It.

So, a lovely non-profit organization (whose work we heartily support) arrives this morning to take a dresser and Behemoth to its next home.

Or not.

Turned out that Behemoth had developed a dandy slice in the fabric of one arm. We had not seen it because it was at the far end of the couch and one would need a bus ticket and the better part of a day just to find it. So, they couldn't take it away.

Head. Desk. Thump.

Yes, the cat is the most likely suspect. I can't blame her. Apparently she despises the Behemoth as much as we do.

AW: Once we find a way to Get It Out, we have enough money saved to replace it with something nice, but not so nice that you can't sit on it.

liz said...

"But not so nice that you can't sit on it." This. I love this.

W: No clean undies to be found anywhere in my house.

AW: Tights.

esperanza said...

Liz, I really hope you're just talking about your own personal undies. Though seeing Mr. S and MM in tights might be amusing...

W: too hot for tights here. And Sweet has declared that she doesn't like shorts, only pants. Going to be a long, hot summer for her.

liz said...

The menfolk are wearing their skivvies. Somehow, it's only me that needed to go Amazon.

Clearly, I need a house-elf. I would pay him or her good wages.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz - sunscreen making your itch is not fun at all. And no undies? I hate it when that happens. But I think I'd rather go commando than tights.

Sue - say it ain't so! Good luck having the Behemoth go away. And laughing at nice enough to sit on.

Esperanza - as soon as life settles down I am looking into OT for my son (vague motor skills issues), but every time I read about your struggles, I think that's too hard. But he's worth it.

Kathy - I hope a vacation is on its way soon.

W/AW: My grandparents are coming today. I've been rearranging furniture. This will work somehow. It is only until Friday.

W: grumbly uncles who make my mom upset.

Sue said...

Liz - I love the word skivvies. A long time favourite. I have back-up plans for just the kind of undie crisis you describe.

TMI alert!!!! I have organized my undie drawer into three sections. One - good undies that are comfy favourites. Two - meh, not so comfy (ride up with risk of wedgie) but still okay for those days when the laundry is piling up. Three - not favourites at all, but hey, they're clean and some days that's good enough.

Aren't you glad you know that? :)

Sarah - I hope the rest of the week goes well with your family visiting. And boo to grumbly relatives!

liz said...

Sue, I have the same undie organization! But it gets a bit frayed once a month when I use the "ride-ups" with my maxi-pads (pads seem to work better with them), so I didn't notice that I was truly truly out of undies.

Sarah at ratatat said...

You ladies are making me feel really disorganized. At best, when I run out of regular underwear I have the weird/sexy/uncomfortable ones.

esperanza said...

My skivvies drawer is nowhere near organized. Nor do I fold or otherwise neat-ify them. Wadded up on one side of the drawer.

And Sarah, to encourage you, an OT victory for today. Evaluation scheduled at a new place. If I like them, we'll move everything there. Downside: Sweet's glacial pace of warming up to new places/people.

liz said...

Yay for getting into a new place! Re: Sweet's glacial pace, I'm guessing she's not the only one they see with that issue, and they'll be prepped.

esperanza said...

Yannow, I would think so, too. But you'd be surprised the number of professionals that seem baffled that she is not immediately their best friend and willing to play silly games. Ahem. Perhaps the glacial pace might be related to her mother.

liz said...

Headdesk. Have these people never worked with kids on the autism spectrum?

kathy a. said...

it's not just autism spectrum. shy kids take time to warm up to giant adult strangers in a strange place. just developmentally, younger kids may need more support and time to get comfortable with transitions.

sue -- have these non-profit people not heard of slipcovers or artfully arranged throws? is there something like freecycle or craigslist (or newspaper ads: "free to good home") where you can unload the giant couch? i promise that there are students and those not of money who can use it.

love the skivvie discussion! a few uncomfortable ones are only around for dire emergencies -- and if i ever resort to those, it is time to go buy more comfortable and reliable ones, immediately. (of course, that always takes one into shopping limbo -- will the same style exist any more? will something similar turn out to be the new demon underwear?)

Sarah at ratatat said...

Even my youngest, whose preschool teachers laughed at the end of the year that they found her shy, is shy. For the first 10-15 minutes. Which in an evaluation situation, is a long long time.

And yes, the underwear talk is making me giggle, which I need today. How did I ever end up with more than 1 thong? I never wear them. ha!

AW: my grandparents are here. It feels good.

W: I think battle #127 will be keeping some of his (family) caretakers from overmedicating him. He is spunky normally and curmudgeonly by nature. When he's been doped up, he's too quiet, too frail. This is hard.

esperanza said...

oh, Sarah. Hugs. So hard.

Re: children's shyness. No kidding. Her warm-up time is apparently long enough to make the grown up decide that she is defiant and/or not smart. She *always* tests more behind than she is.

Re: thongs. I used to work in an office full of women old enough to be my mothers (and grandmother, in one case). Enter a summer intern. Her parting gift to each of us at the end of the summer was a thong! She had proclaimed it Thong Thursdays all summer and wanted to make sure we were all equipped. It was hilarious, but I hadn't thought of it in years. Thanks for the giggle.

liz said...

My son can NOT keep from giggling at the word "skivvies". Which is why we call them that.

My cousin Annie was VERY shy until she was about 7 or so. Then, all of a sudden - BOOM! - she became the most extroverted person in the family. Her profile picture is of her playing violin in a band in Brooklyn.

JenR said...

W: C# lambda expressions and the horribly confusing training material I have. Grr. (which will mean nothing to most or possibly all pixies - sorry)

W2: rash, probably from the sun (not sunscreen - wasn't wearing any). Summer will be great fun.

W3: 15 months on the market. Selling this place is getting old.

AW: better late than never, baby started babbling and started with "ma ma ma ma". Yay!

Hugs, pixies... I've been mostly lurking because work has been incredibly busy. I hope I can visit more regularly for a while now.

And skivvies - mine goes like this - a deep basket in the closet. The bottom is currently maternity underwear - uncomfortable and poorly fitting. Middle - uncomfortable but OK if the laundry situation is bad. Top - comfy every day favorites.

kathy a. said...

((( sarah )))

jenr -- fabulous antiwhine!

proof of good in the world.

kathy a. said...

AW of TMI -- daughter was scheduled for her first gyn exam, since aunt flo had taken to not visiting.

me: any questions about the exam?
D: no. oh, do you have a pad?
me: huh? i'm menopausal.
D: well, i thought i shouldn't wear a tampon.

so, ahem. the appt. is rescheduled, and the crisis not so dire.

liz said...


Anonymous said...

Love LOVE LOVE that video, Kathy a.
Thank you--I needed that!
--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

(((Sarah))) I hope you enjoy your time with your grandparents, and I really hope that the care situation sorts out soon.

JenR - excellent AW. Sorry to hear about the house-selling whine. Isn't there some saint that will help your house sell if you bury him/her upside down in the backyard? Or did I dream that? Either way, here's hoping it sells very soon.

I am SO loving the Pixie Scivvies Organizational discussion! Such good ideas. I so understand the anxiety about not finding the favoured scivvies when you need them. Thong Thursday - snicker - not my style, but you have admire the intern for her fun and spunk!

Great video kathy!

Sarah at ratatat said...

JenR - Hope the summer market helps you out. Something is bound to, right?

And KathyA - probably not that funny, but your story made me giggle. Its a wonder OBGYN's ever see patients when that appt seems to bring out Aunt Flo so reliably.

My grandparents are back home. I think we're off duty until Monday. I know we're all supposed to live in the present, but honestly, living day to day is exhausting.

kathy a. said...

sarah, i think juggling 4 generations and all the everything sounds really exhausting. you are a saint.

true about aunt flo. felt bad that D did not realize things usually get rescheduled. but all's well that ends well.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Kathy - I think my mom probably should get the juggling 4 generations crown. She's been awesome.

AW: took a bike ride. Felt good.

kathy a. said...

my daughter is just off on a bike ride. hope it helps. she had kind of a meltdown about not being able to fit her bike into the car to get to the bike trail, which was apparently my fault. but it all worked out, and i redeemed myself by finding the stash of bungie cords to hold the trunk down.