Monday, April 30, 2012

Rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu

Hope everyone is recovering with all deliberate speed from last week!

It is so gorgeous outside that I can't help feeling a little like dancing.  And OK, the musical reference is dated, but so am I.  So there.

Gotta dance or something because of the substantial unbloggables.  And the committee from heck.  

I drafted a long and angry letter to these people who are trying to scam us, saying we owe money to an insurance company for something that happened the night our car was stolen and crashed.  My beloved wrote a better one today.  Consumer fraud:  fun for the whole family.

AW:  Sweet dove nesting in our yard!  We have managed to not scare her away permanently!

What's rockin' in your worlds?


esperanza said...

Oh, do I hate to start the whining out with this brother and sister-in-law lost their baby. 16 weeks pregnant, no heartbeat. They lost one about a year and a half ago at 14 weeks. My mom is here to take care of me and is simply heartbroken. I'm sending her to his house tomorrow morning, but she's not happy about leaving me. Trying to round up some other help so she'll feel easier about going. They need her way worse than I do.

In other news, fever is gone and I am starting to feel human.

kathy a. said...

oh, esperanza. sending much love. xoxoxo

Sue said...

Oh esperanza, I'm so very sorry. Sending prayers to all of your family.

kathy a - sorry about the unbloggables and committees from heck. I'm starting to think that's where most of them emerge. They start as innocent and sometimes even well-intentioned ideas and then morph into agonizing exercises in frustration. I cannot begin to count the number of times I've wanted to stand up at long and unproductive meetings and yell "Hey! Could one of you stick pins in my eyes? That would be SO much more fun than this!!"

Hasn't happened.


Wait for it.

AW: Me? No meetings of any sort for the next while. Woot!

AW: Quiet weekend was good for body, mind and soul.

W: Frustrating phone conversation with a colleague whom I really like and admire. She has called a few times since I've been off work. Problem is, she can't help herself - she simply MUST talk about church stuff. Aaaaaaaaacccckkkk!!!!

We're having coffee tomorrow and I need some kind and respectful way to tell her "no church talk" - seriously, I could feel my stomach clenching as she talked on the phone tonight. After a beautiful stress-free weekend, it was such a downer.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Esperanza - I'm so sorry.

KathyA - committees of unbloggable frustration and insurance fraud - what a week! How time-consuming when you could be doing nice things like watching that sweet baby dove. So cute.

Sue - yay for sabbatical! And quiet weekend good for the body and soul. Good luck with the no church talk with the colleague.

W: I am doing a miserable job of writing cover letters. I think my subconscious sees the FT job as the key to everything changing and while that's overall a good thing, it is like stepping onto a bridge I can't see. Why don't jobs magically fall into my lap? ha!

liz said...

I'm so sorry, Esperanza.

Sue, bring a bandana or hanky with you. Tell your friend, "I'm going to wave this every time you start making with the church talk." And do it.

If you have to do it more than 4 times, then respond to your "vibrating" cell-phone, and apologize, but you have to get home to your husband.

Sue said...

Thanks Liz - that could totally work!

liz said...

You're very welcome. I hope she doesn't make you have to resort to it.

Sue said...

AW: No need to bring out the big guns (or hankies, if you prefer). The first thing my friend asked me when we sat down was a question regarding some nonsense church-politics that are going on among the local churches.

I would be treating this silly "issue" with the same indifference if I were at work, but her question was a perfect lead in....

"No, I don't have any idea what's happening on that front. I am completely and entirely disconnected from church business - and that is exactly how it should be, because I'm on sabbatical. I really don't want to talk about it. So, what's new with you?"

Easy peasy. :)

liz said...


liz said...

W: Saw the dentist this morning for regular cleaning. TMJ is now acting up bigtime (and I even took prophylactic Advil). Plus, they are trying to talk me into getting a procedure done to bring my gum back down over a tooth, and I'm not sure if they are scamming me (been burned by other dentists before).

Sue said...

Sorry about the TMJ Liz. I hope some rest helps.

AW: Hubby and I putting together "some assembly required" storage unit. So far, I have impressed him with my prowess with the power drill.

Warning: This could turn into a Whine later in the day.

Just sayin.... :)

kathy a. said...

sarah -- is there someone who could be your editor/coach on cover letters? i'm a true believer in another set or two of eyes, especially when i'm uncertain about something i'm writing.

big changes going on; it is perfectly normal to have some concerns about those changes.

sue -- glad you were able to gracefully divert from unwanted topics! and power tools = v. impressive.

oy, liz! dental woes are always winners with me. hope the tmj settles down. i've heard about gum procedures, but that is one dental trauma that has not been urged. yet. (i'm a very experienced dental trauma survivor.) you might seek more info and a second opinion.

liz said...

AW: Best part of having a whiny day is being able to write about it on Facebook and Twitter:

"Things I'd rather do than go to the dentist: Have a colonoscopy; get a pap smear; get a mammogram; have pupils dilated; donate blood. ALL ON THE SAME DAY. #YesIWentToTheDentist #TMJSucks #Ouch"

Sue said...

((((Liz))))) Yes. TMJ - it sucketh.

AW: Storage unit #1 finished and lookin' good. Another one tomorrow. Took three hours, but it was the tricky one with gliding thingys and fancy shelving. Tomorrow's is bigger, but pretty basic. Especially now that we're, you know, experts.


W: Blister.

liz said...

Sue, Standing Ovation!!!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Yay Sue - it seems to be a rockin' week. I aspire to your greatness.

Oh no, Liz, TMJ? Hugs and TLC. And yes, how does one find a really honest dentist. Why does it seem so much more sketchy that doctoring?

KathyA - hmm - I have a few people who will gladly read them, but I still have to write the fireplacin' things.

AW: beautiful weather. Lilacs!! And I am counting as an AW that an unbloggable situation seem to be stirring and I can say that I am glad for movement (there are better outcomes than others, but limbo is aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks)

Sue said...

Aw shucks pixies, thanx.

W: Need to contact the W H O, as I have discovered entirely new muscles in the human body. Today's project can take all the credit for the above revelation.

Now I am slowly going to make my way toward the tub for a looooooong soak!

esperanza said...

I'm impressed, Sue. And extremely impressed that you and hubby can do something like that together without--ahem--disagreeing constantly. Not that I have any experience with that.

W: same as above. So freaking sad. She had to deliver the baby today.

AW: friends stepping up to come and help us, so my mom feels ok about leaving me.