Monday, April 16, 2012

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, tra-laaa!

After the Great Downpour of Last Week in my area, we are having some glorious weather here. And the days are long enough now that the winter enthusiasm slump seems firmly packed away for the season.

In fact, I'm feeling positively accomplished! Of course, that meant working all weekend, but I'm finally getting some significant things done on the long list for the big giant project. Yay!

There is a bunch of enthusiasm locally for a new library -- the old one is cramped, antiquated, inadequate, not much parking -- and lots of good ideas floating around for a new site with modern features, something to serve all ages and function as a community hub. And some people got organized to get this to happen! There is even talk of small complimentary businesses at one possible site, a large empty location right in the heart of town -- a counter to the "we need a tax base" and "no more taxes" naysayers. Yay! I'm signed up as a supporter, and hope this doesn't turn into something like a bad committee.

National political whine: Never has a campaign season been so long and ugly, and we haven't even gotten past the primary. I'm truly mortified that a central theme is doing as much as possible to destroy women's reproductive rights and access to care. Now it comes to a reprise of the Mommy Wars -- can we just put that sucker to rest again? I love women who work because they want to; women who work because they need to; women who are mothers, and women who are not. I think all women should make their own choices about work inside and outside the home; and that all women should make their own health and family planning choices. And that anyone who thinks contraception is a "side issue" and unrelated to "the economy" has no concept of how things work for most women in the real world.

I am not usually moved to whine so directly about politics, but damn. My mother was quite conservative, and she both used birth control and worked outside the home. This stuff is crazy talk.

Small whine: people on a work-related list-serve have totally forgotten how to reply just to one person. Arrgh! "Hey, what time's your flight?" is not something we all need to read.

What's blooming in your world?


esperanza said...

Thanks for hosting, kathy. I'm expecting company this week and next from two different branches of the family. (whine? antiwhine? we shall see)

kathy a. said...

two sets of incoming relatives? i mean, even good ones, that's a bundle. xoxo

Sarah at ratatat said...

Wow, Esperanza, that's a lot of family.

KathyA - agreed. The current mode of political discourse is so discouraging.

Whine: my son is making First Communion this weekend. There will be many whines on that build-up, ha! But first, I bought him an overpriced pair of slacks and they are too small!

esperanza said...

This week, it's my parents and grandmother. They are pretty easy company, mostly. I'm sure I'll be ready for them to leave. They leave Monday morning, then hubby's aunt comes Monday afternoon. She's the closest thing to an in-law that I have. You may remember the silverware drawer re-arranger? That's her. Expect lots of whining next week.

Are the slacks returnable, Sarah? Or, even worse, does this mean you have to take him with you to go shopping? That sounds terrible.

kathy a. said...

silverware re-arranger! incoming! well, at least you know what to expect.

sarah, congrats to your boy and condolences on the pants! it is impossible to take a boy to shop for pants, so just guesstimate upward. (he'll outgrow those soon, anyway.) you'll be fine with a belt on top, and iron-on hem tape works in case of overlength problems.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should get your silverware drawer into a disreputable state of disarray before she arrives. Then, she will have something to do that will keep her out of trouble in other drawers, and who knows....maybe she'll actually put it back the way you like it this time!
Neighbor Lady

liz said...

NL, I like the way you think!

W: Why does Chipotle taste so good in the eating, but then makes my mouth feel sour and disgusting for hours afterwards?

AW: Company store sells mints.

Sue said...

Lots of family Esperanza! Good luck with that!

Sarah - congrats for your son's first communion, but what a drag re: pants. Try the return.....after that, I've got no better advice (aside from wearing jeans, which would be fine in my church, but maybe not yours).

W: funeral for a lovely man in our congregation today.

AW: Led by one of our many retired clergy members. Such a wonderful tribute. I was glad to be able to give my condolences to the family.

AW: hubby had annual visit with neuro doc today. They all left the office laughing - that's when I knew the visit had gone well. Neuro and her intern were delighted by the glacial progress of hubby's MS. Yay!!!!

esperanza said...

NL, don't worry. The first time she visited, I cleaned, knowing that she was a neat-freak. Hence the silverware incident. I'm leaving lots of dirty, low-hanging fruit that I won't mind having cleaned up.

Hooray for glacial progress! (Not a sentence I normally say, but good news in this instance).

kathy a. said...

hugs to sue, on the loss of someone in your congregation. really great news on your beloved!

NL - -brilliant!

liz said...

My cousin died Monday night after a long struggle with cancer. She was 47.

She was my favorite cousin, and almost like a sister to my sister.

Her daughter is 14. My grandmother, who is in her 90's, regrets living to see this.

kathy a. said...

((( liz ))) i'm so sorry about the loss of your beloved cousin, and so young. many thoughts with her daughter and your whole family. your tribute to her is lovely. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

(((liz))) I'm so so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.

sue, great news about your husband!

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

oh, liz, I'm so sorry. Many hugs for you and all your family.

liz said...

Thank you all.

W: My mom and my sister are both warning me that my aunt may go ballistic over my post about my cousin. She has a history of some paranoia and her grief is exacerbating that.

If she asks me to take it down, I will, but have saved it as a Word and sent it to my sister, since that's who I wrote it for.

kathy a. said...

liz, you wrote such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful cousin.

grief can be so visceral and overwhelming. i am sorry that your aunt is in such terrible pain that she may not be able to tolerate how others are moved to express their own love, loss, and grief.


kathy a. said...

W: my diva cat uses the office phone/fax as one of her thrones. she's been stepping on the "off" button a lot -- always handy. AW: she can't manage the correct sequence of buttons to actually send a phone call.

AW: crock pot chili night! tomorrow, too!

liz said...

Thank you Kathy!

And your cat will figure out how to call China soon.

Sue said...

Oh Liz, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Liz said...

Am seeing Redzils in person right now!!!

kathy a. said...

wooooot, liz! say hi!!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz I am so sorry for your loss. And yay for seeing Redzils. May the whines all be minor and funny!

It took 5 pairs of pants, but my son finally does have pants for Sunday. And I wish jeans were OK.

W: My husband is not coming to the ceremony, but he is coming to the meal afterward. He doesn't like church and that's OK with me. My mom is mad that he's skipping church and she thinks it will make my son feel bad. I think my son will only feel bad if we talk about it in a way that makes him think he should feel bad. (so far, he seems fine with it) My mom is so good to me in so many ways, so WW is really the only place I can whine about this.

kathy a. said...

obviously, awards will be late this week. tomorrow!

sarah -- yay, pants! it sounds like things will be OK. mom's itching for a fight, but this is not the right occasion. xoxox