Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Hot Awards

Our sweet Esperanza wins the Red Hot Host Award for hosting through a kidney-style UTI, the silverware-rearranging Aunt's visit, a simultaneous visit from Aunt Flo, and now pneumonia, among other travails.  Pneumonia!  This award comes with good soup, lots of liquids, even more antibiotics, some GS cookies because they never hurt, and a sash of glory.  Hope you are feeling better pronto!  Also, the universe can expect a little visit from The Cluestick Posse, because seriously, how much in one week is reasonable?  This was waaayyy too much more.

Apologies for the brevity of the rest of the awards.

Liz wins the  Silver Lining Award for pointing out that Esperanza is getting it all over with at once.  ;) 

The Revolution Award goes to Sarah, who's enjoying yoga and getting out -- and when her soon-to-be-ex made a face while visiting the kids, she realized, "I don't have to respond to that anymore."  Go, Sarah!  The Posse will follow up with a little cluesticking as needed.

Sue wins the Fashionista Award, for bad hair day, good hair day, and a new haircut anyway!  And congratulations on plowing past that early-sabbatical migraine!

The So True Award goes to Liz, for pointing out that sometimes our bodies just fall apart, once the intense pressure is off.

Lexicon Kudos to Esperanza and Sue, for the the discussion of "pulling" vs. "throwing" a fit.  Our verbal horizons are broadened.

Hugs to NL!  Say more next time!

Thanks for playing!


esperanza said...

Thank you for taking care of the ceremony!

esperanza said...

The GS cookies are especially tasty.

Cancelled my preaching job tomorrow--simply can't do it if it requires getting out of bed. I've never done that, but I guess there's a first.

kathy a. said...

i think pneumonia is a good excuse.