Friday, April 6, 2012

Show Time!

Let me just pull this very classy stepstool up to the podium. OK, there. Pixies of all altitudes are now set. Please remove any painful footwear for the ceremony. Passing the mac & cheese, matzoh, popcorn, chocolate eggs, peeps, and beverages of choice.

It is not every week that begins with St. Stupid's Day and extends to holy days for two major religious traditions. Best to all who are/were celebrating! -- and to all who slogged through the challenges of this week.

Esperanza wins the Old Skool Award for a Pixie classic: completing her list at the new huge confusing store, then finding she forgot the milk. At least she was still in the parking lot.

The Nature Whine Award goes to Emily, for her excellent whine about dead things in the yard and killer deer in the road. Runner up to Sarah, who noted: "I always used to joke I like nature just fine, but only on the other side of glass."

In the Nature category, we are glad that Texas friends escaped the tornadoes.

The Hop Hop Hop Awards go to Esperanza, for: "I am trying, without success, to find a redeeming quality to an Easter egg hunt. Seems to me it promotes greediness, entitlement, 'me first,' etc. Apparently some people find them fun, but I am an Easter grinch." And, to Liz's son: "My son likes hiding Easter Eggs better than finding them, so he encourages the other kids his age to join him in the challenge of who can find the sneakiest hiding places that have the eggs in plain sight. Then they get the joy of watching "the babies" find them (or not!)" Go, MM!

Soft Yummy Foods and Good Healing to Liz, who popped her jaw and triggered the TMJ, all with a sneeze! That is so not fair.

Sarah wins the Super Mama Super Spring Break Surprise Award, for planning a big woo-hoo fun getaway with the kids!! Shhh, it's a secret! But very exciting, and a real antidote to the whatever unbloggable.

We Love Baboo Award to Esperanza, who learned 5 years ago she was expecting Sweet!

The Cluestick Posse will be accompanied this week by a polka band, for emphasis. (Plus, we needed to get the band out of the choir loft.) The Posse is mainly saddling up for Sue's Clueless Colleague, who managed the following in just one week (which you will recall is Holy Week): [1] freaking out a family in grief by insisting she had to be a full participant in the funeral, though she did not know them or their loved one; leading to [2] reconsideration of the policy with the church's board, and saying she would not participate; except [3] then she did participate and charge full fees for the grieving family she didn't even know; which kept her from preparing for the Good Friday joint service, where [4] she surprised a number of clergy whose congregations were participating by giving them assignments 5 minutes before the service began. Very impressive.

Hugs to all in need. And calming thoughts to the universe.

Thanks for playing! We'll start next week early, to accommodate holiday/family needs, should such arise.


esperanza said...

Loving the image of a posse accompanied by a polka band. Maybe that would get clueless colleague's attention!

Funny awards, kathy, thanks. Good luck on Mt. Work.

Sue said...

**applause applause**

thanks kathy a!!!

It is certainly much easier to polka without footwear, yes?

Ya know - when you look at Clueless Colleague's activities for the week, there just may be something to admire in it. Impressive or Sad - you decide.

I can't imagine the effort involved in pulling off that level of incompetence all in one week.

Ah well. 'tis done with..... :)