Friday, May 4, 2012


It is with great pleasure and admiration that we award Sue the Home Improvement Award, for mastering power tools and expertly assembling a 936 piece storage unit! We shall alert the appropriate authorities about the new muscles discovered during this project.

Liz wins the Dental Trauma Award, for enduring all that poking around in her mouth while suffering a TMJ flareup, and as if that was not bad enough, the dental professionals also threatened her gums.  Ouch!   The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award also goes to Liz for her colorful description of all the things she'd rather do than grace the dental procedure chair.

Best Mysterious Antiwhine Award goes to Sarah, who detects an unbloggable thing stirring, but at least something is happening to break the limbo.  Onward and upward!

Sue earns the Successful Avoidance of Nonsense Award, for deftly changing the topic when the inevitable reference to it arose.  Brava!

Esperanza wins the Return to Human Status Award, for finally emerging from the double-whammy illnesses.  Welcome back!

The Just Hire Me, Already Award belongs to Sarah, who is moving forward on the job search, but getting stuck on the cover letters.

Much love to Esperanza and her family,  following the loss of her brother's much-anticipated baby.  xoxxo

Pixies, as always I am ever so grateful for your friendship, good sense, and humor over all these years.  If you can believe it, this is the 520th Wednesday Whining post at this location!

The unbloggable work stress between now and August means that I will be unable to host regularly.  It's not you!


Sue said...

Great awards kathy! I hope the unbloggables sort themselves out very soon. In the meantime, the pixies always have your back.

liz said...

520??? Holy Guacamole!! I am so grateful for this space.

And what Sue said.