Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring is Sprung!

The program this week naturally included a number of festive seasonal whines/anti-whines, and thankfully they were not all from your humble whiny host.

Rather forgetting the joyful celebration thing, a complete stranger at an Easter party admonished Esperanza and her baboos because the girls splashed a little in the birdbath. The Posse has some leftover boiled eggs, which ought to make a good thank-you gift when they ripen in a few weeks.

Sue wins the Fashionista Award for preaching in bare feet, which was both true to the customs of the honoree, and a lot better than wearing those heels for one more event in this long week.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Miranda for this most excellent holiday whine: " I'm thinking of boycotting drunk Seder next year with relatives." Boundaries, sister. We'll back you up.

The Sage Advice Award goes to Sarah, who reassures us (well, me): "I think we're all allowed to have our own germ issues and think other people's are weird." On the other hand, Esperanza wins the Walmart Toilet Parenting Challenge, which I think we all agree is extremely gross, but totally Old Skool.

Miranda wins the Stupid Work-Related Mess Award, for something foolish that somebody did that wasn't even the fault of her own workplace, and yet she gets collared on her private time by people who think her workplace has something to do with it. This award comes with a complimentary Cluesticking: Grade A for those who did the foolish thing, and just a little wake-up clue for the church people.

The We're Not In High School Award goes to Sarah, who got mired in some real-life and FB gameplaying. Ugh. The Posse is on top of this one, too.

AntiWhines of the Week belongs to Sue, who is on sabbatical! And to Sarah, who whisked the kids off for a fun-filled getaway! Woo hooo!

Esperanza takes that time-tested parental threat to a new level, and wins the Vehicular Behavior Correction Award for this: "And you know that thing where you say 'if you do that one more time Imma turn this car around?' Yep. Turned those strollers around .... Grrr." Sue is runner up for explaining the importance of the parental crazy-eyes technique.

Much Love and good thoughts to little Waylon, who is fighting cancer and just had surgery, and to Esperanza's friend's daughter, who was in ICU following the stillbirth of her baby.

Thanks to Liz and others for thoughts on my own holiday angst.

And thanks, everybody, for playing!


kathy a. said...

To clarify, nobody ever expects to be that parent who turns the car around or does the crazy-eyes. It just sometimes turns out to be a better choice than The Hulk.

esperanza said...


No offense, don't worry. I *don't* want to be the turn-the-car-around parent, but it is better than the Hulk, who (which?) is sadly present more often than I would like.