Friday, January 27, 2012

Very Whiny Whine Awards

I am amused to see that preachers and professors have similar nightmares. esperanza’s “nightmare come true” of getting lost on the way to the church and walking up the aisle during the prelude feels a lot like my class last week. (This week went better, fortunately).

Congratulations to liz, who won the internets this week.

Condolences to kathy a. on the loss of a good friend. Your description of her and the inspiration she left you makes me sad I never met her. The world was a better place because your friend was in it.

The Old Skool Award this week goes to amy for a “chewed up a spoon in the garbage disposal.”

kathy a. made an adorable addition to the Pixie Lexicon this week: “faux-paws.” Apparently a “faux-paws” is what has happened when a jumping cat misses the windowsill and slides down the wall. There are definite parallels for the non-cats among us.

Nurse Elves and her very own otoscope to esperanza, who seems stuck in a spiral of snot. esperanza, you can yell here anytime.

Liz and amy’s husbands get the Alright Guy Awards this week, for sacrificing a crocheted pot holder to make single colored mittens possible and offering support at the right time.

kathy a. gets this week’s Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her handy list of driving tips and instructions. “If your music makes my car windows rattle, your music sucks.” Amen.

Three cheers to Sue, who woke up without a piercing hot knife headache.

Kudos to Sue’s Pain Doc, for listening, asking good questions, and managing the impossible task of being “very gentle with a needle.”

Sarah at ratatat gets the Groundhog Day of Fights Award this week. We are so sorry, and hope your phone interview went fabulously well. Any employer would be lucky to have you, Sarah.

Neighbor Lady, we hope strep has been vanquished from your home as the new furniture arrives.

Gentle Hugs to Days, who is dealing with the icks of chemo.

Cluesticks to mean relatives, mean people, lousy drivers, and creepy delivery guys. We have a special posse assembling to take on the stoopid insurance process that keeps Sweet Baboo from getting OT where she gets PT and sentences esperanza’s family to another hour a day in the car. Lots and lots of cluesticks to the Fireplacing Cancer (and anyone whose idea of support links the weight of your struggles with your strength – that is not a theology we endorse here).

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, Pixies. See you next week, when kathy a. will be the Hostess with the Mostest.


kathy a. said...

beautiful ceremony, redzils! thank you.

esperanza said...

"stuck in a spiral of snot"...ew...hahahahaha...oh, so true.

Thanks, redzils, you made me giggle

Sue said...

Great awards redials! Thanks!

liz said...

Wonderful awards!!!