Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a New Year! Let's Whine!

I'm assuming none of the whining pixies were so foolish as to make a "no whining" resolution. Right?

So let's have 'em.

My Old Skool Whine: the voicemail icon on my phone is insisting I have a new voicemail. I do not.

My more substantial whine: oh, I am weary of unstructured days. Yes, I am actually ready for the whirlwind that is our normal routine.

Even more substantial than that: I should probably be thinking about some structure for this summer, huh?

My Baby is Growing Up Whine (that isn't really a whine): Mini will be starting preschool on Wednesday. She doesn't turn two till the end of the month, but the director encouraged us to start her right after the break. And, given her incessant "I go school too?" every time Sweet leaves with her backpack, I think it will be ok. I do expect tears Wednesday morning. You can start a pool as to whose tears they are. I am also (I freely confess) *really* looking forward to a few hours to myself twice a week.

So how is 2012 treating you so far?


Days said...

Happy New Year!

Oy to too many unstructured days. Yay for preschool and elementary school and middle school and high school. And kids going back to school. Christmas break is too long.

W: Not mine.
W: Menarche.
I can't name names since I am sworn to secrecy on the matter since it is the most embarrassing happening in the history of the world so I will leave you to your inferences.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - yes, hear hear! There are times when I feel too busy and I think lots of unstructured time will be great. But I am happier when I get a whole bunch of stuff done, usually through, you know, structure.

Days - Oh my. Sympathy for your suffering one.

Whine: I need to apply for more jobs.

Whine: as much as I really want to get a full time job and attendant will I get all the things done that I get done now?

Antiwhine: going to Chicago (ALONE) this weekend to see a friend. Actually nervous and whiny about it - haven't quite teased out why. But it should be fun. Or different. Or nice.

kathy a. said...

W: 2 comments lost. grr.

congrats to everyone who has kids going back to school! mine isn't -- she is grousing about my opinion that she needs to get up before 4 p.m. and, like, look for a job.

days -- many sympathies.

sarah -- hope you have a great trip!

Sue said...

Days - many sympathies. I grew up in a house full of women. Mom plus four girls - there were a few days of non-PMS. I think.

Sarah - go and enjoy!

Flu-Confinement Day 8. Today's eye. Delightful.

esperanza said...

Oh Days, so sorry for the doom afflicting your anonymous one.

Sue, sorry about the ongoing blech.

kathy a., as much as I'm looking forward to school tomorrow, I'm sorry you will not feel that relief.

Sarah, enjoy! It's something different, yes? Hence the nerves. I'm actually pretty jealous.

AW: structured day was good
W: but now I'm tired. Wah. Getting up early was not fun.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - pink eye??? Oh poor Sue.

Thank you for the well wishes - I will try to have a good time. And different is harder - v true! I"ll try to have fun for all the times I was confined with children for endless days...

redzils said...

Sarah - I hope your jaunt into the city is pleasant.

Sue - oh, no. Pinkeye is just not fair!

Days - my sympathy to whoever that anonymous pre-Pixie might be.

I appreciate all y'all who are glad the structure is coming back, but I am not totally thrilled to be back at work myself.

AW: The overcast skies have broken up and the cloud cover has lifted.

W: This means it is getting *cold* It's currently two degrees F *below* zero at my house, and dropping. Brr!

liz said...

I have my period. And a nose-bleed.

Sue said...

Oh Liz, bad combo. Aunt Flo has her own schedule, but I hope the nosebleed has stopped by now.

I remain Pink in the eye. And not in a cute "hello kitteh" sort of way. More of an angry "what-does-the-other-guy-look-like?" way.

AW: catching up on some sleep.

kathy a. said...

liz for bodily fluids. oy!

sue, so unfair. best see the doctor if you haven't already.

redzils -- must be a relief seeing the sun, but that is COLD! brrrr!

sarah -- i have trouble feeling social when things are all stressy; maybe that's part of it. major life change + job hunt = very stressy.

hmm. which is part of what's going on with daughter, i guess. i know she is feeling stressed.

but her vacation hibernation mode (mostly nocturnal) is not working well for any of us. her friends are all off doing their things. she's finally done with college, but hasn't managed the paperwork to get the diploma. she needs to be job-hunting, but isn't organized enough to be serious about it yet.

kathy a. said...

i'm having trouble with how to support daughter as a parent of an adult. we did this already with her brother, but it was a different situation. long story. anyway, it involved a contract -- a familiar concept from his bad times, but still it was hard to do during the transition period. i felt like such a terrible nag, and the whole thing was exhausting. unlike son, our daughter went to college and finished! but she needs to be working, even bad jobs, for the experience and the money, and to figure out how to work her way up; she needs to become self-sufficient.

this isn't mostly about me; but i'm not much of a gravy train, and don't have unlimited patience when someone isn't trying. in summary: i think i'm back in the nagging role, and i hate that. (her dad hates it even more; he's depressed that she isn't working on work, but gets to play the role of benevolent dad since his job is outside the home.) daughter needs a gentle cluesticking about how to be a grown up.

she was just the cutest in younger years. they catch you when they are young, and you can never let go. this can work to the good, or to the evil; i don't think i should impose judgments on what my kids end up doing. but i'm very sure she should not spend the next several months in her room.

liz said...

My sympathetic post got eaten by Blogger.

Hugs to everybody.

Sue, go to the doctor. Flu is not supposed to last 8 days and pink eye needs treatment STAT.

Kathy, when I was a grownup living at home (returned from college), my parents required I earn my keep either by doing housework or paying rent (even nominally).

Sarah at ratatat said...

KathyA - I'm sure you'll find your way. I always appreciate your patience and advice. Perhaps you can try to step outside of your role as mom and consider what you'd advise someone else to do? And then take time to take care of you. Good luck. Not sure what you can change - nagging is usually just a sign the other person isn't even trying to do what they should. But I'm biased...

And yes, Sue, I agree with Liz. The doctor seems in order.

antiwhine: taking on a work project that might make me feel competent again. If I succeed. But I think it sounds OK. And probably good for me.

Whine: i don't like that is it cold.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Kathy a : no advice, just hugs!
Hugs to Sue too--hope the doc has some advice on how to fix you up quick!
And hugs to all the too cold, or overwhelmed, or pms-ing, or in need of hugs pixies.

w: Have been trying to rearrange my house to accomodate a truck load of husband's late grandparents' furniture that we are getting (an anti-whine! furniture from a house that was full of love, and good memories, and good aura--all to the good). Some is mostly functional, some truly beautiful. Already know where the functional stuff will go--to replace our furniture from college and grad school from--oh--20 years ago! Trying to make room in the dining room for the beautiful pieces.
But--we live in a cape (a small one) and the dining room was where --in a brilliant -truly- move about three years ago, we moved all the kids' toys. Now, trying to move all the kids' toys to the room they share. oy!!!!!! It's like those little plastic puzzles where you have to rearrange the squares, but you have to move three to get one scooted over......

ANyway, have been massively grumpy at my two kids (10 and 7) and all their stuff. My son keeps saying, "But, Mom, I'm sensitive!!!" about why he doesn't want to get rid of anything. (Actually, I think that's an antiwhine--the sensitive part--but boy does it make for sentimental attachment.)

Sorry for the whine--it is truly truly petty, as we are really grateful and blessed, but I just feel like I am over-blessed by legos sometimes.

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

yay, sarah, about the work project! i have a little magnet from WWII -- rosie the riveter, with the caption "we can do it!" go team go!

NL -- how wonderful to have the new/old things of worth! oy on the re-arranging. it will work out, one way or another. dog alone knows how many bins and boxes we have of things that nobody could let go... my goal for this next year is to at least unload the giant lego bin, which son says we cannot get rid of, but he has lived on his own for 5 years, so maybe it's time for him to take custody.

thanks, all, for the kind words.

Sue said...

Pixie sympathies to all. I've read the whines, but I really can't stay on the computer long enough to respond to each.

So sorry, but know that I'm thinking of all of you.

Went to the walk-in, I should be feeling better in a few days with the antibiotics....

Back to bed for me...

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
liz said...

I seeb to hab a code id by dose. I hab also rud oud of tissues at by desk.

The snack shop id by building used to hab tissues for sale.

Dot adybore.

W: Cheap cafeteria napkids are less than optibal. They are udabsorbadt, and scratchy.

kathy a. said...

passing the tissues. one would think a workplace would keep some around!

JenR said...

Colds here too. And teething maybe? Plus, I think if it is going to be cold it should snow. It's only fair.

Sue said...

Passing more tissues Liz. I feel your pain.

First day out of the house since the weekend. Only a few stops for necessary items.

AW: everywhere I went today, people were totally polite and considerate. I heard plenty of "No, really, you go ahead" in store line-ups and saw lots of traffic wave-ins on busy streets. Nice.

JenR said...

Feeling discouraged... Received my first raise in two years and it will just barely cover the health insurance increase. Very frustrating review at work. Husband still not permanently employed. House still not sold. Can't seem to get the house cleaned up (straighten up toys... Toy explosion... Repeat for dishes, laundry, etc.). Am feeling behind on many things and I just want time to play with my kids.

Sarah at ratatat said...

JenR - hugs and sympathy. Hang in there!

Liz - I am a good tissue addict. get well soon!

liz said...

Have made an appointment (way overdue) to deal with my depression.

I don't know if that's a whine or an anti-whine.

kathy a. said...

sue, hope you are feeling better. so nice to see people being nice!

((( jenr ))) that sounds discouraging. sending hugs and chocolate.

NL and jenr for old skool, toy explosions category!

kathy a. said...

liz, good for you! i'm thinking of the same thing.

amy said...

Liz, kathy, something must be coming together in the Universe because I think I have come to terms with the fact that I can no longer wait for my hypothyroidism to be corrected to deal with my chronic anxiety and depression. I really really don't want to do medication, but at this point, I don't know what else I can do. Here's hoping that 2012 will see some relief for all the pixies struggling with depression and anxiety. *hugs*

liz said...

Amen. And hugs right back at you.

Sue said...


The appointment is the first, and sometimes most difficult, step. We've got your back. Always.

kathy a. said...

just shoot me. my MIL called, and the call rapidly devolved into a screaming rant about her daughter, SILfH, complete with threats. was trying to talk her down, but she hung up on me. i knew MIL has outbursts, but she's never gone off on *me* before in 30+ years of ups and downs. and i cannot figure out why MIL keeps gnawing at the SILfH problem -- i really understand the frustrations, but every nugget of bad info she uncovers makes her more crazy, and none of the following thoughts would do any bit of good for any one. today she went to the police department and found out what SILfH's criminal charge is, from a few months back. "she's crazy!" my MIL shouts. no fireplacing kidding...

were we talking about anxiety and depression? i forgot that i have an Rx that i never got around to starting....