Friday, January 6, 2012

Awards Show, with Extras

Bodily Fluids Award to Liz, for the completely unfair piling on of period, nosebleed, and runny nose. That lousy tissues whine deserves its own award. (if someone were to, say, whine about lousy toilet paper, I would give than an award too. Lousy Paper Products Award).

Bodily Fluids, Runner Up, to a certain person at Days's house who is undergoing PMS for the first time. No fun. For anyone.

Get Well Soon (and Stay That Way) Award to poor Sue, still suffering from the flu and now pinkeye.

Jobs, Please Award to kathy a's daughter, Sarah, JenR, and redzils. For those that need better/more fulfilling/higher paying jobs, send them on, universe!

Explosive Awards to Neighbor Lady (for all that new furniture! [I feel you; my brother and I are the only grandchildren on both sides--yikes]) and Jen R (for toys, dishes, laundry, etc). May your mountains become molehills.

Style Award for Liz's Cold-Induced tissues whine.

A late flurry of pixies seeking help for depression has mobilized Sue's Canadian Kindness brigade. They send all of you encouraging murmurs and nudges in the right direction.

Hugs to all those experiencing unreasonable in-laws, too much cold, too little snow, stress and anxiety. Whining relieves anxiety!

Stay tuned for next week's edition, when the shivering redzils will host.


liz said...

Hank you for the awards and the support.

Maddy said...

Nothing like a good whine.

esperanza said...

Hi Maddy! Welcome!

Sue said...

Welcome Maddy!

Feel better soon Liz!

Thanks for the great awards ceremony Esperanza!

See y'all next week, and thanks for your cyber-head-pats and "there there"s. Much, much appreciated.

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, esperanza!

hi, maddie!

liz said...

Hi Maddy!