Friday, January 20, 2012

S'not fair! Or, Snot Fair. Take your pick.

Once again, the hardy band of Pixies weighs in on happenings big and small, lightening the burdens of all. Y'all are good people.

The Gym Rat Award goes to Sue, who spontaneously decided to defy the depression demon by stopping by for a little workout, producing some fine hand-crafted endorphins. Take that, you demon! Yay, Sue!

Esperanza wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for this: "Must find some of those endorphins around here somewhere. la la la gym I can't hear you. Are endorphins found in snot, perchance?" Should anyone be short of snot, you know who has extras.

The Tidings of Comfort and Joy Award goes to Liz, who helpfully offered: "Endorphins are found in dark chocolate. It's a fact. Dark chocolate raises your seratonin levels." Great happiness abounds in Pixieland. :)

Neighbor Lady wins the Kill Them With Kindness Award, for her family's receipt of a very generous all-expense-paid grandparental vacation invitation, to be fully arranged for grandparental convenience, which also coincidentally would remove any possibility that they could have their own vacation with just the kids. As she so wisely noted, "'free' is not exactly free if you know what I mean." Much sympathy.

Eternal Youth Awards to Esperanza, who was complimented even though she "[felt] like pook and am not particularly attractive today", and to Sue, who can't convince people she has a 30 year old.

Musical Chairs Award to Sarah, who is juggling how to handle custody arrangements in the best way for the kids. Many hugs and much sympathy! Thanks, too, to the Pixies who weighed in, especially Liz and Amy with observations from their own experiences.

Cluesticks to Sarah's therapist, who got off on the wrong foot by pressing hard for a particular approach to divorce instead of doing her job, which we would like to remind her is LISTENING. To what SARAH needs to talk about.

Best Wishes to Sue's Dad on the occasion of his retirement! And may he have a good transition to civilian life. We're pretty sure he'll find ways to stay busy.

Chocolate, house elves, and magic wands to all who are dealing with snot itself, invisible germ infestations, scheduling so as to avoid infecting honored relatives, avoiding disappointment in honored relatives, headaches, depression demons, the fireplacing cancer, strep, aches, low iron, the need for nebulizers, late-sleeping adult children, step-monsters and/or out-laws, stressful memories, hangnails, dry skin, and other of life's challenges.

Kudos to old friends, antibiotics, upcoming treatments, and the miracle of these intertubes, bringing friends right to our electronic devices of choice.

See you next week!

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redzils said...

A wonderful award ceremony - thanks, kathy a! I could use a heaping dose of chocolate, house elves, and magic wands this week!