Sunday, January 15, 2012

Awards on the Waning Moon

esperanza gets the Mixed Anti/Whine Award for “using Mini's second day of school to defrost freezer, disappear some outgrown toys, and scrub the bathroom grout.” We are glad you are enjoying the time, but hope you get to sit down with a book at some point too!

Liz gets the Good Neighbor Award for letting us know Yankee Transferred posted – thanks! We are glad you are part of our community.

A Shiny Red Apple to kathy a.’s son, who is enrolled in night classes, and Sue’s son who is headed back to school.

Neightbor Lady is awarded the Biologist in the Kitchen Award for her concern about raw chicken sitting on the counter (in the crock pot). We are glad the stew came out well and hope it is the first of many fabulous crock pot dinners. You might try baby carrots next time – Amy suggested they come out better than the chopped kind.

kathy a. gets the Infomercial Award for her glowing recommendation of the appliance in question.

Cute bandaids, “numbing stuff,” and ice cream sundaes to all the littles getting blood draws or shots (and maybe a shot of something a little stronger for their mamas).

Cluesticks to dead cars. tow trucks that don’t show up as promised, strep throat, freezer doors (in perpetuity), being sick, and showing up to work on days off.

We’ll go out on this“Word of Unsolicited Pixie Advice [from Sue]: Don't watch 'Contagion' … when you're getting over the flu.”

See you next week, when the lovely kathy a. will be hosting!

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kathy a. said...

thank you, rezils, for the lovely ceremony! even though it is freezing where you are!