Sunday, January 1, 2012

Awards: Finishing Up Old Year Business

Happy 2012, Pixies! I am in the second to last time zone, so y’all started the New Year ahead of me and I hope it is unfolding well for you. It’s zero degrees Farenheit at my house, so we are hibernating here.

To wrap up our unfinished business from the Old Year, Awards:

esperanza gets the Day Late Invitation Award, for receiving two invites to Christmas Dinner … on Christmas Morning (after “a special trip to the overcrowded grocery store with the baboos in the rain”). The sentiment is lovely, but the timing of this just sucked.

We are awarding KLee a special prize for the Christmas Miracle of No Swearing. May the lack of hostility continue forever.

A gentle cluesticking to kathy a’s cousins (two hours late for brunch, are you kidding me?) and a less gentle one to those family members who forget that when you “aren’t speaking to So&so” you should quit talking to them.

The Family Pressure Prize for kathy a’s son, whose family descended in force to remind him Why You Need To Wear A Helmet.

Sue we are jealous of your “Three-Toed-Sloth Day,” but not your ‘flu. Feel better soon!

The Old Skool Award goes to amy for her heavily seeded “Seedless” Clementines.

The Half A Glass Award to Sarah at ratatat who seems to be coping gracefully with a hard situation. We Pixies are glad your family is circling the wagons and fully support getting through this time in whatever way makes it (and you) most functional. Anybody who has a problem with you smiling deserves a good cluesticking, and the Posse is ready!

Best wishes to liz, Pixie Musical Genius, our lurking Pixies (hey, that is usually me!), and all the dads struggling with retirement.

I will end this post with the wise words of Sarah at ratatat: “Happy New Year Pixies! Wishing us all the best for 2012.” See you next week (or, you know, tomorrow)!

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kathy a. said...

ZERO degrees!!??!! that's prize-worthy.

lovely ceremony, redzils!

happy new year, everybody!