Monday, November 7, 2011

Hi Pixies!

I just got home from a ten day trip and am thrilled to have woken up in my own bed (A/W!). Now that I am upright, I need to go shovel the 12 inches of snow we received since I left out of my driveway (W).

At least I have banana bread (A/W), since my houseguests left my freezer open and I had to use or lose all the food in it within a few hours of arriving home (W! W! W!).

What a start to the week! How are things at your house? Anybody want a piece of banana bread? I have lots...


kathy a. said...

bitty W: earworm! and it's a song i don't like. as a public service, i won't tell you which one.

W: i'm feeling way too stressed about this breast lump that is probably nothing. AW: 3 appointments scheduled for tomorrow. W: not at adjacent times. AW: my pcp jumped right into action, ordering everything when she heard details about my sister's cancer. but W: never been referred to a surgeon before, and i suspect them of liking surgical solutions more than the average person.

big AW: i am practicing stress relief by sewing a baby! quilt! for the brand new grandbaby of friends!! bonus big AW: bloggy meetup with the happy grandparents, this week. :)

kathy a. said...

redzils, hope you had a great trip! but huh, the freezer door left open. what a homecoming.... i'll take some of that banana bread, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'll take banana bread! :)

Kathy a--thinking you good vibes for all your appts tomorrow! I hope all turns out well!

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

I'll have some banana bread, too. An open freezer would be a small disaster at my house, so many hugs to redzils.

Calmness to kathy a tomorrow.

AW: All four of us had a really wonderful time at our retreat last week.

W: but nobody got enough sleep, and then the fireplacing time change, and everyone is tired and grumpy.

kathy a. said...

best to all with elections today.

we just have a local measure, and the entire election is vote-by-mail.

Sue said...

Sending calm and healthy vibes for kathy a. I hope everything is okay.

I'll have to pass on the banana bread, but I can practically smell it from here. Yum!!!! I cheated on the gluten-free diet last week and paid dearly. Best not to repeat that.

AW: My first morning back in the office was broken up nicely by a friend/parishioner who took me out for coffee.

W: Now I'm waaaaaay behind in all the work I was already way behind in before we went for coffee.

W: I'm not going to last the whole day. Not. A. Chance. I feel like I'm walking in fog and my own voice sounds like it's coming from somewhere across the room. Ugh.

W: Two things MUST be finished before I can go home. I'll get to those now, make two necessary calls and perhaps get home by 2:00.

AW: Had the most hilarious dream ever this morning, just before the clock went off. I was having dinner with Nancy Gr*ce (of the news show and now the dancing show - yes, the dancing show is a guilty pleasure). She was really quite pleasant and didn't once "unleash the lawyers" on me. :)

Elizabeth said...

Redzils, I hope your guests groveled in apology.

Kathy: how did the appointments go?

W: Cough won't go away

AW: Through the worst of the work craziness.

AW: Getting psyched for my birthday.

Sue said...

Redzils - sorry about the snow shoveling duty. Ick. Seems too early in the year for it, yes?

esperanza - I'm glad you're retreat went well. Our Presbytery has tried for some time to put the same kind of retreat together but it just hasn't happened.

Elizabeth - glad the work crazy is easing up and the birthday is approaching!!

kathy a. said...

BIG AW: all clear! whew!

sue -- it's ok to pace yourself!

elizabeth, glad the worst of the work crazies are past.

Anonymous said...

YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY Kathy a!!!!!!!!!!
:) Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Medical Anon, checking in. Have contacted the doctor's office about the insurance company and been directed to drop off the papers to the nurse tomorrow. Hopefully, they will make the insurance company see the light and cover the scan. have also been scheduled to see the gastro doctor on the 17th. I pray that that will bring the whole thing to a conclusion.

Spent today throwing up and dealing with a horrendous headache from throwing up. Fun times, I tell you.

esperanza said...

((Medical Anon)) that sounds horrendous. No one should have to deal with insurance companies, much less sick people. Kudos to your doctor's office for taking it on.

Yay, kathy a! I came over here hoping for some good news! (Ironic, no? Come to the whining site for good news?)

W: I was about to AW yesterday that I had two potty trained Baboos. Epic fail in the car seat on the way somewhere this afternoon (on the part of Mini). Which of course meant a soggy ride back home.

AW: listening to Sweet report said fail and mama "fixing" it to Daddy. She's making such fast progress in speech it's hard to keep up.

kathy a. said...

((( medical anon ))) you know i am a non-violent person, but i want to drop-kick your insurance's ass out of the ballpark. [y'all will forgive me for mixing sports analogies.] good work getting the doctor's office on board -- and great there is a followup! xoxo

Sue said...

Yay kathy a!!!!

(((medical anon)))) cluesticks for insurance companies always at the ready!

W: Insomnia. Terrific. Just terrific. I didn't think it was possible to feel worse today than I did yesterday. Wrong.

*head. desk. clunk.*

Liz Miller said...

((Sue)), (((Medical Anon)))

Medical Anon, so very glad your doctor's office is stepping up.

Yay, Kathy A!

Redzils, I'll take some of that banana bread action.

Liz Miller said...

AW: The right sheriff's candidate won.

W: So did Dick Black, the wrong Commonwealth's Attorney's candidate, Eugene Delgaudio, and on and on and on.

Yesterday's weather reminded me of election day, 2004. Beautiful. Blue and sunny skies.
Today reminds me of 2004, too. So sad and disappointed.

kathy a. said...

oh, liz. i'm proud to know the doorbell queen -- one person who can sleep well knowing she did *everything* a single human can do to spread the word.

((( sue )))

earworm mystery solved: my husband has been playing this odious song and singing along. in the interest of marital harmony, i try to ignore such events, but realized that's how i got infected when he did it again.

Anonymous said...

W? Neighbor Guy and I are cookie mom and dad for Neighbor Girl's troop this year. Just went to the info meeting. Have never done it before and am a bit overwhelmed by it all. Suddenly not sure we have a proper perspective on what that many cases of cookies are going to look like in our small cape-style house.

AW: But we have the greatest troop leaders, and I know they will help explain everything.

W Aunt flo. nuf said.

AW I could still get birth c0ntr0l in Mississlpi if I lived there thanks to the voters.. Which I don't. but still. Somehow, it's still a relief.

Sorry for the results in your neck of the woods, Liz, but kudos to you for fighting the good fight! Plus, I saw you a bit on that show you linked, and had to stop myself from shouting at the computer "yeah, you tell 'em!" Good job! Hope they have you back.

((Sue)) ((Med anon))

Sue, let me just slip this pillow in there before you do that head--desk--clunk thing!

Hang in there one and all! Thinking good vibes all around.

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

AW: Two potty trained baboos today! Including time spent at their nemesis (can a place be a nemesis?): the church nursery. Wa-hoo! This may be a first! (Don't tell her, but Sweet is on Day Nine). Can you tell that the potty results affect my mood perhaps a teensy bit too much?

W: made a bit of a fool of myself at a restaurant, arguing about a coupon. Which I was reading incorrectly.

W: our overhead kitchen light fixture is out. Church Handyman has been notified. Last week. If I had a tall enough ladder, I would be tempted to replace it myself.

Hugs to all those with disappointing election/referenda results, and high fives to those with happy results.

Sue said...

Thanks NL, the pillow may be necessary. Today's fun symptom was ringing in my left ear. It's gone now thankfully (AW).

Nice doorbell and campaign work Liz! Even if you're not happy with the results, kathy is right - you did all that you could do. Good work!

Yay Baboos!!!

Mucho tie-tie....nite all.

Liz Miller said...

This crumbly muffin
is making a royal mess
of my desk at work

Liz Miller said...

If you go to Dunkin Donuts, you can skip the warm cinnamon swirl muffin. It's crumbly, sticky, and squishy, and the flavor is very fake (leaving a chemical aftertaste).


Sue said...

Boo to crumbly crummy muffins!! That's just wrong on so many levels.

W: Underwhelming productivity this morning. ~sigh~

Elizabeth said...

AW: I have gotten the work inbox down under 100. (No probably not the most productive use of my time, but I feel much less overwhelmed.)

JenR said...

First showing in weeks - they love the condo but have 2 cats and that violates the bylaws. Boo. I want to tell them to buy the place and break the rules. Nobody would know anyway.

kathy a. said...

great work, elizabeth! (i need to do some major sorting of the inbox, as well...)

liz for style!

AW: bloggy meetup this morning! it's so fun to meet people in person when one has already known them online for a few years. :)

kathy a. said...

boo, jenr! why would condo bylaws not allow small pets? isn't there some kind of waiver procedure? there is no way that 2 indoor cats would affect anyone else at all.

Sue said...

I agree JenR - what possible problem could two cats be? Our condo allows for small pets of all kinds, including small dogs. That makes more sense to me.

Enjoy your blobby meet up kathy a!

Sue said...

Oh good grief. BLOGGY meet up. BLOGGY.


Days said...

(Medical Anon)

W: AF.

W: Still feeling generally icky. Suspect I should go to the clinic this aft.
AW: Homemade soup for lunch. I'll take a bit of that banana bread to round it out though.

Liz Miller said...

W: Stepmother in hospital for pneumonia.

AW: She's doing much better.

kathy a. said...

days, hope you are feeling better, pronto!

sue, not to worry. "blobby" is not a bad way to describe my body image when meeting with 2 v. skinny people. ;) [it's ok, too; i'm not inclined to fret.]

happy birthday, elizabeth!!

NL -- yay, you can be our backup source for the fabulous GS cookies! (due to poor planning, i ran out of my secret emergency thin mint stash way too early this year....)

congratulations, esperanza, on such a good run of no diapers needed! one does not realize the wonderfulness until it starts happening regularly. (and double that with two.)

W: my personal superpower appears to be procrastination.

AW: have this work-related trip next week; that's all organized, anyway, right down to the mapquests.

kathy a. said...

oh, liz. glad she is doing better; sending good thoughts for your step-mom.

Anonymous said...

((liz and her step-mom))
I love the personal superpower, kathy a.
It made me smile, and I am having a grumpy day, so it was very welcome.
--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

excellent superpower kathy a. - I've been meaning to get one, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Ha.

Glad your step-mom is improving Liz. Sending good thoughts your way.


Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!!! Yay!! Party hats!!! Cake! Enjoy!!!

NL - I too woke up in Grumpy-ville today. I went to an excellent concert last night, but had to leave at intermission. I was feeling really gross and spinny and that dang ringing in my ears was seriously getting in the way of enjoying the music.

Still - it was nice to get out (AW) even if it was only for half the concert.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spinning, Sue. Been there. Didn't enjoy it!
Hoping it will resolve soon, and that the grumpies will soon be gone for both of us.

AW: I played outside with my kids--fresh air helped some.

:) Neighbor Lady