Monday, November 14, 2011

Awards - the "Not Wednesday Any More" edition

Happy birthday to Elizabeth! Pass the cake and ice cream!

Hip hip hooray to kathy a. on the All Clear medical results!

We want to congratulate Our Doorbell Queen, liz, for her hard work this election cycle. Better luck next time, and I am glad at least a few of the good ones made it into office in your district.

Congratulations to those celebrating blogger meetups, to the Sweet Baboo on her speech explosion, and to Neighbor Lady and her husband for their stint as G1rl Sc0ut C00kie Parents.

Sympathy to those with earworms, anyone suffering the fireplacing time change, those dealing with work craziness, anybody throwing up, insomniacs, those handling potty training accidents, Aunt Flo’s reluctant hostesses, and those afflicted with stupid condo bylaws. Send in the cluesticks!

Much Pixie love to Medical Anon and cluesticks to his or her insurance company, who is refusing to cover a scan.

My apologies that these awards are going up so late – I like to leave things open through the work week and my week got away from me, oh, sometime Thursday night. I am just now finding my way out of the fog.

Please join us next week when the charming esperanza will be our host.

In the meantime, kathy a.’s personal superpower intrigued me – what are your personal superpowers, Pixies?

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kathy a. said...

lovely awards, redzils!