Thursday, November 17, 2011

Diminuitive Dwelling on the Great Plains Awards

Ha! Do you have a big vocabulary, silly spammer? Just try it again.


Old Skool Award to Liz for the woes of--alas--only finding an abridged version of one of her favorites for the Kindle. I have similar whines on audiobooks.

kathy a. gets Style, just for the sheer, double-taking power of the phrase "two great meetings."

We here at Wednesday Whining find ourselves surprised, but we're handing out kudos to the medical profession this week. Days feels better! And Medical Anon is many steps closer to getting some answers, thanks to GastroDoc. We would be happy to find a medical professional who can make Sue feel better, stat, and--while you're at it--make the infernal headache go away once and for all.

Cluesticks to snooty hotel employees, pinkeye, procrastination-causing to-do lists, meetings that last more than 90 minutes, especially ones involving the word "visioning," and other work situations.

As I'm emotionally overwhelmed by what seem to be the extreme manipulations of my potty training daughter (you would not believe the day we have had), that's the awards show, folks.

Be sure and check out the Cookie and Recipe thread, immediately below, and be sure and join us next week for the Thanksgiving Edition (U.S. version) with kathy a. as our hostess!

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kathy a. said...

oooh, great awards! thanks!

and yay for everyone who is feeling better!!