Friday, November 4, 2011

Tricks 'n Treats

Such a week! Passing the leftover candy, and vanilla lattes for all.

Sending the Cluestick Posse out to the manufacturers of highly gendered items like pullups and toys. Not. Okay. Also, please note that it IS okay for boys to like big pink dollhouses.

More Cluesticks to Medical Anonymous' stupid insurance company, which has decided the scan was not medically necessary, and to the hospital, which only told her the results after two weeks and several calls from her. Plus, they have not figured out what is wrong yet, but we think continued barking and weight loss is not a sign of health.

wins the Brevity Award, with an Addition to the Lexicon sash, for: Lintiest. Sweater. Ever.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award also goes to Amy, for sharing good cheer: Here, I'll send around some plastic vampire teeth, leftover from the h'ween party. They always cheer me up. :)

Elizabeth earns the Old Skool Award, for the triple whine of losing a post, being behind at work, and getting a sick kid call. Boo.

The Best Anti-Whine Award goes to Days, who was instructed to call the teacher (uh, oh...), but it turned out that her daughter is doing really well! And the teacher wants to give extra work to keep her engaged and challenged. Yay! And yes, you do have great kids.

Liz wins -- of course! -- the Doorbell Queen Award for talking up next week's election at her mammogram. She's unstoppable!

All Clear Awards to Sue and Liz, following their mams. Wishing Liz the best with further investigation. Thanks for the good thoughts on my upcoming one.

Back to the Grindstone Award for JenR, who returned from leave to find things "reorganized to the extent that I am not entirely sure what my job is right now." Okay, then. Bonus: several weeks worth of "pre-work" for a training in 2 weeks. Yeesh.

Bringing the Bodily Fluids this week is Esperanza, whose Mini is doing just great with the potty training, except she will only perform that awesome feat for three people in the entire universe. Thus, the pullups.

The Whining Works Award goes to Amy, who was complaining about being on terminal hold with the pediatrician's office when, voila! Someone answered.

Sending Healthy Vibes to Sue, recovering slowly from her concussion; Esperanza and Days, whose households are competing for the Snot Award; Amy, whose Tater is struggling with an asthma flareup; Elizabeth, who got the dreaded call from the school; and everyone else in need.

Hugs to KLee and Sue; our thoughts are with the family and friends of their friends, who both died in accidents this past. So terrible. xoxoxo

Thanks for playing! See you next week, when the fabulous Redzils will host!


kathy a. said...

AW: got in to see my PCP today. she ordered mam + ultrasound, sent me downstairs for that, and lined up an appointment with a surgeon for monday. fast!

W: radiology could not see me due to construction. they sent me to another facility for a "walk-in" mam. drove to other facility. they could not see me, either, and do not do ultrasound.

AW: but they scheduled a mam at the original facility, for tuesday.

W: tuesday is after monday; need to reschedule the other one.

AW: still, should get this done next week.

Days said...

Lovely awards, Kathy! Hope the rescheduled goes well.

esperanza said...

checking back in with the intertoobs after a fantastic week.

Thanks for the awards. Mini did fine in the pullups and had a few accidents while wearing the beloved underwear. All in all, just fine for a newly potty trained baboo in a strange situation. Snot remains. Sweet had *no* potty accidents the whole time we were gone. (!)

kathy a. said...

yay, sweet! go, mini! and hurray, you got to the retreat!