Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankfulness abounds.

Apologies for being so late with the ceremony! But many good wishes to and thankfulness for friends and family, near and far.

Let's just get the Cluesticking out of the way, because however much we might love or appreciate someone, sometimes something can be as annoying as all get-out. In the lineup are: Anonymous' husband, whose particular area of cluelessness is not understanding that his nearest and dearest love family holidays, even if he doesn't; Big Box Pharm and Insurance Companies, who have unnecessarily caused Esperanza and many others grief; those who set up annoying meetings; various relatives of the sullen type. The Posse is particularly saddled up to confront the fireplacity fireplacing cancer, which has reared its ugly head again.

Many good thoughts, and boundless hugs for Days and her family, and for Esperanza's small friend who was just diagnosed. xoxoxoxo

Over the River and Through the Woods Awards go to Esperanza, whom we trust got to Grandma's eventually, and Liz.

Old Skool W/AW Combo Award goes to Liz, who reports [W] stabbing her own finger, but [A/W] such joy at seeing her son have a terrific time with the relatives!

Esperanza brings the bark, causing a turnaround on the road. But she wins Best Antiwhine, because they ended up with a quiet, peaceful evening at home, with everyone presumably recovered by the second try.

Sue wins the Style Award, for her link to the soothing Holiday Fireplace. And, we all wish you a less spinny recovery from the major whomp to your poor head.

KLee wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her description of dueling family dynamics, on enemy sides of the family. In one corner, there is the sullen-unless-drunk political hater; and in the other corner is Grandma, who perhaps favored English or Psychology studies, because she decided that one of the photos from the European Tour looked just like a penis.

The Culinary Genius Award goes to Neighbor Lady, who reports that leftover pie is the perfect breakfast. Isn't that the truth?

Thanks for playing! And there's still time to join the Cookie Swap!


esperanza said...

Thanks! Yes, we made it to grandma's house bark free, despite the fireplacing traffic. Home again, and all are thankful.

KLee said...

Thank you for the coveted Mullet award!

Also, if you plan on participating in the Cookie Swap, please let me know before Dec. 1st! those of you who have already mailed me, you're good!

you'll be missing out on tasty treeeeeats! :)