Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry about the delay in awards. A mentally ill relative in a distant county got arrested, so I spent about 5 hours yesterday trying to find out what was going on and arranging for bail. Still don't know exactly what happened, but assume it is another sign that she is a complete freaking mess. Also, she wants to move to live right near us again. Oh. Joy.

Emily wins the Old Skool Award for this gem: "My cell phone battery indicator is woefully inadequate. It goes s..l..o..w..l..y from full to -1 bar, sits there for a while and then--bam--it's dead (like not turn on, dead). The phone seems fine and the battery itself seems fine. I just have to remember to charge it as soon as it loses one bar. I mourn the loss of visual indication."

KLee wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for: "Sarah, I think I've found that ~15 pounds you lost. I will gladly pay to ship it back to you."

The Best Anti-Whine Award goes to Sarah: "Some unbloggable things are AW. I am pretty chipper."

Whining Works Award to Days, who complained of pain, and voila, the pain went away. Here's to a reduction in those summer kidlet meltdowns, too.

Liz wins the Solidarity Forever Award, for bringing donuts to the strikers.

Happy Birthday to Jenevieve, who wins the Dog's Best Friend Award for adopting a sweet older pup. Only to have her heart broken when she discovered the dog may be considerably sicker than she realized. Sending love, and some scritches around the ears. (Not your ears.)

Bucket List Award to Sue, who is going to see her favorite group in concert! In Nashville! And congratulations on the other good news!

Happy Baby Vibes to JenR and her wee one! Fingers crossed that all goes welll and smoothly.

Cluesticks to KLee's possibly former friend, for creating an ugly situation with KLee in the middle, then hanging up on her.

Passing the refreshing summer beverages, and wishing all a good weekend.


liz said...

Lovely awards, Kathy A! Sorry about the relative and the possibility of future proximity.

emily said...

Thank you kathy a!

Sue said...

Thanks kathy a - so sorry to hear about your relative. I hope it is sorted out very soon.