Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Prizes!

Andy wins the Old Skool Award, for the perils and tribulations of a broken dryer. Andy also wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for this: "Yes, my whine is that I have a caring mother who wants to talk to me. There goes my Son of the Year Award." We're glad to see you again!

In another laundry-related whine, Amy is haunted by the musty smell of her vacation cabin, earning her the Ghost of Vacation Past Award. Maybe the baking soda + vinegar? Airing them, then re-washing? Sending the Posse to manufacturers of perfumed detergent, which several Pixies agree is Not The Answer.

Our poor Liz gets the Bad Hair Day Award, because she asked for a trim, and "Instead, I have helmet hair. Lopsided helmet hair. And a DA." The Cluestick Posse is ready to return the favor, as soon as we can settle on the right look. Mohawk? Grandma-style cap of curls with blue tint? Please submit ideas on this important topic in comments.

We regret the circumstances leading us to name Esperanza the winner of the Vacation Schmacation Award: the emergency requiring hubby to return home, and the grandparental pushing of the buttons. The Grandparents win a special shout-out: "Can you repeat the obvious again please? I can't hear you." We'll sing the chorus: LA LA LA LA LA LA!

The Dress Code Award goes to Sue, who informs us that "one must NEVER wear the band t-shirt TO the concert. This would be a huge red flag for geekdom." Glad you had a great time! Sue also wins the Making Friends Where Ever She Goes Award for taking water to random fans, and discovering one who knows her son. Small world!

Days wins the Free to Good Home Award with her report of not one but two offspring melting down in late summer. This award comes with an Anti-Stress Magic Wand, and a nice quiet room for Mama.

Good Days, Sunshine Award goes to Neighbor Lady, who does not lose her accreditation as a responsible, sunscreen-slathering parent just because of a little sunburn after a long day, and a few zig-zags where the kids effectively applied their own. See, the zig-zags represent progress on the long journey toward independence! Also, if they must dabble in body art, this is at least not permanent. :)

Ready Set Go Award for Esperanza's Mini, who is cute as a button and talking up a storm!

Hugs and good thoughts for Anonymous, whose rotating cast of symptoms sounds possibly worrisome. Hoping you feel better soon! Please tell us how it goes.

Love, crossed fingers, and healthy baby vibes to JenR, who is in the beached-whale stage of pregnancy, hearing an unusual diagnosis, and counting down the days. xoxo

See you next week, when the ever-gracious Esperanza will host!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy A. for your lovely awards and for your supportive coments! The zig-zags are largely gone now, and we are the proud owners of an aloe vera plant! :)
--Neighbor Lady

liz said...

Yay for aloe vera!!

And I vote for an actual mullet for my "stylist".

kathy a. said...

Liz -- with or without a '70's style perm?

amy said...

Oh, with perm. No question. She should have to deal with the horrific chemical damage those old perms caused.

Loved the awards this week! And thank you all for your suggestions. I think I found something that has worked. I bought an additional clothes drying rack, and I've been hanging the clothes on it for a couple hours in the sun, then running it through one more wash with the unscented detergent. I thought I had enough vinegar, but I ran out, so I'm trying to do without until I can get back up to the store. This seems to be working fairly well, though. Yay!

Andy said...

Liz: Liberty Spikes, Guitar Hero style, obviously.

Also, first week back and I'm back to winning Old Skool awards. It's like I never left.