Monday, August 8, 2011


Welcome to this week's Whiner's Ball! Bring 'em on, the whines and anti-whines, big and small. Bonus points for vacation reports!

AW/W/AW: Daughter got an apartment for her fall internship in DC! And I set up flights, hotel, am perusing a guidebook -- getting her settled will double as a big deal trip for me, the chance to finally see the sights (and maybe see a couple internet friends)! Yay! I'm so excited that I'm just singing LA LA LA LA about the costs. But I got great rates on flights, and teh Smithsonians are free, and there's great metro.

W/AW: It was a lovely memorial for my son's friend. Got to hug a bunch of young people I know; and they all needed the hugs. So did I.

Work is a little crazy now. I'm compensating with some serious doses of netflix, which is probably not entirely healthy, but so what.

What's new up your way?


liz said...

AW: A friend is coming to my area!

kathy a. said...


Sarah at ratatat said...

Some unbloggable things are AW. I am pretty chipper. I've missed you, Pixies!

AW: I've lost ~15 lb. Loss of appetite so reduced eating. Dr. checked it out - there is some potential follow up (but I am sticking my fingers in my ears a bit la la la because the risks seems v low and this seems to be an abundance of healthcare) but the CT scan was clean so yay! 15 lb I didn't need.

Sue said...

*waves* Hi Sara at ratatat! Happy for all AWs, bloggable and otherwise!

Hugs for you kathy a for being a good hugger and huggee for all of those young people. It's easy in our fast-moving world to remember the power of simply being held for a moment or two.

I hope the trip goes well!!! I have little doubt there will be fun involved!

Vacation AW: Hubby is feeling much better. His drain was removed on Saturday by the same doc who treated him in the ER on the first night (was that only 10 days ago??Srsly?). Doc said he wished he had pushed harder for hubby to be admitted.

W: He said that while looking at me. Perhaps I look like heck warmed over, yes?

AW: No worries - tomorrow our Brand! New! Bed! arrives. Yaaaaay!!! It's been a looooooong time since we've had a new mattress.

Super Vacation Double Anti-Whine Supreme: A week from tomorrow I will be in Nashville!!! A week from Wednesday another item on my Bucket List will be checked off as I attend the Evanescence concert in Nashville.

AW: Taking note of the fact that I will most definitely be one of very few people in the crowd with grey hair - I have put together a great outfit - head to toe black. Yep.

Food for thought: Pretty much everything in my closet is black, so putting the outfit together was not a problem. Clergy goth? *snerk*

Sue said...

Duh, that should say "It's easy to forget the power of being held..."

This is my brain on vacation.....

KLee said...

Kathy, Wish I was close enough to get in on the meetups, but alas, I am too far south.

Sue, glad to hear about Hubby's recovery, and the new bed. I confess I am very jealous about both the new bed AND the Evanescence concert. I would love to see them in person.

Sarah, I think I've found that ~15 pounds you lost. I will gladly pay to ship it back to you.

I have a situation here where I can a.) choose to have my feelings hurt and sink my teeth into something I don't really want or b.) choose to not let it hurt me but get bulldozered in the process. Neither sound like very good options, but I think I'm going with choice b because I really don't care enough about choice a's "thing I don't want" to really make a fuss over the whole stupid situation.

It's pointless, and I have the feeling that I've lost a friend over the whole thing, which makes it worse, but I have felt that friend slipping away for a while now...It's sad, but I think it's really inevitable. It used to really bother me, but I have decided to compartmentalize it.

Oh, well.

Sue said...

KLee, I'm so sorry you have to make such an impossible choice, and I'm sorry you may lose a friend over it. Is there any chance that a wide-open-honest talk with said friend might avert that loss?

On the other hand "choice b" sounds like a good "looking after KLee" move. Brava pixie sister! It's so important to remember that YOU matter first and always.

Whine of a pathetically First-world nature: delivery of new bed Is "between 8:00 and 1:00" which means I have to wake up and be out of said bed before they get here.

The possibility of waking up at 7:30 for a 12:45 delivery is dangerously real. And by dangerous, I mean dangerous for the delivery guys who will feel my wrath (albeit, a subtle, evil-eye, kind of wrath).

emily said...

My cell phone battery indicator is woefully inadequate. It goes s..l..o..w..l..y from full to -1 bar, sits there for a while and then--bam--it's dead (like not turn on, dead). The phone seems fine and the battery itself seems fine. I just have to remember to charge it as soon as it loses one bar. I mourn the loss of visual indication.

liz said...

Emily, that's not a good thing.

KLee, sending you love and a question, is there an option C? One where you don't let it hurt your feelings AND you don't get bulldozered?

Also nominating you for Mullet for "Sarah, I think I've found that ~15 pounds you lost. I will gladly pay to ship it back to you.".

AW from Friday, a friend had a spare ticket to see...Wicked. I had a spare evening free. I went. I saw. I loved it.

W/AW, those songs are like glue in my brain.

kathy a. said...

yay for antiwhines, sarah! sounds like kind of a stressful way to lose weight, but great about the good report.

sue -- glad hubby is on the mend! and that your Big Adventure is next week!

oh, klee -- uck. sucks to be dragged into a lose-lose situation. i'm with sue, taking care of yourself is better.

emily -- stooopid technology.

liz -- how fun!

JenR said...

Dear body - Contractions are pointless since there is a c-section in your near future so Please Stop. If your goal is an early baby, you will need to try out some other symptoms. Sincerely, me

kathy a. said...

eek, JenR! sending hugs and good baby vibes.

i had a c-section scheduled for son, but he was apparently in a hurry. on the other hand, sometimes the body messes around; my friend had false labor the night son arrived, but her baby actually arrived weeks later.

KLee said...

No, apparently talking it out with Possibly Former Friend won't work. I just tried to talk to her, and she hung up on me. I called back and she would not take my call. I wanted to discuss it in person several days ago, hoping to avert all of this, but she said that it wasn't necessary.


This leads me to conclude that there IS no option C.

kathy a. said...

oy, klee. you know who is up for a cluesticking. think you've done what you can, that's what you can do, it's all her problem.

liz said...


Sue said...

Agreed on KLee's "friend" clue-sticking. Grrrrr... We've got you're back KLee...

JenR - sending good baby vibes!!!

emily - i'm having my own technology woes this afternoon, so I totally understand. It's all great when it works, right?

Liz - I saw Wicked last summer (another bucket list item) and LOVED it. So awesome that you were able to go see it.

I'll second that Mullet nom.

AW: Hubby is preparing refreshing summer beverages for us to celebrate vacation and lack of drainage from......well, from anywhere. Yay!!!!

Oh, and the bed arrived at 10:00 am on the dot. Good timing, actually.... :)

KLee said...

Sue, just so's you know....STILL jealous about the bed.

That is all.


Sue said...

No problem KLee. It was long overdue. That sad skinny little mattress/box spring that they hauled out of here sure didn't owe us anything!

*whispers* the new one is a wee bit of heaven...... :)

Days said...

Ooo, pixie party in DC!

Sarah - hurrah on the unbloggable AW and the preliminary all clear on the 15 lbs lost(double hurrah!)!

Sue - enjoy the new bed! And the bucket list events! And the vacation - you really deserve it!

Rock ((KLee)) Hard Place - Wish I had an option d to suggest for you.

Emily for Old Skool.

((JenR)) - I'm sure cluesticking is not an appropriate response to contractions but it's teh best I've got. I can't wait for your baby to finally be here!

We've had some rough days here lately. The general atmosphere of our home can be described as tense, at best and the kids are melting down over every. little. thing. in response to that tension. I've had a lot of new and unexplained pain this week, and no luck getting ahead of it as of yet. Hubby is absolutely worn down and worn out from dealing with all of the rest of us. That man deserves a long vacation very soon.

kathy a. said...

(((( days ))))) so sorry about the meltdowns. and more sorry about the new and unexplained pain. xoxoxoxo

Sue said...

Oh no Days!

I'm so sorry about the meltdowns and your pain. So sorry....

liz said...

W: A Union (that I am not eligible to be in) is striking against my employer. I am billable to a particular customer, so my employer is not using me to cover a striker, but I feel bad crossing the picket line anyway.

AW: Have brought strikers donuts every morning.

W: Has not really assuaged the guilt of crossing a picket line.

AW: My parents raised me right.

Sue said...

Yes they did Liz. Yes they did...

Maybe it's a canadian "Maple Dip" sort of thing, but I've often wondered if several boxes of good donuts dropped onto the Middle East would help......

liz said...

They would have to be fried in veggie oil, but I think so.

kathy a. said...

go, liz! i'm sure it helps to know people care about what they are doing.

kathy a. said...

W: tooth cleaning. the ritual lecture about my gums. bleah.

AW: i've outgrown the need to get a chocolate old fashion donut immediately after every dental procedure.

W: wish i'd gotten a breakfast burrito at the place i miss in the city, while i was there. do you ever miss some particular food that nobody else does just right?

Jenevieve said...

Hi, all! Long time no whine! Here goes:

Got a dog for my birthday; a gorgeous 3 yo border collie mix someone dumped at the clinic 'cos euthanizing her was 17 bucks cheaper than relinquishing her to our shelter. Needless to say, i treated her for ticks and worms and took her home, where her sweet, mellow personality fit perfectly in the family. Yay!

Except: she's really mellow, too mellow, like can't walk around the block without resting. Did some bloodwork and a chest film, now going to run an ECG, but looks like she's got an arrhythmia and possible heart failure.

GAHHHH!!! Why didn't I run these tests a week ago, before we got attached?! Can I afford 75 bucks a month in medications for my free dog? The answer is no.

Dang it, Sesame.

Sue said...

Hey Jenevieve! Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you and congrats on the pup! Not so great on the meds and therefore the costs, but I'm glad that a dog that needs a special home now has one.

kathy a - you are a finer woman than I. Both hubby and I have been conveniently "forgetting" to make that appointment for the teeth cleaning. You get an award just for showing up as far as I'm concerned. Dentist appointments make me seriously shudder.

Whine/Anti-whine: My friend and former faculty advisor at Canada's Version of Yale University wrote an amazing letter of recommendation to the Louisville Institute where I've applied for a sabbatical grant. I received a copy today that darn near made me cry - ie. he made me sound pretty good and kinda smart. :)

The Whine part is that the poor man has been trying since LAST Thursday to get the Shipping Company Whose Name We Will Not Speak Aloud to deliver said recommendation by the due date, which is Aug 15th. Oy. Seriously - how hard is it to pick up a letter, send it express, and collect a ridiculous amount of money for doing so?

Anti-whine: if he were here, he would be a good candidate for Mullet with this phrase:

" In any case, the letter of reference left Theological Hall yesterday afternoon with the stated assurance of ***** that it would be in Louisville at 10:00 a.m. this morning (though, given our experience, I am loathe to bet the proverbial farm on that delivery time)."

I'm waiting to hear from my contact at LI as to whether or not it actually got there.

kathy a. said...

((( jeni ))) she sounds like such a lovely pup. i'm so sorry that it sounds like she is maybe really sick.

there isn't a way to go back in time. my feeling is that however this goes, her time with you is better than the time she would have had otherwise. xoxo

Days said...


Kathy - I have been known to drive 5+ hours to the city of my undergraduate experience for the perfect shawarma and garlic bread with cheese. It's like an illness; my senior roommate does the same.

Sue- fingers crossed for the safe arrival of said document!

Whining works - last night was the first night in several that I wasn't rudely awakened by pain.

Sue said...

AW: document arrived today.

AW: administrator of LI let me know via email that my application was complete. She began with: "Dear Sue, Great news! You're application is now complete!"

ie - she sounded as excited as I am. I'm thinking that's a good sign.

liz said...

A video for you, since Pandora just played the song in it for me:

kathy a. said...

yay, days! yay, sue!

keep whining -- awards later.