Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodnight, Irene

Opening early due to all the darned weather excitement on the East Coast. Hope everyone's OK. Glad she wasn't as terrible as feared, but it was still a massive and disruptive storm. Do tell your stories.

How is the back-to-school proceeding? This will be the first time in 20 years that we are not actually doing back-to-school! But the big move for daughter's fall internship is approaching, so we're still doing the transition shuffle. Her DC apartment has a queen-sized bed; she's only had twins before. Her job may require something better than slouchy campus wear. Etc. Countdown: two weeks.

One of my shy former ferals was devastated by the loss of his best feline friend last month. He has just started asking me for petting again, so I finally was able to grab him and dose him with flea meds. He's been over-grooming, partly from grief and partly because his skin is irritated by the fleas, so I hope he's on the mend now.

What's new in your neighborhood?


JenR said...

Oh good... early whining. C-section tomorrow @ noon. If I"m coherant, I'll post an update, if not, I'll leave that to Sarah at Ratatat. Hugs pixies :-)

esperanza said...

oooh, JenR, how exciting. Hugs to you too!

kathy a. said...

((((( JenR ))))) and baby!!!!

looking forward to the report! xoxox

kathy a. said...

i took the plunge and got an official haircut. it looks less like desk scissors and/or rodents were involved.

liz said...

JenR, SQUEEE!! Thinking of you and sending you love and kisses.

esperanza said...

I keep checking back here for baby news....waiting patiently.

Whine. Holy carp. It is hot. 116 in our back yard yesterday. 110 or higher since Friday.

Great AW: Sweet is way excited about preschool and "big" school (where she goes for speech therapy).

W: Mini wants to go too: "Mini school? Mini school?" I have a feeling the first few days of preschool are going to be very looong. We'll have to find some entertainment to occupy Mini.

AW: Glad to be getting back into a routine, as the unstructured summer days were starting to wear on me. W: But we're going to be so busy. And have to leave the house early 4 out of 5 days in the week. Sigh.

Sarah at ratatat said...

No baby news yet. But maybe her husband has forgotten there are Pixie in need of baby news. :)

School starts in Thursday! Can;t even pretend that is a whine.

Anonymous said...

AW: Went to a lovely lovely Bar Mitzvah of my wonderful nephew in Philly this past weekend. Saw lots of extended family and met some new ones. Fabulous all around. Except for the part about going to the basement to avoid tornado warnings, thus freaking out 7yo Neighbor Boy, and some of us older folks too....
All ended well for us, and we are now home where there were --thankfully --in our yard and house only minimal Irene effects.
Thoughts and prayers to all with more massive problems from Irene....

Looking forward to the baby news! How exciting!

:)Neighbor Lady

Andy said...

Whine: When I first started working at the State Hospital as a psych attendant, I ate my dinner every night at the Hardee's up the road. As my dinner was usually later in the night (at 8 or so) the place would be mostly empty and I could joke around and flirt and generally have a fake social life with people I knew only by a nametag. Sort of like being online, only with more eye candy.

The pleasant side effect was that I suddenly was getting free drinks if I brought my travel mug, the occasional senior discount, and the occasional comped fries with my order, meaning I could eat at Hardee's for about $2. Then came marriage, and day shift, and busier lunch breaks, and the discounts fell aside, but I was still greeted like a VIP when I showed up.

So today I went to Hardee's, and realized that the last holdout from that era has finally moved on, so my free ride is at an end. Worse, since I work days now, I eat lunch during the busy hours when it's filled with creepy leering truckers, so everyone is busier and much less inclined to engage customers. Even worse than that, I've come to the realization that while I've aged five years since then, the average age of their employees has remained unchanged, so now I am firmly in the "creepy old dude" demographic instead of the "hip only slightly older than me" field, meaning flirting is right out.

So, maybe it's time to find some age-appropriate social activities.

kathy a. said...

andy -- did you say marriage? am i just totally forgetting something, or is this a new-ish development?

Sarah at ratatat said...

Pleased to announce: JenR had her baby. He was born today @ 12:25pm, weighed 8lbs. 2oz., and was 20 inches long. He is resting along with mommy.


kathy a. said...

WOOO HOOOO! welcome to the world, baby!

thanks, sarah, for the news! please give our best to JenR. xoxo

esperanza said...

Yay! Thank you for the news!

Andy, I used to work at a psych hospital too, but only for a summer. You are impressive.

Sue said...

Just stopping by pixies as I wind-up my wonderful vacay.

Yaaaay on the healthy mom/babe news JenR. Thanks for the fine sleuthing on that one sarah at ratatat!

Yay Andy on the job!

AW: rearranged the living room furniture today. Yep, time to go back to work.

W: Does it make me ridiculously pathetic to say that rearranging said furniture was super-invigorating? Am I really that much of a geek? (Don't worry pixies, it's rhetorical).


carry on - catchya later.... :)

Sue said...

Oops. Almost forgot to mention that as of midnight (ie Aug 30th), hubby and I will have been married for 31 years.

Funny how the appropriate response to that is generally "Congratulations" - which is so lovely!!! I say it all the time at anniversaries.

*applause applause*

Sorta makes me wonder what the applause is for. It may be for saying to the world "Hey, check this out! We've lived together all this time and we still like each other!" - because lets face it - after the first 25 or so, you better like each other as much as you love one another.

At some point, a couple makes it past the "Marriage Marathon Wall" and keeps on running.....together. We're still doing that. And yes, loving it.

amy said...

Gah! I have a giant zit on my jawline, and it hurts so bad I can't concentrate on anyth

amy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
amy said...

Blogspot barfed my comment up there twice. I can't remove the dupe, but I don't think it matters. Meanwhile, I'm lying here watching Golden Girls because my zit is still keeping me awake.

esperanza said...

poof! It's gone, amy. Didn't want people to think you had *two* zits.

But I'll nominate you for Mullet for that one.

Sue said...

Sorry about the zit and the blogger barf. Such suckage.

Just so y'all know - we're not really taking the whole anniversary thing as seriously as I have depicted it here in pixie land.

Our big celebration - extra cheese on the take-out pizza.

liz said...

AW: Irene was a non-event in my neck of the woods.

W: It was devastating in many necks of other people's woods. My sister's town (but thankfully not my sister's house) is under water. One of her friend's houses actually floated away.

YAY JenR! YAY Sue!

Andy, try bookstores.

liz said...

From a blogger in the state where my sister lives.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Amy - the zit is just so unfair. It makes me feel all the angst of being 15 again.

Liz - glad you escaped Irene's wrath. I feel for the people who are underwater. Weather is just weird - can't really blame anyone but so devastating.

Whine: Aunt Flo came to visit emphatically. Go away!

AW: Have lost more weight - I can see it too now. Next week I'll have an endoscopy to see if it is an ulcer. Would it be bad to not fix it for another 10 pounds? Mostly LOL.

kathy a. said...

congratulations, sue! happy anniversary! we don't do the big celebrations, either, but it is a warm fuzzy feeling to look back at all the things we got through together.

amy, as a kid i remember thinking that the zits would go away at some point, perhaps on my 21st birthday. ha. much sympathy.

liz, glad you got through OK, but VT and other places are truly a mess. hope the waters recede, the power comes back, repairs are swift.

sarah, hope you are OK, that the procedure goes well, and that you can settle on a better weight program than Mystery Malady. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you been checked for celiac? I have heard of people who developed it as adults....
Just a thought.
--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Sue!
Welcome baby!
:)Neighbor Lady

Sarah at ratatat said...

Forgot to type Happy Anniversary Sue! Very definitely Happy Anniversary!! That's a great achievement!

Days said...

Happy anniversary Sue!

Happy Baby Jen!

Surviving end-of-summer meltdown with back to school retail therapy. 3 out of 4 kids are still shoeless but I managed to find 3 pairs for myself, all on sale.

Andy said...

Happy Anniversary, Sue! I am in awe, really.

Kathy A, I've been married two years. In fact, as my relationships progressed, my blogging declined, probably explaining why it was unknown.

Congrats, JenR! Do we have a name yet?

Bookstores, Liz? Those would be the boarded up buildings downtown and the empty spot in the mall, right? There is one bookstore in town. It's called "The Old Bookstore." I think it's run by a retired Earlham professor who just sits in it and reads all day. I've never actually seen anyone else in it.

But mostly: Amy, zits! Ugh, I hate them. I had one on my nose last week, right where my glasses rest. Gave me a headache that wouldn't go away for anything. I used to use Panoxyl bars to cleanse them, but then they stopped making them, leaving my acne treatment plan in a state of flux at the moment.

And why is it that vapid losers never get zits? It's like God's punishment for being cool.

esperanza said...

Excuse me while I file a preacher's wife complaint. Even when I discuss and schedule something well in advance, if a church thing comes up, it takes priority. And I have to be the one to come up with childcare. Grump, grump, grump.

Andy said...

In fact, in a Wednesday Whining Flashback, you can read the epic origin story of my marriage in this 3 year old whine.

esperanza said...

Whew, Andy. I can be excused from not remembering the epic story. See my: baby not sleeping through the night whine. Crap but that was a bad time...oxygen, tubes, wires, alarms, tape, casts, wee sick baby. Glad things are better for me and you both.

Anonymous said...

Medical Anonymous, checking in again. No news. No diagnosis. No referral that the doctor promised.

I now have an almost constant ache in my lower abdomen. I am still not eating, but it's too painful to eat, and I only bring it back up anyway.

I go back to the doctor on Thursday, and I plan to throw on hell of a tantrum in the office. It will go along the lines of "Fix me! Now, dammit!" I will keep you all apprised. Hopefully, it will be nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Ugggh anonymous,

That's horrible!

Hugs to you!

Ideas as someone who has had GI issues a lot in recent years:


--appendicitis (you can have a low grade appendicitis infection that lingers a while before really taking off I am told)

--Infection like giardia or e coli or salmonella

--bacterial overgrowth in the intestine (needs antibiotics but they actually help)

--Irritable bowel (though odd about vomiting...)


--severe lactose intolerance (though vomiting, again, is odd). this can develop as an adult; mine did

I am not a medical doctor, but I have been through tests for all the above with the possible exception of parasites. My issues turned out to be a combination of things, but I thought I'd just throw out some ideas of things to ask about, should you want them. I'm sure you've thought of most of them already....

Hope your doctor's appointment gets you some answers!

Whine: Looking up Andy's old whine makes me miss some of the other folks who used to whine but haven't been around in a while.

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Ditto on your last whine, NL.

Sorry, medical anon. So we have *two* whining pixies with mystery ailments? Not good. Get busy, medical professionals.

liz said...

What Esperanza said. I actually said out loud last night, Where have all the Pixies gone?

Andy, you need to tell us how the roommate situation was resolved, since it must have been, since you're married now.

Medical Anon, this has been going on for over a week. Call your doctor's office today, tell them that you are still not keeping food down and that pain has now made an appearance. Ask if they have something for you TODAY. If not, go to the ER. I'm not kidding.

AW: Corn bread muffies are back at Panera! You have no idea the difference this makes to my day.

kathy a. said...

wow, blast from the past, looking back at that old post. (and JenR was about to have a baby then, too!)

medical anonymous, that sucks. it is time to cluestick the heck out of the medical profession until they get this fixed. see if you can get in today; also like liz's suggestion about the ER. explain all your symptoms, and how brutal they are now. pain + can't keep food down is NOT GOOD. sending hugs!

kathy a. said...

W: computer glitch; reboot; there was an old backup document on my word processing program, and i mistook it for the one i had been working on, pressed "save as" the new document, and it over-wrote my afternoon's work. gaaaahhhh.

W: one reason i was that STOOPID is that i'd just spent 28 years working through the phone company's phone tree hell, finally reaching a live person about repairing the crackle on my phone line, which left me a very cranky customer. very.

AW: through some miracle, daughter was able to transfer her internet service from oregon to DC with just one phone call. (it took me a couple hours to set up that service in the first place, but i guess once it is set up, it gets easier.)

Sue said...

So sorry Medical Anon - it's so frustrating to deal with painful medical mysteries. I hope you get some answers soon.

W: last day of vacation.

AW: I have a job to go back to. I really do appreciate that.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Medical Anon - good luck. I think I second the ER, it seems extreme but it works. And having looked into all the things I might have, lots of scary stuff in the abdomen.

Andy said...

Roommate situation was resolved thusly: Kelli (my wife, the ex-lesbian) broke up with her psychotic crazy alcoholic girlfriend, let the lease run out on the house they were renting, and moved in with me. The house never would have worked to begin with, as they had a strict "No Cats" policy, and I would not have acquiesced to surrendering my cat.

Well, that's the Cliff's Notes version at least.

Anyway, new whine: are zits contagious? Because I sprouted one just inside my nostril. My tube of generic Clearasil informs me that I shouldn't apply it to the inside of my nose, but they don't give me any better ideas so I went ahead. The burning isn't as bad as you'd think. Anyway, I blame Amy for the whole thing.

Speaking of which, is there a similar community around somewhere devoted to blaming your problems on other people? I would totally comment on that blog too.

kathy a. said...

Andy, we handle that part of the proceedings with the Cluestick Posse.

kathy a. said...

But we are totally not cluesticking Amy for your zit. We think a better candidate is Kelli's former roommate. Or your boss. Or Hardees.

amy said...

Holy Carp, I dodged a cluestick there! *whew*

It's cool, Andy. I understand. This zit has spawned two others, one of them just on the tip of my nose, so it actually seems likely that your zit is my fault.

In critical news, I've had to dip into the most emergency of Emergency Chocolate Reserves -- the can of chocolate frosting. I blame Back to School for necessitating such desperation. (School doesn't start until after Labor Day in my state, so I guess I had better go chocolate shopping tomorrow...) The tot is going into 2nd grade, and we find out her class placement tomorrow afternoon. I requested a teacher, and I'm nervous about whether we'll get it or not. Last year was so awful, I guess I'm actually nervous about all of it, particularly as the tot is having terrible jitters about starting school, the poor muffin. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, I suddenly have 3 zits too!
What's up?!?!
--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

I'm in the chocolate chips here.

liz said...

If you're not slurping the Hershey's chocolate syrup out of the bottle, it's not really an emergency.

Sending hugs all around.

Sue said...

Nice save on the Cluestick Amy!

Andy, anyone who puts the cat first in terms of life priorities is highly awesome. Just sayin....

AW: No zits (yet).

Observation: When one is on vacation for a full month, there is a full month of mail and post-its with messages on them waiting for said vacationer to return. There goes my theory about the team of eager hobbits who were supposed to come in and take care of all that while I was gone.

Most interesting.

Back to it!

amy said...

No, no. It will never get so bad that I drink the chocolate syrup out of the bottle. Two reasons -- one, chocolate syrup reminds me of chocolate milk, which I hate. (I know, I know.) Two, I buy the Tr@der J0e's chocolate syrup, and straight out of the bottle it pretty much tastes like dirt and twigs and hippies.

liz said...

You forgot to mention that end note of Birkenstocks worn with hemp socks.