Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIF edition

I think we've had about enough of this week. So long, farewell... Without further ado, here are the prizes.

Amy takes home the Old Skool Award, for her pithy entry: "Chin hairs." Runner-up for Old Skool is Days, who has looked high and low and cannot locate her birth certificate.

Many Pixies feel solidarity around the issue of chin hairs, but Neighbor Lady wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award with her response: "All I can say is if the nice thick hairs that sprout on my chin could somehow switch with my poor thin, fine hairs on my head, I would have the hairstyle I always dreamed of."

Runner-up for Mullet is Sue, who discloses the secret location of her birth certificate and comments that she keeps it "just in case I ever become an elected official and some comb-over doofus needs proof that I was born, not hatched."

Winged Demons Award to Esperanza, who is struggling with a fruit fly infestation. Her residential tribe of fruit flies spits upon Dr. Google's kitchen-safe elimination methods, leading us to suggest going full-fortress: maybe keep their favorite food, kid bibs, in the fridge?

Meltdown Award to Esperanza, for the winning combo of Sweet losing it in the post office, a not-great therapy session, hours in the car and another medical thing, then the cooking for 2 families, cleaning, yadda. We feel like a meltdown, just reading about all that in one day. ;)

The "Would You Care for Some Poison With That?" Award was hard-won by Sue, whose dining experience was not enhanced by the inclusion of shallots after she had advised the waiter of allergies. Big of them to take it off the bill! But that is an insufficient gesture, and the Cluestick Posse is ready to go.

As soon as the Posse has warmed up, it is headed on over to present Liz's Former Dem Committee with a special award: What, Have You Lost Your Minds? We are not amused at middle school behavior in a grownup political group, nor at lobbing petty disrespect at The Doorbell Queen, a tireless friend who walks the walk in a more literal way than most. Middle-school bullying is not a good demonstration of democratic ideals. What led to your resignation is appalling. Members of the Posse may be moved to multiple visits to a certain individual.

Political Angst Awards to our Canadian Pixies, Sue and Days, following this week's elections. Silver Lining Sash (and crossed fingers) for a strong opposition.

Hugs and a Housewarming Award to Miranda, as she embarks on the single life in a new place! Long time coming, and much sympathy on the Whines Left Unsaid.

Chicken soup and a medical breakthrough to JenR, who has suffered with bronchitis for, like, ever already. Also hoping that Sarah and Sue are feeling better. Kudos to Sue for the latest round of Taming teh Headache.

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button Award to Amy, whose mother's criticism mode does not seem to have an off switch. This prize comes with a handy set of earplugs, and a great deal of chocolate.

Hugs to Sarah for her latebreaking whine -- on the up side, her brother's moved on and is getting married; and on the downside, not even his parents are invited. The Cluestick Posse will stop by. xoxo

Mother's Day is coming up, and we congratulate all who celebrate! But as several Pixies point out, there are reasons not everyone is thrilled with this Hallmark holiday. Hugs to Sue, for whom the day is a reminder of the loss of her beloved mom; to Esperanza, who found that becoming a mom (after the pain of infertility) didn't make her like the day any better; and for those of us whose moms bring mostly painful memories. The real celebrations of motherhood and moms is in the everyday, in our opinion.


Angela said...
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purple_kangaroo said...

Sorry I missed WW, but hugs and congrats to all the pixies.

And if I was going to whine, it would be that it's very annoying that Blogger and Gmail are in cahoots and automatically log you in to blogger via whatever username you checked e-mail on last, even when you don't actually have a blogger account under that name.

esperanza said...

p_k, you can eliminate some of the cahoots if you use separate browsers--one that you use only for "p_k" stuff, one with your real name. I do not take credit for this idea--it was some other whining pixie who helped me out--but I use it, and it is so much easier.

Lovely awards, as always, kathy a.

kathy a. said...

hi, PK! esperanza's suggestion sounds good.

oh, pixies -- there is an inter-session whining emergency. my husband got a call -- his sister had an involuntary psychiatric committment about 20 miles away, and they decided to release her friday night, when she has nowhere to go. so he is bringing her here. why she was locked up, and why so far from her home [she lives about 150 miles away now], i don't know.

but this is bad, very bad, no good. she last stayed with us a little over 5 years ago, and nearly drove me insane. even after she moved to an apartment nearby, it was awful -- she treated me like her fulltime personal assistant and 24/7 babysitter, and eventually "fired" me as her son's aunt. she is a very ill, very damaged person, but my reserves for her problems are dry.

esperanza said...

Oh no, kathy. This does not sound good.

purple_kangaroo said...

Ack! How did it go, Kathy?

kathy a. said...

this has been a very long 24 hours. my SIL is at her house 150 miles away. she is a very ill woman. will whine further at a later date, but thanks for the caring. xoxo

liz said...

Glad she is gone from your home.

I currently am reading blogs in IE, and my mail in Firefox.

kathy a. said...

so. SIL's first husband convinced her to move to a senior assisted living apartment nearby. (she's only 52, but has early alzheimer's.) just a couple days later, she got in a fight with one of the seniors, the police were called, and she was taken to the hospital for an evaluation of whether she was a danger to self or others. they decided she did not qualify for involuntary committment. the senior apartment place does not want her back, and she doesn't want to be there, either.

she thinks there is nothing wrong with her, and refuses to cooperate in psychiatric assessment or treatment. but she is very mentally ill; she had [undiagnosed] problems decades before the dementia diagnosis, but the progression in recent years is striking.

she finally wound down at 1:30 a.m., but got up at 4:45 a.m. and kept screaming awful things at herself, over and over -- this lasted for 2 long hours. she addressed herself by name. a lot of the ranting had to do with her son not "standing up for her" -- her son was 6 when she lost custody. pretty much nothing she said while she was here made sense.

there's also an eating disorder going on -- she is absolutely skeletal (size 0/1 jeans were quite loose on her), but refused breakfast for fear of getting fat. can't minimize the dementia, either -- she needed help operating the hair dryer, and the problem was that it was not plugged in.

it's just a terrible situation, with no good solutions since she will not cooperate with assessment, treatment, or really any limits on her behavior.

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, it sounds like she really does need 24-hour care. My MIL is in the early stages of alzheimer's and she gets so confused and disoriented. I can't imagine adding that on top of other mental illness(es). Hugs.