Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hugs, Cluesticks, and Awards! Finally!

Ay, chihuaua, pixies, such a week.

Many hugs to the families and friends of Sue's son's friend, who died in the helicopter crash; p_k's friends' young boys, who have lost both parents; and YT, whose great-nephew died. We offer hugs and prayers and "holding you in the light" (as the Quakers say). We hope that each of these grieving people will be surrounded by loving friends and family, as YT has experienced.

Hugs also to KLee's husband, who lost his job this week; and to KLee herself. And to kathy a's friend's wife, who underwent extensive surgery.

And now (as she rubs her hands together evilly), the cluesticks! We will need several posses this week. One for KLee's husband's former employers. One for Liz's "friend" who needs some lessons in said relationship. One for people who call Sue while she's on study leave. Another for JenR's insurance company, the "poopyheads," with a bonus posse for her employers. And, while we're at it, Canadian weather.

I believe we have time for a few awards.

Sue gets Old Skool for her admission that she will miss Oprah.

We have two Mullet awards this week!
* First, to Sarah for her admiration of Sue: "..if there ever were a case for ALL CAPS"
* and to Sue herself, for this one that made me snort my beverage: "I want to patent 'phone coffee,' but I may need to come up with a name that doesn't sound so close to 'phone-you-know-what.'"

A very Happy Birthday to Amy!

As Days suggests, we'll send quilts to all of our winners, plus anyone experiencing vertigo, difficult situations with their mothers, teacher's evaluations, and any other whines we might have missed.


liz said...

Beautiful ceremony, Esperanza.

P_K, please let us know if there is anything our crew can do for those children. As scattered far and wide as we are, I would like them to know the world is sending them love and hope.

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, esperanza!

Sue said...

Thanks esperanza! Great awards as always.