Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow, I don't think the awards have EVER been this late before. I apologize for my own tardiness --- blame it on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for the Wii as well as the Blogger melt-down.

Speaking of, I'm sending a cluestick posse out to Blogger for losing some of our whines, as well as some lovely comments I got on a post elsewhere (and comments Jo(e) lost too).

Remembering What It's All About goes to P_K for her mammogram and to Esperanza who is weaning (FIFTEEN MONTHS!!! AWESOME!!)

Anti-whine of the week, P_K has joined the fibrous ta-tas brigade!! May all her mammograms be as clear as the one she had this week.

Golden Throne awards to all people dealing with self-flushing toilets and potty-training children. Word to the wise, the toilets at the Panera near my house are NOT self-flushing, but they resemble Old Faithful. Flush and jump out of the way quickly.

Elevated Risk of Mullet to Esperanza for
I don't know what was wrong with me, except I had the patience of a gnat, and everything they did was obnoxious and annoying and frustrating and snot-producing.
Who among us have not been there?

Cluestick posse being sent forthwith to Sue's problematic parishioner.
Good ideas are only good ideas if the people who come up with them are willing to put them into action as well.

Old Skool award to Sue for "burned my tongue on yummy supper made by hubby. Ouch."

The love and kisses award to Days, we can't hug you or give you chicken soup, but we CAN send you our thoughts and good wishes and prayers.

That's it for um....last week. Tune in....tomorrow! When our host will be Kathy A!


esperanza said...

I'm not worthy! Remembering what it's all about AND a Mullet AND a Golden (ew) Throne?

Lovely awards, and a prize for hosting under adverse circumstances.

esperanza said...

Also, I clearly need to whine a little less.

liz said...

I disagree, Esperanza, it was a loooooong week. Your whines stood out for pithiness and humor. Also, you hit the parenthood trifecta this week: illness, potty training, and weaning.

kathy a. said...

lovely awards, liz!

blogger has never performed a stunt like 2 days down and bunches of missing comments before.