Friday, May 20, 2011

Greatest Hits Edition

Don't touch that dial, Pixies! We've got a solid-gold lineup this morning. (NSFW with speakers on!)

First, a hearty Happy Birthday to the lovely Esperanza! We've pulled out our magic wands to ensure that you get your wish of a Mama's Day Off! (No way do they look just like cluesticks! They're, um, all sparkly and everything.)

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Liz, who complains: "In this humidity I resemble Roseanne Roseanadana. The hair, it goes SPROING."

Sue wins the We Are Family Award for her anti-whine about a good visit with her sister and brother-in-law. Apparently, her BIL still likes her after she divulged some of the deep secrets of the Pixiehood; sounds like a great guy.

School Days Award to Purple Kangaroo, whose search for the right school is turning up some good possibilities. Yay!

Liz wins the Theme Award for offering not one, not two, but three car-related musical selections! That's some dedication to the craft. My personal favorite is Fast Car.

The Medical Mystery Tour Award goes to JenR, who spent 4 days in the hospital, and they still don't know why. Hugs, chicken soup, and many wishes for a swift recovery.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News Awards to our ace team of long-distance diagnosticians -- PK, Liz, and Sue. Maybe it is Lyme disease...

Elizabeth wins an award she'd rather not have, the Long Distance Daughter Award, with all kinds of bad things happening back at the homestead this past week. Hugs, chocolate, strength to you.

The Dental House of Horrors Award goes to Purple Kangaroo. Yeeps.

Sarah wins the Rain Award for her big event scheduled for a time of showers, leading to the possibility of melting attendance. Hope it went well!

Liz wins the Old Skool Award for a surprise visit from Aunt Flo. No links for this one. The darned filmstrips don't cover this particular topic in the Joys of Womanhood series, anyway.

Amy is runner up in the Old Skool category, noting both arthritis and age spots although she is a whippersnapper of just 37. (I can say that; I'm older.) I think we can all agree that it sucks getting older. But heck, gives us something to complain about, eh?

That about wraps up this week's show. Tune in next week!


liz said...

Awesome awards!

amy said...

Awards are absolutely hilarious, kathy! Thanks for mine! ^_^

esperanza said...

LOL at the sparkly cluesticks. Add in church member's heart attack and transfer to Big City Hospital to the day's festivities.

kathy a. said...

oh, esperanza. that so totally stinks. i hope the parishoner is OK. and hope that the ~er~ magic wands or some other force of nature provides you with a Day. Off. Already. xoxo

esperanza said...

A stint seems to have done the trick and he's doing well. Wedding rehearsal done, funeral, wedding, and (for me) bridal shower yet to go tomorrow.