Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go, Bananas!

This, the 400th post of the New Whiner's Ball, is brought to you by the letter S, for soggy. The endless rainy weather suits some creatures in my yard (see banana slug, pictured above), but most of the household is displeased. Particularly since S should stand for Spring, as in, the first day of. The feline contingent has an especially heartfelt plea for sunbeams.

Daughter is home for her spring break. Her U is in a state where residents pride themselves on webbed feet, but they have enjoyed sunshine while we contemplate drips from a skylight: leak, or condensation?

Anyway, the appearance of Mr./Ms. Banana Slug prompted me to share the following cheer, stolen from my sister, in the hopes of encouraging submissions in the Style category -- surely you can do better than this. (Feel free to use your own movements while demonstrating the cheer; that definitely impresses people.)

Go, Bananas! Oh go, Bananas!


Oh go, Bananas! Go, go, Bananas!


kathy a. said...

Ed. note: no slugs were harmed in the production of this post. Banana slugs are native to the coastal region here, but we don't see them so often at home. "Go bananas" meant, at the time this cheer was invented, "go nuts."

liz said...

W: One of my bras died a horrible and very pokey death today, leaving me with two practical bras: one beige, one black.


AW: My mom gave me a gc to Nordstroms. Provided they have my size, I'm golden.

Anonymous said...

W: snow.again.

That is all.

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

I can now add banana slugs to my list of critters I am glad do not live in my state. How long are those things, anyway? Ew.

W: Left grandparents' house yesterday and journeyed home with the Baboos (only my two, gracias a Dios). Ten days is waaay too long. Kitchen at home still unfinished, but we came back anyway. Big whine is...I left my computer there! 300 miles away.

AW: my wonderful mother met me halfway today to eat lunch and hand off the computer.

W: that's another 300 miles of driving today, on top of the 300 yesterday. Sweet escaped today's, as she was at preschool. Mini was unamused. My butt is tired of the car.

Liz, my sympathies on your loss. NL, I can't even imagine.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz - oh no! And yay for gift cards used!

NL - snow? Egads. We had thunder storms, but all rain.

Esperanza - Oh the agony! my grandmother is only 100 miles away and she practically makes us take inventory before leaving. She checks the chairs and the bathroom and the spare bedroom. Did you leave a whatzit or other Seussian invention?

KathyA - Love to see the banana slug as a college mascot. Ewww...

Whine: I realize that my 2.5 year old doesn't have regular playmates, other than her siblings, but that will leave her in bad form for preschool. I have dropped the ball on this.

Double-whine: the introvert in me hates the idea of trying to stir together playdates or playgroups or playmates...

esperanza said...

Oh, Sarah, do I ever hear you on the Introverted Mama and the Playdate. Sounds like a horror movie.

JenR said...

W/AW: Baby hid during the 16 week appt and we couldn't hear the heartbeat. I was not overly concerned because baby #1 hid also... but it means I will also probably not feel movement for a while and the heartbeat may hide again (and again). The AW part is that a hiding heartbeat means an ultrasound - so I got to see the baby yesterday. Yay!

kathy a. said...

liz, the horror; both the sorrow of an untimely death, and ~shudder~ the need for bra shopping.

NL, what IS it with the weather?

esperanza, this guy was about 5-6". oy oy oy on the long drive to rescue a left-behind necessary.

sarah, i think preschool is where most kids learn to socialize with their peers. the kidlet social schedule gets busy enough later.

W: just got hit with an [unbloggable] work bomb. gaaaah!

kathy a. said...

woot, jenr!

Anonymous said...

Sarah--I agree--let it rest a while longer--preschool and beyond is time enough for playdates.....the schedule seems to fill up faster than you can blink anyway!

Antiwhine: snow is gone--didn't stick

whine: I am so tired. Have been hit once again by the mack truck of family-of-origin dynamics. I think I will go to sleep when the kiddos do.

Liz--so sorry about the bra!

Esperanza--oy! that is a lot of driving!

JenR--yay for pictures of the little one!

Hope everyone has a happy week!

:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

oh, neighbor lady -- that same mack truck stopped by here. i think it's backing up for another run or two.

y'all can see why banana slugs look good, right? no bad baggage.

Anonymous said...

Many many hugs to you, kathy a. I don't like that truck!!!!!
Sorry you are dealing with it too!
--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

where have all the whiners gone?

ok, so. the good news is, i can get in to see the oral surgeon again on monday! that age spot he took on my lip grew back; i'm thinking it's an anomoly, since the path came back fine, but look for me to be whining about sutures again.

and the bad news is, i need me some pookless cats. and/or cats who can research and type and cook and vacuum. or ponies!

Anonymous said...

Whine: Just feeling exhausted and slightly off--can't tell if it's the mack truck of family, or slight vertigo, or that sick co-worker who came and sat in my office monday :( (If you are sick---Go Home!!!!)

Oh yeah-- and now my car is making a horribly horrible noise--it's going in tomorrow.

And, I just ate my last chocolate! Horrors!

--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Whine: Just feeling exhausted and slightly off--can't tell if it's the mack truck of family, or slight vertigo, or that sick co-worker who came and sat in my office monday :( (If you are sick---Go Home!!!!)

Oh yeah-- and now my car is making a horribly horrible noise--it's going in tomorrow.

And, I just ate my last chocolate! Horrors!

--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Hugs to kathy a. about lip sutures and cat pook!
--Neighbor Lady
ps I hope pookless cats don't look like hairless cats (shudder!)

esperanza said...

NL, the last chocolate is just the last straw.

AW: Kitchen is done and I mostly love it.

W: "mostly" because there are a few things I would have done differently, had I been asked about it. Harumph.

W: very tired. very very tired.

Sarah at ratatat said...

NL - hope you get more chocolate and feel more normal (without a bout of illness inbetween)

Yay for ultrasounds, JenR!

Esperanza - rest well. And boo on them for not asking the people who use the kitchen (I know you aren't the permanent tenants, but if you'd like XYZ, wouldn't most people?)

Whine and sorry for the TMI- but who else could I tell :) The kids are going away tomorrow night with my parents. The house alone - even better than a hotel in some ways. Certainly cheaper. And AF decided to visit today. Darn it all...

liz said...

Went to bed last night thinking it was Tuesday, so I behaved this morning as though it were a Wednesday, and didn't get the boy to Fit Club (0700 Thursday mornings at his school).


I hate that.

Sue said...

Hey everyone, I'm chiming in late here.

I have not heard of a banana slug until this morning. Another reason why 9 months of winter works for me. Well, that and the lack of killer bees. And scorpions. And a variety of other creepy crawlies. We do, however, have visitations of earwigs in July (the only month in the history of My Town when there has NOT been snow fall, ever).

Ok, enough local history.

Yay JenR!

Kathy a - sorry about the work bomb. I'm feeling the Overwhelmed Big Time today, so I get it.

Liz - beige and black make me sad. A bra needs colour. I hope you find something pretty!

NL - last chocolates are also sad.

Sarah at ratatat - ~shakes fist at AF~ Dang. That's just wrong.

esperanza - yay for the almost finished kitchen. Hope you can get some rest soon.

Sue said...

Adventures in Needles in the Head report:

Day 1 - great clinic, even greater doc - she was wonderful and very thorough. I was at the clinic from 10:00 til 4:00, and most of that time was spent asking/answering questions.

AW: I went home day 1 pain-free
W: exhausted, but pain-free.

W: some pain that night at the injection sites and a bit of headache action, but nothing like it has been.

Day 2: more of the same. Questions, probing and poking. She didn't inject cortisone, only buprivocaine - she believes this will be enough to "re-boot" the pain messages in my "uncharacteristically complicated" head. (She actually said that. I think she was fascinated by my history - she kept flipping pages and shaking her head, then entering points to remember on a little notepad).

AW: Still good after day 2.
W: until late that night. Some/not much head pain.

AW: I can go back anytime. She suggested next time we try Botox instead - just to see what happens.
W: ANyone wishing to name their next Guinea Pig after me is welcome to do so.

Day 3 - travel home - developed totally nasty case of the barks in the wee hours prior to my flight out.

Yes, it was just as delightful as you're imagining.

AW: I'm home. My head doesn't hurt today.

W: I'm very very tired and my tummy does NOT want to be at work.

Sue said...

By "home" on Day 1, I should have been clear - that means the hotel I stayed in.

liz said...

Wait, Sue, you get snow in AUGUST? Holy guacamole.

NL, sending virtual chocolate.

Sarah, AF is a douchebag.

Esperanza, I can't believe they didn't get input from you. Is it just general cluelessness, or a total lack of respect for the family of the minister?

Am currently wearing my Fayreform Daisy in chocolate. However, it's only safe at work under a stiff dark fabric. Plus, it gets a smidge itchy by the end of the day.

I own one in cream-and-pink, too. Same story.

I also have a bra meant to go under my low-cut party dresses.

So I'm good on the fancy bras. It's the plain-vanilla, daily-use ones I'm fast running out of.

liz said...

Sue, I so hope that the pain stays gone. So sorry about the barks

Sue said...

Liz - I'm glad you have the pretty bras. Every woman needs a few.

Yes, we had a snowfall in late August, though it was back in my childhood. We also had an early June storm a long time ago. It isn't a "normal" thing, by any means, but it does mean that we're all waiting for that crazy July blizzard. Hey, you live up here, you need to have weather goals, eh? :)

kathy a. said...

oh, noes on the bark! but sue, it sounds like a good, helpful visit. kudos to the kind and interested doc.

keep whining! i need to do something about the work bomb...

esperanza said...

Sue, glad for the pain relief, but the Universe needs a cluestick for the barks. You deserve a pain-free, bark-free night.

Sarah, that is some cosmic injustice right there.

Liz, I don't know. I made it clear that I was giving my input, but since it was *their* house, they had the final say-so. It's mostly little stuff, like I don't really like the faucet, and the layout of the tile on the backsplash isn't what I would have done. Personal taste, mostly, so it's not offensive or inconsiderate, just different. It's also surprisingly difficult for me to spend other peoples' money.

W: ENT appointment for Sweet is smack in the middle of Mini's customary nap time.

Anonymous said...

Virtual hugs for Sue on the barks, and esperanza on the parts of the kitchen that just don't seem quite right.
Yay for pain-free heads, though.

AW:Now have more real chocolate. (Liz--many thanks for the virtual kind to tide me over!)

--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

I left work early today. Not for the barks, but the head. BLeh.

I think (hope?) it's just the remaining ick from the Barky Flu, which I'm sure I picked up on the Flying Petrie Dish in the Sky on my way to see the doc. The flight was only an hour and a bit, but that's all it takes. It took a few days to really get going, but once it did, oy.

Flying = sitting far too close to Germs, er People.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - let's hope for no bark and no head pain tomorrow. And my oldest has a late August birthday - she was wondering if it would ever snow then. I'll just send her farther north.

Liz - I don't have the same construction needs as you seem to describe, but finding pretty vanilla bras that last all day is hard. Good luck!

amy said...

W: My husband is having a midlife crisis, has bought a brand new motorcycle.
AW: (My friend pointed out that) at least he didn't pick up some little blonde named Candy.
AW: My BFF and I are going to lunch and shopping RIGHT NOW!