Friday, March 25, 2011

3, 2, 1, Liftoff!

Excitement at the homestead this morning, as daughter prepared to return to school, leaving a mere 37 minutes after the projected time of departure, placing them in some commute-oriented traffic. Ah, well, she'll get there eventually.

Passing the chocolate, because it's been that kind of week. Neighbor Lady wins the Old Skool Award for running out of chocolate right in the middle of a family-of-origin drama and scary noises coming from the car. Pixies, don't let this happen to you!

Drat You, Aunt Flo Award to Sarah, whose hot date at home while the kids are away may not be all she was hoping for.

Our deepest sympathies to Liz, who wins the Engineering Failure Award for her tragic tale of a workaday bra lost. We feel your pain. Kudos to Mom, whose gift card may make things right again.

Picture's Worth A Thousand Words Award to JenR, who got her first glimpse at the shy little one to be!

Parenting Dispensations to Sarah, Esperanza, and anyone else suffering from guilty feelings for not spending the toddler years trolling for playdates. Like we need more to worry about? Besides, the packed kidlet social schedule will arrive soon enough.

Whoopsie! Award to Esperanza, who left her computer behind at grandma's and had to drive halfway back [150 miles!] to get it. Kudos to Esperanza's mom for driving the other half of the distance to deliver the goods!

Weather Awards to Neighbor Lady, who whines of snow, and Sue, who shocked us all with tales from the far north, of at least occasional snow every month except July. Also, all the other Pixies with weather complaints.

The Universe is One Twisted Puppy Award to Sue, who got some great relief for the Headache Demon, but also picked up a nasty bug on the trip. The Cluestick Posse will continue to administer clue-by-4's to the universe until it stops acting out like this. We also hope the germs will take the pain away when they depart the premises. Kudos to the doctor who really took time, listened, wants to find a solution.

The Posse also has a few little messages about Esperanza's kitchen. Yeah, yeah, it is owned by the hub's employer, but doesn't it make sense in a remodel job to pay attention to the actual primary user of said kitchen?

AntiWhine of the Week Award to Amy, whose husband's midlife crisis only involves a motorcycle, not a floozy.

Addition to the Lexicon Award to Neighbor Lady, who complains of "the mack truck of family-of-origin dynamics." We hear ya. Sending hugs. "Mack truck" is an excellent description of the phenomenon.

ETA: Day of the Week Snafu Award to Liz, for that little mixup that meant MM was not at school at 7 a.m. for his workout class. Have we not all been there?

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the chocolate (so nice to see that picture first thing!) and the awards!!

:) Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Yay for chocolate!!! Thanks for the award - feeling much better today - no more barks. I do recommend continued clue-by-4's to the Universe though....just because.

Amen to the "Mack truck of family of origin dynamics" - been there, done that, want the t-shirt.

esperanza said...

Thank you for the chocolate, and the awards.

And I think kathy a should get some sort of award for use of the word "floozy" by a person under the age of 75.

liz said...


liz said...

Early whine of desperation.

My antiperspirant is not up to the job today. Damn Aunt Flo.

liz said...

And I had a 21 day cycle this time.

Twenty-one days between periods.

This had better fireplacing be menopause coming on.