Monday, March 7, 2011

Marching forward...

Welcome to another edition of the Whiner's Ball!

We are on Day 4 of beloved's sickness of doom, and heading to the doctor soon. Various pets have been celebrating his confinement, snuggling on or near the big bed.

My shoulder still hurts, but is getting a little better.

What's happening out your way?


emily said...

I have been pumping gas for many(ahem) years. I've never dripped gas on myself in all that time....until recently when twice, in the last month, I've managed to get gas on my jacket. (somehow, I don't know exactly, since I don't notice until I'm driving around and the car starts to reek of gasoline)

It gives me a headache and then (double whammy), I have to do laundry right when I get home!

liz said...

It may be that the pumps are not being maintained at your usual gas station. Same thing happened to me recently.

Sarah at ratatat said...

I got it on my shoes last summer and had to get rid of the shoes. Gasoline internal combustion engines...I can't believe they ever caught on.

Sue said...

Kathy a - sorry about the sickness of doom. Hope it's over soon.

Gas - ick. So far this year, I've been fortunate. I haven't lost any clothes or shoes.

Whine: WTFireplace is the matter with this place??? (church place of work, that is) Sunday afternoon and Monday - my only time off all week, every week. I made the mistake (my own fault, I agree) of checking my email last night because I'm concerned about a friend who may have had to put her precious dog down yesterday.

Big. Mistake.

I got a sh*t-gram from one of the Fussy Ladies saying how I should have thought to give a prayer shawl to Person X because she has knit so many of them and now has had a death in her family.

Well guess what? All of last week, right up until Saturday evening, she was 300 km away from here at the family home for the funeral. Not a heck of a lot I can do about that. Sunday, she and her son scurried out of here faster than church mice. So, no prayer shawl.

AW: I lobbed it back diplomatically, asking this particular FL to please take care of ensuring that this person gets a prayer shawl as soon as possible, pointing out that she would probably appreciate it even more coming from another knitter.

Whine: Why do people here take such delight in telling me what I get WRONG instead of noticing, just once, that sometimes it all works? Like say, that funeral for someone I loved with attendance at roughly 700 people.

Whine: The copy machine has been down for a week and a half. The copy machine fixer guy has transformed into the cable guy. "Some time between 8:30 and 5:00"

Okay cable/copier guy: Bite me.

Sue said...

Do I even need to mention that my head has been on the verge of exploding since Sunday morning?

Last night was *almost* ER worthy, but hubby talked me out of it. It was easier to soak in some epsom salts and try to get some sleep.

March 21st cannot come fast enough....

kathy a. said...

he's going in to work late, but beloved has decided he is not sick any more. yay! he came in a while ago to complain about the noise my copy/fax was making; he claims that "elves" do that stuff at his office.

sue, did copy dude specify which month he will arrive?

yikes, gasoline!

boo on fussy ladies. nice return!

Sue said...

No copy guy.

Went to the ER instead. After three days of the "worst of the worst", I couldn't manage it anymore. They gave me gravol and the super-powered IV version of Imitrex, along with an anti-inflammatory, and it's dropped the pain level down a few notches. Now - bed.

kathy a. said...

((( sue ))))

kathy a. said...

robo-calls about my home mortgage, my credit cards, my car warranty: work of the devil? have these robots not heard of the Do Not Call list?

esperanza said...

Oh, crap, Sue. Fussy Lady isn't capable of handing out a prayer shawl herself? Why is that your job? Sheesh.

And so sorry about the ER worthy headache. Hope it's better when you wake up.

My whine? I'm just the teensiest bit overwhelmed. Leaving Thursday for about a week and a half with the Baboos at the grandparents house. That's because (AW) the church is renovating the kitchen. But before now and Thursday morning, I have to unload all the lower cabinets, do laundry, pack, keep the Baboos out of the unloaded dishes, etc., and the stupid afterschool program. Ugh.

And, to update on the unbloggable whine from last week: there is no update. That's right. This is [relative]'s specialty--call with some crisis du jour, get [his/her] family members riled up about it, and then not another word about it.

Anonymous said...

I think those fussbudgets should knit YOU a prayer shawl, just for all the lovely things you do for everyone all the time. Hope the headache gets more manageable!

--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Thanks everyone. After a nice long nap, I'm still doing okay. Thanks for all of your kind words.

esperanza said...

Well, it turns out if you just get off your butt and unload the cabinets, it's really not such a big deal. I did about 80% of it and just stacked it on the dining room table. Huh. Worrying about it made it worse. Who knew?

liz said...


Esperanza, I hate disappearing favor-askers.

liz said...

The clerk at the Dunkin' Donuts drivethru gave me the wrong donuts.

Now I'm hearing Joe Pesci in my head.

kathy a. said...

oh, liz. heartbreak.

OK, i was wrong about the stupid shoulder. had to cancel an appointment today, because even walking jars the monster, who retaliates in a stabby way. doctor tomorrow.

this thing is putting me seriously behind on pook patrol. since beloved is feeling 100%, maybe he can just handle that.

any bets on how many kaiser departments can get in on a shoulder problem? my guess is MD, ortho, radiology, PT, and pharmacy, but probably i'm missing something.

esperanza said...


ouchies, hope someone can make it feel better asap. And surely hubby can handle the pook.

Mid-overwhelm, things seem to be going smoothly today. I remember when i could pack for a week away in about 15 minutes. Sigh. Not that I would trade.

emily said...

Esperanza--eventually (and perhaps sooner than you might think) they'll be able to pack for themselves! (Although they won't actually take less stuff.)

Sue--what is my MIL doing in your church? (Maybe there's a global network of fussy ladies?)

esperanza said...

emily for Mullet for that MiL line! LOL!

Sue said...

emily - LOL!! Good one!

W: Crazy morning in the office, especially since I'm still feeling really punky from my ER visit yesterday. My office remained Grand Central Station as always.

AW: Staying home tomorrow. Whoever wanted to "just stop by" tomorrow will have to wait another day or call me at home (I left a note on the door of the church - our secretary is still away).

Whine: You remember the pain-in-the-beehind Step sister who put me on the spot at Xmas time with her *ahem* wedding request?

She has the fireplacing cancer.

Crap. Apparently they got it early and she should be okay and I'm thankful for that. Not sure what's happening wedding-wise. Either way I won't be presiding. She's in town for a funeral for a friend of our shared families, so we were able to talk.

Double Whine: She got the cancer diagnosis on the same day that she received her PhD. Ugh. Is it just me, or is that the Universe being completely nasty?

kathy a. said...

omg, sue. that is a few magnitudes above double-whammy. wow.

y'all keep whining. there won't be awards thursday, unless you want the extra-crabby edition.

esperanza said...

Hey, Universe, lighten up, will ya?

I don't know, kathy, extra-crabby edition sounds like it would work for me.

Ugh. Kitchen is unloaded. Car is as loaded as it can be. I've decided preparing for a trip brings out the worst in me and makes me be mean to Mr. E.

We're off to the deveopmental pediatrician (for Sweet) in Big City in the morning, then off to Another Big City to the grandparents' house. We'll arrive around suppertime, hopefully. Loooong day. Mini will not be happy with all the car time.

AW: a friend is coming to entertain Mini while I concentrate on Sweet's appointment.

Further AW: this is Dr. Punctual. Your appointment is at 11? That's when he walks in the door. He's all yours for the next hour. No kidding. Hefty price tag, but darn impressive.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - what a week. ER and fussy ladies. And sorry about your step-sister. Hang in there. Is Mar 21 time for vacation?

Esperanza - Best wishes for traveling. And yay for Dr. punctual.

KathyA - have fun getting to know all of the med. departments. Or try not to get so annoyed you hurt your head too. And getting off pook detail seems called for.

Liz - were the replacement donuts any good?

Whine: I don't wanna! It seems completely ridiculous that I am having fairly regular, textbook AF cycles, complete with wild PMS, now that I have had a tubal and we are not having more children. That would have been useful when I was trying to get pregnant. It would have also been useful when we used a rough rhythm method (hello baby #2!) PMS, I hate you!

AW: Knowing it is wild hormones does makes me step make from the ledge of despair over which I theatrically consider throwing myself.

amy said...

I'd like to nominate Sarah for an award for her AW: "Knowing it is wild hormones does makes me step make from the ledge of despair over which I theatrically consider throwing myself." I think anyone who can put together that lovely sentence in the midst of raging PMS is brilliant.

I'd like to send out the Kudos Posse (or whatever we're calling it) to Dr. Punctual, and the Cluestick Posse to the Universe for being such a jerk lately in several categories, not the least of which is teh Fireplacing Cancer category.

Old Skool nomination for Liz and the donuts, and for Emily with the Added Bonus of Inescapable Laundry.

Very very gentle hugs for Sue and a quiet call to Universe to get us to Vacation Time a little more quickly. <3

amy said...

My Whine is complex, but ultimately it is one of "I Wish I Knew What To Do".

We've recently changed pediatricians, because Old Ped wouldn't write a script for OT for the tot until she had seen a Neurologist. I fought and got the script, found a New Ped (LOVE HER!), and asked New Ped if she thought we should see the Neuro. She said it couldn't hurt to rule stuff out.

That was more than a month ago. Finally saw the Neuro on Monday. ANTI-WHINE: neuro exam was normal. The tot's sensation is within normal ranges, so (WHINE) her hypersensitivity and defensiveness are, essentially, all in her head. So, it's a whine, but not a surprising one. We kinda knew that already because we kinda suspect Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and that is not a physical problem so much as a wiring and perception problem. Okay.

But then the Neuro asked some more questions about the tot's anxieties and worries. The outcomes of this conversation are Big Words being thrown around, like "Anxiety Disorder" and "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder", in addition to a prescription for pee are oh zee ay cee.

This has thrown our home into a tizzy, and we are feeling a little lost. The emerging good news is that New Ped says she'll support our decision to medicate or not (we are leaning toward "not" right now), and when we're ready to re-consider it, she'll help us get to some good sources for information and second opinions.

I am waiting to hear back from the tot's OT and her Social Worker (therapist) about what they think. Meanwhile, though, I feel like feces.

kathy a. said...

((( amy )))

kathy a. said...

and sarah -- those hormones, they just won't stop messing with us. if it's not one thing, it's another [channelling my inner emily litella].

got in and out with only 2 departments [MD + pharmacy]! the doc thinks it is tendonitis -- which sounds like the kind of thing athletes get, but the only heavy thing i have lifted lately is kitty litter. Rx ibuprofin; ice; gentle stretching; avoid lifting heavy things and overdoing. they'll call in the PT if things don't improve in 10 days.

so, AW, i think this puts me definitively out of the pook patrol for the near future. woot!

amy said...

My students' essays are so awful. So very awful. I just want to cry, they are so bad. Even my best student's essay is only mediocre at best. And I'm out of emergency chocolate. :(

Sue said...


I agree - good writing during hormonal storms are award worthy. Every. Time.

Whine: Fussy Lady has been promoted to Official Church Bully, aka B*tch. She can be easily identified by her miserable pinchy face and self-important-all-knowing attitude. She smells weakness, so if your head is ready to explode with pain, by all means, do NOT let her (or anyone near her) know this. It only strengthens her need to squash you like a bug.

If seen, do not approach, as she will whip your you-know-what before you even reach the ledge off of which you wish to jump. If left alone, she will snarl in her own lair until new flesh comes along.

That is all.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - the church bully sounds terrifying. What a mess!

Amy - Oh my, on the neurology visit. We have gone to the meds (different one) for my anxious daughter. I think she's older than yours. I have to say they work, for her, for her circumstances. And it was damn hard to get them - I am not sure I would have liked having them pro-offered like that. Am I the only one who took an insanely long time to figure out what you were spelling?

KathyA - yay no pook! Get well soon!

W: still hate hormones.

kathy a. said...

oh, sarah, if you think there is no pook, you have not seen the specifics here. but it is now all on beloved, who promised sacrifices and devotion and everything, even recently as this morning.

i do not think "fussy lady" will retain that particular nickname during awards tomorrow. we'll see.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Well, yay for beloved! And you make me glad we don't have pets :) Potty training is making big strides here, so we may have some pook...

esperanza said...

Oh, amy, that does sound hard. I'd definitely go for a second opinion, if not a third and fourth. A neuro seems a strange specialist to prescribe that. (And no, sarah, you're not alone...I apparently can't spell either).

AW: Dr. Punctual was sooooo impressed with Sweet's progress. She graduated from his practice, with the caveat that she is meeting milestones x,y,z at four. She has made up almost 12 months' progress on speech in the last 6 months. Go Sweet!

W: then she sprained her ankle again on the way out of the building.

Sue said...

Oh no esperanza! Yay Sweet for the progress, but ouchie on the sprained ankle. Pass the bag of frozen peas, stat!