Friday, March 18, 2011

Hippo Birdies to Liz, who turns the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything today. May there be lots and lots of cake!

Days is awarded the Elevated Risk of Mullet for her plan for "Operation sit on the couch and do not much of anything all week." Days, we hope the chemo is going well and doing its job, and that people bring you chocolate on that couch whenever you need it.

JenR gets the St. Joseph Home Selling Kit to help her house sell soon, soon, soon.

esperanza gets the Understatment Award for slipping in a mention of her extra Baboo, after the possibility of [Redacted] was first mentioned two weeks ago. We hope you and all the baboos are getting some more sleep!

We Pixies are delighted to hear that Sarah at ratatat’s sweet daughter survived the school talent show, sans anxiety.

The Smarty-Pants Award for Sue, who put her "skool-lernin" to use: “Seriously. Someone in our church is taking a world religions course and came in for some basic info. I actually knew a bunch of stuff without having to refer to books.”

Sarah gets the Clever Pixie sash for her excellent use of the word scofflaw.

Days gets the Redzils Trophy for the phrase, “Queen of Nerd-dom.” When you are done with the trophy, Days, Sue can hold it until it is my turn again.

amy gets LOTS and LOTS of chocolate for her cataclysmic Aunt Flo / washer destruction collision. Who wants to shop for jeans any time, ever – much less when AF is in town?

amy generously nominated kathy a. “for the Silver Lining Award for pointing out the gray jeans are now un-wreckable yard work jeans. Her comment about the various barks, pooks, and pees reminded me that at least I can wear the jeans. If they had been peed on... Well, let's just say I cannot fathom how much more furious I'd have been at the total loss of the jeans.”

Neighbor Lady is the Fashionista Of The Week, for her brilliant idea to sell amy’s rust stained jeans on eeee-bay. After all, some people buy jeans with holes in them on purpose – this could be a new fashion trend!

We’ve added two new dwarves to the forest: Prickly and Unpleasant. Watch out for these guys, Pixies, they aren’t any fun.

Cluesticks for Breakfast Meeting and the people responsible for Breakfast Meetings, appointment forgetters, fireplacing cancer, bad washing machines, and natural disasters.

Kudos for good meetings, someone else taking Pook Patrol, smart husbands, and the squeals of delight from a little girls who finally learned to pump her legs and can swing by herself, and people being kind to one another in the face of disasters, both the tiny, domestic and horrific, national kind.

See you next week, Pixies, when the marvelous kathy a. will host!


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, redzils! thank you!

Sue said...

Great awards redzils!!

I'll take good care of the Queen of Nerd-dom trophy until it is passed along to someone else. I can't believe I have it. I'd like to thank *sniff* everyone who made this possible and I'd like to tell my grade 10 physics teacher "Neener, Neener, Neener" (jack*ss).

~music interrupts speech~

Uh, thanks.... :)

esperanza said...

Oh, thanks redzils, but I would not be so subtle with my whining in the event of [redacted]. This is my niece on the other side of the family, age 2. She is actually just visiting my parents for the week, when we are here too. Add in a 92 year old great-grandma, though, and grandma needs all hands on deck.