Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Triple-twisting Whineblaster

Welcome back, Whiners.

Due to this past weekend's Civic Holiday (most boring name for a day off, EVAH!) I must whine that yesterday's longer-than-expected visit to the amusement park left me with one mosquito bite, two sore legs, and a very large quantity of uncooked chicken in the fridge. And the plan to grill all that chicken tonight is currently in limbo due to loud thunderclaps.

Anti-whine: Holy wow! When you go to the amusement park with a big family of thrill-seekers you will go on some rides you never would have tried with your staid nuclear family. And you will like them. You will continue to point at the really really big coaster and say "Never."

And you? Had your stomach smashed flat against your back recently? Been drenched in cold water while spinning in circles? What's exciting in your week?


Madeleine said...

Update: Grillin' in the rain . . .
I'm grillin' in the rain!

Not so bad, actually.

kathy a. said...

i was just going to whine about how i had to miss a fabulous meetup with the fabulous LIZ, because a work crisis intervened.

but now i think i'll whine about how my son lost his job and is temporarily home due to no power at his house, due to the idiot roommate who was in charge of electricity. and also, my daughter's meltdown and huge flaming fight with her dad about her summer online math class -- which, because neither will back down, probably means she is not gonna do well on the quiz she is supposed to do tonight.

in anti-whines, all the cat barf has been easy to clean up.

passing the antibacterial wipes and a stack of thought-free comedy DVD's.

Miranda said...

What a terrible, terrible day Kathy A. Can I interest you in buckets of chocolate?

Madeleine -- You are making me hungry.


-- I had most excellent chicken shawarma for dinner with lots of garlic sauce (that Younger Son stole from me but that was okay because, omg teh cuteness!, he looked utterly blissful with every bite of his garlic sauce laden pita.

-- Spouse has returned to the coast!

-- I figured out my daycare and I'm going with the more expensive option because my kids will receive much better care there. Plus, they will prepare healthy snacks for them! Worth every penny, imo.

-- New employer assigns a mentor and coach to new employees. Mine are the two people who impressed me mightily during my initial interview.

-- The teens cleaned house for me while I went out with the younger son.

Life is good this week.

kathy a. said...

woot! miranda has hit the jackpot! sure, i'll take some chocolate.

esperanza said...

kathy, you are a contender this week, already. Yikes, what an awful combination. When cat barf is the highlight of your day, it is not good.

Me? well, I'm getting pretty darn tired of my little yellow buddy the breastpump. The end would be in sight, but...the sweet baboo has not yet embraced eating. Not for lack of cajoling on my part. Till she does that, the end is not in sight. Oh, I know I could just quit and give her formula, but then there would be a whole new level of whines from her direction("my tummy hurts").

AW: the sweet baboo goes to see the lung doctor on Thursday. I am (please, God) almost positive we will then be oxygen free! Well, you know, except for the kind that comes pre-mixed in the air. She has been doing well for (whispering) five weeks now. I thought this day would never come. Thanks to the pixies for the listening ear, lo these many months, and whatever prayers/happy thoughts/crossed fingers you have offered on baboo's behalf.

Madeleine said...

Oh, kathy a. It wasn't raining THAT hard at my house. But clearly it was POURING at your house.

Miranda, glad you are having a much deserved Very Good Week. (no jinx, no jinx, no jinx.)

Sue said...

Hugs and pixie good vibes for everyone this week.

Kathy a. - I love this:

"in anti-whines, all the cat barf has been easy to clean up."

There must be an award for turning cat body fluids into an anti-whine. Really.

My whine is so fireplacing annoying that I can't even sort all of it out in my mind, never mind here. You may recall a local "Care Group" in town that screwed me over BIG TIME about two months ago.

Well, yesterday was a repeat times ten. Fireplacers.

Why is it that every time I reach out to agencies that are supposed to be in place to HELP me, they fireplace me over instead? I mean, really, how many sh*t-kickings do i really have to take?

I'm on day 24 of no drugs, none of the time. Not so much as an advil. Fireplace. It just hurts more every day. I think this little guinea pig is going to make a scene at the doc's office on Tuesday. I will do my best not to, but really, I am SO over this pis*ing contest between my two docs. My being off all my pain meds is to see which of them has the correct diagnosis. (like I freakin' care!)

I said I would keep this short and I didn't. Sorry.

kathy a. said...

crossing fingers for the baboo, esperanza! and here's hoping she develops that interest in food very soon.

happy to report that things lightened up as the evening wore on. daughter did her test and stopped snarling. son and i had a good long talk -- as adults, i'm working hard to not offer advice unless asked. he did online job searching, tweaked and printed his resume, cut his hair, and plans to make job-hunting his "job" until he finds something.

kathy a. said...

(((((( sue ))))))) mounting up the cluestick posse again for the care group and both doctors. these fireplacers sure are slow to learn.

esperanza said...

Ugh, Sue. Multiple votes and hugs for you.

Madeleine said...

Whine: Quiet week at the whiner's ball

Anti-whine: Sue doesn't need to share the cluestick posse with anyone. We are riding full-bore at your medical establishment, Sue.

esperanza, my sympathy on your long-term relationship with the pump. It gets really, really old after a while.

Anonymous said...

Four simple letters: L.I.C.E.
Antiwhine: after 10 or so days of 8 loads of laundry a day, I think we have it beat, though Neighbor Girl is still attending the same day camp so.....
(Everybody knock on wood....!)
Whine: In a fit of frustration, I tried to cut my own hair. Didn't work well.
Further whine: Now that I am lice free (knock wood) Iwent in to a salon to have my hack job fixed. Came out worse than I went in.
Antiwhine: Neighbor Guy fixed it for me later...

Hugs to all the pixies, and apologies for my long silence, though I have been following along...

Hope everyone has a good week...
:) Neighbor Lady

Madeleine said...

Neighbor Lady, it's so nice to hear from you! Although, erm, itch, scratch, sorry about the creepy-crawlies. I really am scratching my head between sentences. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

*waving* Hi Neighbour Lady!

Sorry about the crawlies. Ick. The nice thing about a bad haircut is that it always grows out eventually, right?

amy said...

heartburn. blood sugar numbers climbing, so insulin is probably imminent. oh, hemorrhoids, too. someone tell me again, why did i think this would be a good idea?

oh yeah, the prize at the end. all i gotta say is this: he'd better not turn out to be a little punk.

Miranda said...

Sheesh, Sue, I only hope you can find some fireplacing relief SOON.

Amy, I think that is all we parents can hope for. Seriously.

Esperanza, I never was able to keep up with the pumping. I admire you tons for doing this and working and caring for an oxygen-dependent Baboo.

Diane said...

I forgot to whine!!!

amy said...

Style votes to Diane. :)

(This is not a whine, but a note to) esperanza: I pumped with the hopes that my little preemie would make the transition to breastfeeding. She never did, but I kept pumping because I couldn't bear to give up the idea that I needed to do it for her. She was a preemie, after all, and we're talking about mama's milk.

But pumping? is EXHAUSTING and Frustrating. Every day that you stick with it is a gift to your baby, it's true, but take care of yourself along the way, too. There are other pumpers and former-pumpers out here who feel your pain and support you, however and whenever you decide to end your relationship with the mechanical beast.

And Sue? Egad, it just never ends for you. I hope you get some relief soon.

margalit said...

It's Thursday not Wed, but I was too busy and upset yesterday. So sue me.

Worthless pet didn't come home on Tues. nite. I was up all night calling him. Wed morn we found him under our porch. He was sick. Took him to free vet who shooed us out of there toot sweet and we headed off to Angell Memorial, where they gave us dire predictions. Turns out the cat has asthma. ASTHMA. What, he's allergic to people dander? Only I could have an asthmatic cat. We bring him home in a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, this little trip to the Vet cost over $1000. You might call that rent. Which I no longer have to pay the landlady.

So I called JFCS (agency) and asked for help with rent and they said "We don't help people anymore." NICE. So what the hell do they do?

Oh, and I can't breathe. Stress does not work well with my heart failure.

But Pepper the kitten is adorable.

Madeleine said...

Prizes delayed . . . keep whining if you wish!

Sarah at ratatat said...

I missed whining yesterday! Darn.

Votes for Sue. What happened to doctors believing in "First do no harm"?

My whine is a vague fear that our annual August summer cold and/or stomach flu (4 years in a row that I can remember) is due. Every time anyone sniffles, I clutch my stomach.

And even with only 50-ish days of pregnancy left, I am getting tired of waddling and huffing every time I lift the belly off the couch.

Uccellina said...

I am amused that I am pumping while reading whines about pumping. that is all.

kathy a. said...

hugs to all the mamas pumping. and waddling. heck, to all the mamas and lurking dads.

margalit, any way the local kitty rescue organization can help out with the vet costs? or, might the emergency vet accept some "volunteer" teen help in lieu of full payment? work with pets is really, really good for teens.


Elizabeth said...

hugs for Margalit and Sue. Glad that Kathy's day got better.

I'm going to take advantage of the late awards to whine that the internal politics of my job are making me crazy. I think I'm just getting caught in the crossfire and am not a target directly, but it still sucks. Two of my coworkers told me that they had needed drinks last night. Not a good sign.

Anti-whine: A week of vacation, where I will not think of any of this.

esperanza said...

Amy: yes, exactly. Thanks for the encouragement.

Uccellina: when else would we have time to read or write whines, after all?

And ANTIWHINE: the Sweet Baboo is a completely unplugged, wireless baby!!

kathy a. said...

hip, hip, hoooray! for esperanza's sweet baboo!

neighbor lady, good to see you again! we are all scratching in sympathy.

elizabeth, the work-related internal politics stuff completely sucks. if only it was lice, and the drugstore had something for it.

KLee said...

I'm whining late because I just got in from a Girl Scout trip. Anyone who wants to read the whole thing can go to my place, but my whine contribution is thus:

We went river tubing. Which, had the area NOT been under drought conditions, might have been great fun. Instead, I spent quite a lot of time on my hands and knees in the gravelly river bed with my palms and kneecaps bleeding, sobbing like an infant.

I have gigantic bruises on most of both legs, abraded palms and elbows, and slightly twisted both ankles.

The upshot of it was that all the girls were so teeny that they sailed right on along the river over those rocks, and missed my miserable puling. I was spared the indignity of having 13 twelve year old Girl Scouts watch my cry like a baby whilst on my ass in a shallow bit of water, watching my tube float away.

Madeleine said...

KLee, how unpleasant! But in the spirit of WW (kvetching with you not at you!) I must say you are playing right into the hands of my plans for the awards ceremony. Which won't be up till tomorrow mid-morning but will be SO worth waiting for. Ahem.